Relax, renew and refresh at Thai Square Spa
Do you know that feeling? The feeling of always being busy and not really present! I certainly do - and it doesn't get better living in a very big city, where you are surrounded by many people everywhere you go! Being pregnant has taught me a few things. First of all how important it is to "listen to my body"  And lately my body has been telling me to stop and take it easy - especially now, where I am 25 weeks pregnant! … (5 comments)

Why you should try out Hot Pot in Chinatown
I can still remember the first time I had hot pot! I was in Tokyo on a business trip, and I had never heard about this dish before! In Japan hot pot is called Shabu-Shabu - and just like in China and Thailand it is a beautiful, tasty broth containing a variety of East Asian food and ingredients prepared at the dining table.  Amazing!… (18 comments)