Did you know that… In my very young days I worked as a ski guide in Austria. It was an amazing time! I had so much fun! There’s just something about ski holidays, that you can’t explain. You simply need to experience it! It is such a wonderful way to stay in touch with nature.I can still vividly recall the sight, when I first took the gondola to the mountain top in Sell am Zee in Austria. As the gondola reached the top, I saw something, that I had never in my life imagined, I should experience. There were just snow covered mountain peaks glistening in the sun, as far as the eye could see

The image has been burned into my mind ever since. I have been skiing as a child, but this was the moment I knew , that I was a skier! (Photo DMC Alpe d’ Huez,2022)

I could not believe my luck, when my family and I were invited to Alpe d’Huez by Ski France and Isère. Alpe d’Huez is part of the Grand Domaine Ski area in southeastern France at 1,250 to 3,330 metres. It is a mountain pasture in the Central French Western Alps, in the commune of Huez, which is part of the department of Isère in the region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes… It was my first time on skis in France – and I was SO excited!

Early morning! Time to go! We flew from Heathrow Airport to Lyon Airport with British Airways! (Clara was still half asleep)

 – But not for long! Who can sleep, when you know, you are soon going to build the most beautiful snowman in Alpe dd’Huez?

One thing is, when you see a destination on a photo – another is reality! I can tell you, that this stunning place DID NOT disappoint! Wow… Just Wow! Here we are (just arrived) outside one of Ski France’s super luxurious and new Premium Contactless Catered Chalets “La Maison” – and this was all ours for 7 beautiful days! Surreal… We were in heaven!

Easter-hygge! My mother and her partner had already arrived! They came all the way from Denmark to stay with us in this amazing 4 bedroom chalet! It was time to reunite after a few tough years without being able to be together as much as we wanted – and to enjoy ourselves in our contactless catered chalet! Would you like to see some more of our “little” paradise?

 I don’t think we will starve, while we are here! 

Welcome to my home! (I wish…)

Bonus-info: How Contactless Catering works:

Guests will arrive at their Ski France chalet and find delicious food in the fridge, cool beer and chilled wine ready to drink. The firewood is neatly stacked, and beds beautifully made. There is a selection of fresh ingredients to cook with, easy recipes to follow and delicious dishes prepared by a local delicatessen. In addition to food, skis or snowboards will be reserved at the local hire shop and lift passes will be booked. Halfway through the week, when the family is out enjoying the slopes, the backstage chalet crew will clean the accommodation from top to bottom, replace towels and re-stock the fridge and cupboards with goodies. They will be at the end of the phone whenever needed, but there will be no contact unless necessary or wished for. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!!!

If you have seen my Instagram stories from Chalet La Maison, you will know, that this place is really spacious (still available in my highlights). These are just a few of the super comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms! What I love about this place is the authentic feeling you get, when you are here! The chalet is stylishly decorated whilst in keeping with a traditional Alpine stone and timber property. The walls are clad in timber and the ceiling beams are exposed throughout, whilst the soft furnishings and elegant furniture gives a warmth to this property that makes you feel right at home

A very, very popular room amongst young and old! I can’t count the hours, we spent in the spa facilities on the ground floor, with a Jacuzzi and sauna (perfect place to relax aching muscles after a tiring but enjoyable day on the ski slopes) 

C’est la Vie!

Yes…. We mostly certainly fell in love with Chalet La Maison for so many reasons

As mentioned earlier you can choose the Contactless Catering Option. If you do, then food and drinks are included in the cost. Ski France will supply you with breakfast every day, afternoon tea and snacks, nibbles, dinner and unlimited red and white wine and a few beers. Here I am setting the table and looking forward to a cosy night with delicious raclette! 

When you live in a city like London and do a lot of food reviews, it is amazing being able to eat such good food at “home’ without having to do a lot! Everything was so well prepared… It basically felt like eating at a lovely restaurant (but without having to dress to impress!) It was just us… Enjoying amazing food (mostly in our ski underwear… But who cares! It’s home) I love it!

