Hi everybody! First of all… Happy New Year! I hope you had lots of fun and may 2017 bring joy, peace and happiness to you and your loved ones!

I celebrated my first New Years Eve in London at home with a lot of lovely French people – and I was quite pleased to find out, that my French is actually improving (or maybe it was just the bubbles talking!)

All set in my Charleston dress

2016 has been an amazing, but also a challenging year for me! I took a big decision and left my hometown Copenhagen to follow my dreams in London. Luckily for me, I met Frenchie, so I never really felt lonely in my new city. Even though some things seems strange to me here – and I do miss my family and friends, I have never regretted moving over. I would like to share some of my best moments so far with you and hope they will be inspiring to you also. 


was when Frenchie and I found our dream home in Kensington. It was not that easy, I tell you. In London you have to search a lot to find the right place – and often when you think the deal is done… someone else gets there before you. This was quite new to me and some days I really felt like giving up!

But we finally found a place to call home and it was time to celebrate!

Happy camper!


was when Frenchie and I went to Rome to celebrate our birthdays. Rome is by far one of my favourite cities. There are so many things to see and the beauty of old and new coming together in sweet harmony keeps stunning me everytime I’m there

Trevi Fountain. (Frenchie has a tendency to make funny faces every time someone tries to take a picture of him!)

Piazza Del Popolo with Fontana Del Nettunu in the background


I highly recommend going to Sky Garden if you get the chance! The view from the top is completely breathtaking. Access to Sky Garden is free, but remember to book in advance! At Sky Garden you will find several bars and restaurants. Often there is live music or a DJ playing

Love. love, love this place! 

… and of course the obvious choice for a view,  you will never forget is The London Eye – a giant ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames

Do yourself a favour and buy your tickets online before visiting The London Eye! It is very popular – particularly in the summer!

The Golden Jubilee Bridge

Take a walk at The Golden Jubilee Bridge! Crossing alongside the trains you get some spectacular views across London, with the London Eye, County Hall and the Houses of Parliament on one side, and the Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall and over to St Paul’s Cathedral on the other side

This is The Millennium Bridge. Read about Southbank sightseeing here


Hyde Park is always a great idea for a wander. (Do remember to bring an umbrella – I´ve been caught in the rain a few times!) 

At St James’s Park you will find some of the country’s most famous landmarks including Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, St James’s Palace and Westminster.

But there is also another side to St James’s Park! It is a tranquil place. Simply relax in a deckchair and watch the world go by. The flower beds are wonderful and enjoyed by visitors all the year round.

I love Greenwich – home to the Prime Meridian Line, historical landmarks, interactive exhibitions, busy markets, live concerts and London’s oldest enclosed Royal Park. It is simply the perfect all-round area for a fun-filled day out in London.

Holland Park with its beautiful Japanese gardens. Join me right here

Chiswick House is among the most glorious examples of 18th-century British architecture and makes a fascinating day out in West London. The gardens have been loved for centuries. With their combination of grand vistas and hidden pathways, architectural delights and a dazzling array of flowers, they simply create a unique oasis for you to enjoy

Brompton Cemetery… because it combines monuments, trees and wildlife with the stories of the remarkable people buried in this place. The magic starts here 


Ok, so there are so many hidden gems in London – and often you discover them simply by just walking around with a curious mind. Here are a few of the places, that made me smile a little bit more than usual

Irregular Choice in Carnaby Street. The place to find the strangest and most wonderful shoes for someone with a childish soul!  Take a trip to Carnaby street with me here

Basically all the markets, you can find! Markets in London are highy entertaining and often you will find the coolest, weirdest and funniest things, that are not available elsewhere (how about a tail?) I have written a lot of posts about markets in London in case you are more curious

Chinatown for the most amazing dishes (try to avoid the tourist traps!) – and for Chinese treatments and medicine. You can read all about my visits to Chinatown here

Enjoying as many musical as possible! Get your tickets here

Fashion Street in Shoreditch for cool street art (don’t forget to visit all the markets in this area – or the great second hand stores) Read all about Shoreditch here!

Dalloway Terrace … Because the decor is adventurous and the perfect spot for a romantic night out! Read about my beautiful evening at Dalloway Terrace here 


Learning that Londoners have a passionate soul, when it comes to stand up for what you believe in. Here we are walking the march for Europe

It truly was an amazing experience for me…

Reading about London and all the things, I didn’t know before moving over. Here are a few fun facts

I could go on and on about all the great places I have seen here in London – and clearly there are so many more to be mentioned. Luckily for me, I still have a lot to discover in this amazing city of mine. I hope you will follow me on more adventures in 2017!

I would be grateful to hear from you, if you have any tips or ideas for more posts to come. Having a blog is a great way to get to know a new city – and I highly recommend newcomers to do the same! I am happy to cooperate with other bloggers and more than willing to invite guest-bloggers to write on my blog as well!

Happy New Year!  X Louise