I can’t believe it has been almost two years, since Clara and I went to Bordeaux with Frenchie to see his parents. Lockdown life has been tough, hasn’t it? So no doubt, our trip back to Bordeaux would be emotional and full of joy! Clara saw her grandparents for the first time in what seems like ages, and they were SO happy to see her. Talk about being the centre of attention! We stayed a few days with Frenchie’s parents, and we stayed a few days at one of most beautiful and very luxurious hotels in Bordeaux…  Intercontinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel

Bonus-info: The Grand Hotel has been a Bordelais institution since the 1920s, when it expanded to its current dimensions. Today all of Bordeaux life rotates around this lavish neoclassical monument, dripping with history. A stay here is as decadent as it gets – and must-have experience

What we love… The hotel enjoys the most commanding position in the city, on the Place de la Comédie, facing the iconic Grand Theatre! Everything here is so breathtaking and I can’t get enough! I always love coming back to this spot! (Worth knowing, is that the iconic tram is just outside your doorstep – and the tourist office a minute’s stroll away)

Let’s take a look at our room, shall we?

Just like the rest of the hotel, bedrooms are styled in ancient régime splendour – think mahogany furniture upholstered in regal red and gold. We had a beautiful Superior Room with a connected room, so there was plenty of space for us.(Nespresso machines, minibars and air conditioning come as standard in every room)

I absolutely loved our two bathrooms, which were comfortable and well equipped

No doubt about it… Le Grand Hotel is family friendly! Will you look at this little welcoming gift for Clara! Let Petit Prince soap and shampoo, a child size bathrobe and a bunny, that immediately became Clara;s best friend

Clara basically took her new friend with her everywhere. It was really sweet

She even shared her chocolate lollipop with “Lapinou” 

In the evening we had the pleasure of eating at Brasserie “Le Bordeaux”. (At Le Grand Hotel you will also find two Michelin star restaurant “Le Pressoir D’Argent Gordon Ramsey”. It was currently closed, so I didn’t get to see it, but I hope that I will one fine day)

Back to Brasserie Bordeaux… Sante! It could not be a more beautiful evening…

 – and the view of The Grand Theatre was quite breathtaking… Especially enjoyed with fresh seafood!

A warm September night in Bordeaux… As romantic as it gets!

What we love… There is a special kids menu at Brasserie Le Bordeaux, so Clara was happy – and so were we. She is still a bit too young for oysters and foie gras!

Everything was delicious, but I must say that they really know how to make desserts here! Heavenly… Just heavenly bites!

Interested in a cocktail with a view? I know the best place in town

Welcome to the rooftop bar at Le Grand Hotel – “The Night Beach”. This bar has unrivalled views over the city’s pan-tiled rooftops and amazing cocktails. I could have stayed here forever! 

Oh wow, what’s that, you might ask! Well, if you are royal, this is the suite you will get! Such a shame I forgot my tiara at home!

Good morning! Breakfast is served at Brasserie Le Bordeaux… And you need to be hungry for this one…

It was difficult getting photos of everything, but I promise you this….Breakfast is an extremely classy affair at Le Grand hotel. Coffee, Tea, fresh juices, fruit, croissants, breads, hams, cheeses, smoked salmon, eggs and last but not least and amazing selection of healthy and good food for the little ones

So much food, so little time! I made a “mini-version’ breakfast for Clara – and she loved it

The last thing I want to show you from Le Grand Hotel is the stunning Spa Guerlain…

Spa Guerain’s 1,000 sqm are all about relaxation and well-being. It offers 8 treatment rooms dedicated to massages, a sauna, steam room and a relaxation heated pool with counter-current jets. When the warm days have arrived, a jacuzzi is awaiting your arrival on the outdoor terrace offering astonishing views over Bordeaux (see photos above)

We had such an amazing time here! I mean… Have you seen a pool as exquisite as this one before! Nirvana on earth!

As snug as a bug in a rug!

This blog post is mostly dedicated to Le Grand Hotel, as I have already written a post about Bordeaux. If you want to know more read here

I will however show you fragments of this beautiful city without going into details… Sometimes photos speak louder than words. Come and join me for two days in Bordeaux city centre…

Ladies and Gents… Fragments of everything French…

La petite Mademoiselle 

When it comes to pastry, you cannot get more “classic French” than cannelés. They actually come from the Bordeaux region of France, where they are a regional pride. (And rightly so, because they are absolutely delicious accompaniments to tea, breakfast, or as a dessert) You can find canneles on every street corner in Bordeaux! 

Bordeaux Cathedral…

In Bordeaux it is easy to go from “I am just having a look” to actually buying half of the store. Galleries Lafayette is one of my favourite department stores – and there are plenty of small boutiques as well, where you will fall in love 

Latte and ice cream enjoyed at a typical French cafe!

I might have went a bit overboard in here… 

Ooops! But it was sooo good!

My two cheeky monkeys waiting for the little electric train, that takes you around in Bordeaux

Here it comes… Cute isn’t it? Clara was very excited!

45 minutes of fun discovering the essentials of Bordeaux by train! The perfect family activity if you ask me!

–  And if it all gets a bit too much, I can warmly recommend a little nap in the beautiful Parc Bordelais! I wish a had taken more photos here, but I was simply in the mood for doing nothing! (and so was Clara! Zzzz)

If you plan to go a bit outside Bordeaux, I can warmly recommend visiting Parc de Majolan. Here, you will find a stunning cave to explore, as well as a lake, fountains and gardens. This park is perfect for a romantic stroll or a family outing. (There is a special playground for younger children from the ages of 1 to 12 year as well)

We were invited as guests at Intercontinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel. All opinions are as always my own

Read more about Bordeaux in my previous blog post here