When a French person recognises a delicious French cake! It didn’t survive his attack!  

A glass of cold white wine with a view to the slopes.. .What more could you ask for?

Cosy times with Daddy! I promise you will sleep like a baby in these beds! Night, Night! 

Bonus-info: There are four bedrooms in total, of which the first is on the ground floor and comes with two single beds (90 x 200cm) and an en-suite shower and WC. All of the bedrooms are spacious and decorated in a style fitting with the rest of the chalet, with a traditional alpine warmth and lovely comfortable beds. There are a two bedrooms located on the second floor, one of which has twin beds (90 x 200cm) and other with a double bed (160 x 200cm); they both have en-suite bathrooms and WC. The fourth bedroom is on the ground floor, with twin beds (90 x 200cm) and an en-suite bathroom and WC

Birthday morning! It was my mother’s birthday, while we were in France! I had told Ski France about this – and look what they brought us. The most delicious birthday cake with my mother’s name on it! As always we were spoiled with croissants, baguettes and pain au chocolat as well 

We had brought Danish flags with us to celebrate her! Flags are very important, when it’s your birthday in Denmark! Look at their glasses with little flag stickers! Happy Times!

When it is your birthday and you get to enjoy the morning sun from the huge balcony in Chalet La Maison!

While Clara and the rest were having fun building a snowman in organic Polarn O. Pyret outerwear… 

Frenchie and I went to one of the many Intersport Rent Shops in Alpe d’ Huez to get ourselves ready for some serious skiing!…

All set! Renting skis and boots is not the same as in “the old days”. I was a bit nervous about what I would get, but everything was a perfect match and the guy in the shop was super efficient! Oh, and don’t forget you helmet! So important!

Off we go into winter wonderland! 

Bonus-info: Chalet La Maison is ski in ski out, sitting at the apex of two pistes which run alongside the development in this part of the town. From almost every window in the chalet, there are uninterrupted views of the ski slopes, looking out towards the Les Bergers sector of the resort. The lifts and nursery slopes are both right outside of the chalet, so Chalet La Maison is the perfect location even if you have never skied before.

As it was my mother’s birthday, we decided not to ski that day, but have some fun together – and the first stop was the Grotte de Glace – The Ice Cave with sculptures… (We bought a Day pedestrian lift pass + ice cave entry)

It doesn’t look like much on the outside, but don’t be fooled! The inside is amazing!

Head the top of the second section of the DMC lift, and you will find the ice caves with sculptures (that change every year). Truly extraordinary experience, that everyone will enjoy!

So much fresh air and so many amazing experiences can make a little one tired! Time for a nap in the best arms!

La Chantebise – one of the many lovely restaurants/huts , you will find in the mountains of Alpe d’Huez…

Can you think of anything better, than having an Aperol Spritz in the sun with a spectacular mountain view? I can’t! Pure bliss!

Let’s talk about skiing for a moment, shall we? (All of my ski wear is kindly gifted from the High Society Fashion Winter Collection)

So… sat at 1,860m, Alpe d’Huez ski resort offers a fantastic variety and extent of skiing terrain for all standards. The ski area offers a thrilling mix of steep, challenging areas alongside extensive, gentle nursery slopes… In other words – it is an ideal skiing destination not only for families but also for mixed ability groups!

We had a couple of days, where the weather was teasing us a bit. There was plenty of snow, but it was difficult for us to see – and as Frenchie hasn’t been skiing for a long time (and I would like to come home safe and sound), we decided to take it easy and just enjoy the area around our chalet and not challenge ourselves too much! (Worth knowing: The skiing here is extremely varied with plenty of blues and greens, some more challenging reds and sensational blacks)

How cool is this? I really wanted to take a ride, but I am not sure that the owner would be too happy if I did!

