Must Try – A Contactless Catered Premium Chalet with Ski France

Did you know that… In my very young days I worked as a ski guide in Austria. It was an amazing time! I had so much fun! There’s just something about ski holidays, that you can’t explain. You simply need to experience it! It is such a wonderful way to stay in touch with nature

First Time Cruisers: Iona – The Newest Ship in The World

“Are you ready to see the world in widescreen?” These are the words, that P&O Cruises use when describing their newest and most innovative ship “Iona”. And after having spent 14 days on Iona, I can honestly say, that she most certainly is designed to invite the outdoors in. What makes her stand out are places like the stunning SkyDome, the three-tier glass Grand Atrium and the brand-new Conservatory Mini-suite cabins, where we stayed!

Clara Takes Broadway at Conrad London St.James

Being a family travel blogger, I’ve visited a lot of family-friendly hotels! There is nothing worse that taking your little one to a place, where you can feel, that people are annoyed by the presence of “Curious George.”  This was certainly not the case at Conrad London St. James, where my family and I spent a wonderful weekend in the beginning of October. 


A Weekend Stay at Britain’s Biggest Houseboat “Matrix Island”

A Weekend Stay at Britain’s Biggest Houseboat “Matrix Island”

“An experience of a lifetime!” These are the first words, that come to my mind, when thinking about our amazing weekend on board “Matrix Island”…

I had no idea, that a place like this existed! Forgot about the usual dark and dingo canal boat interiors “Matrix Island” dispels all misconceptions and proves that life on the water can be super luxurious and stylish

Back to Beautiful Bordeaux

Back to Beautiful Bordeaux

I can’t believe it has been almost two years, since Clara and I went to Bordeaux with Frenchie to see his parents. Lockdown life has been tough, hasn’t it? So no doubt, our trip back to Bordeaux would be emotional and full of joy! Clara saw her grandparents for the first time in what seems like ages, and they were SO happy to see her. Talk about being the centre of attention!

An Urban Retreat at Hotel Cafe Royal London

An Urban Retreat at Hotel Cafe Royal London

I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels, to finally see London “alive and kicking” again! How I have missed her – and everything that this beautiful city of mine has to offer! Last weekend my family and I stayed at Hotel Cafe Royal in the very heart of London… And unforgettable staycation that was hard to capture in photos and words, but here goes…

A Family Treat at the London Marriott County Hall Hotel

A Family Treat at the London Marriott County Hall Hotel

Staycation… such a popular choice these days! And now I know why!
To be honest, I have never experienced a staycation before. Why stay at a hotel, when your home is 20 mins drive away? I will tell you why! It is an amazing opportunity to get away from it all without the travel-hassle! You basically take time off from work and daily chores and instead spending quality time with your family (in very luxurious surroundings!) Yay!