Even though I had planned, that Clara should try skiing for the first time, we ended up deciding to wait till next season. She had so much fun doing other things and she didn’t seem ready yet (There are plenty of ski schools and instructors to choose between in Alpe d’Huez, so there really is something for everyone)

Can we go back to a very serious subject? Food! 

I think we can all agree, that food is pretty important, when you are on a holiday! I usually look into restaurants or other food options before I book anything! This is the first time that I have tried contactless catering, so I was really excited to see, how Ski France does it! The first thing, I need to say is “Go for it!” There are so many advantages by choosing this option! Basically you don’t have to do much and you can enjoy the most delicious food right at home! Nervous about the quality of the food? No need! All orders are made with Savoyard delicatessens. Located in the French Alps for the last 30 years, Ski France has a well-developed network of local partners, so they can guarantee fresh, local and of course tasty dishes. We had so many amazing French dishes with a modern twist (And there was SO much food! I mean… SOOO much food, so you won’t starve for sure!)

Someone couldn’t wait for mummy to take a photo of the delicious lamb with mashed potatoes, veggies and salad! Everything is pre-made, so you just have to pop it into the oven or heat it on the stove! Easy peasy! 

We had SO many cakes! Cakes for afternoon tea and cake for dessert! (in fact there were so many cakes, that the “apple pie” on the top left was actually a potato pie, but because we always had so much food, I thought it was a dessert! The impression on my mum’s face, when she took a bite was priceless! “It’s potato!”, “Hahah, no it’s not”, “I tell you, it’s potato” (A story to remember for a long time)

That’s a real apple pie, by the way! (and it was so good)

Moments like these….

 – and these… 

 – and these…

Feel like taking a walk?

There are two resort centres in Alpe d’Huez. The main village is the bustling hub and is home to much of the accommodation, lively bars and a number of excellent restaurants specialising in local French food. Les Bergers is a good alternative, with its own centre and a great selection of great value, self catered accommodation

I have never seen so many ski shops in such a small area! You don’t need to bring anything… You can get everything here. (And there was a great sale going on. I got myself a new pair of Moon-boots and skiing gloves 30% off)

Baby Moon-boots! I can’t handle the cuteness!

Just ‘hanging’ out…

This is the baker, where we get our desserts! They had so many delicious things to eat and a little cafe as well

The heavenly cheese and charcuterie shop! We came a few times as I wanted to bring home some gifts (and something for myself as well!)

One thing, you should definitely do (with or without children) is ice skating

Yes, there is a lovely ice skating rink in the centre of Alpe d’Huez offering skate rental and we had so much fun there (They also organise figure skating and curling lessons, as well as human curling – not sure I want to know, what that is though…)

Unfortunately the 40 meter hight Ferris Wheel was closed for the season, but from what I have seen, it should be a pretty spectacular experience being up there! Wow!

Mummy/ daughter time! What should we do, Clara? I know… How about…

A Dog Sled Excursion! 

Oh, how much fun we had doing this! Take a dog sled excursion for a unique nordic adventure along pedestrian routes. The dogs were so sweet and our driver spoke English! Clara was so excited (Bonus-info: This is very popular so I suggest that you reserve at least 15 days in advance)

“Mummy, can I take this one home with me? Love at first sight for Clara and her new friend”

Lunch in the sun… Life is good!

What a way to end our first skiing holiday together! We had such an amazing time and we didn’t want to leave

We were kindly invited as guest by Ski France and Isère. All opinions are as always my own



ESF Ski instructor: Afternoon with private ski instructor costs from £130/€155

Ski hire with skiset: from £127/€152 for six days for boots, skis and helmet

Lift passes: a six-day adult lift pass costs from £236/€283.50

La Luge costs from £7.10/€8.50 for one passage

Big Wheel, costs from £6.50/€8 for adults and £5/€6 for under 12yr

Ice Skating costs from  £5.80/€7 for adults and £4.15/€5 for under 5-15yr

For more information about Alpe d’Huez visit https://www.alpedhuez.com/en/winter/home/