There is a reason why, my friends have started calling me “The Squirrel-whisperer” – and that is, that I am simply utterly and completely in love with all our little friends living in the green parts of London!

In Denmark we don’t have many squirrels – and if we do get the chance to see them, they will be running for their lives. In London squirrels have adapted to their surroundings, (and they know, that most of us bring goodies, if they are lucky!)


I call them all Mr Fluffy. It is easier that way!

Now this post is not only about my affection for squirrels – it is also about the wonderful places, you will find them! I am very lucky, since I live near the most beautiful cemetery, I have ever seen! I know, that the word cemetery might not sound appealing, but trust me, when I say, that everybody, I have brought to this place, have been completely stunned by the looks of it!


Welcome to Brompton Cemetery!

Brompton Cemetery is one of London’s oldest Magnificent Seven historic cemeteries. What makes it so magical is the combining of historic monuments, trees and wildlife – and remarkable people are buried here.


I really don’t think, you will find many places like this in London!

I have been to Brompton Cemetery several times. The first time was in the summer, when it was warm and sunny


Casting long shadows (the single bell tower on the right)

Now Autumn has painted the cemetery in colours, that summer has never seen. The air is crisp, the sun sets early and every leaf looks like a flower. It is truly an amazing place to visit this time of the year!

n9-13Here were are at The Great Circle (with catacombs beneath!)  The Friends of Brompton Cemetery often offer guided tours if you are interested in knowing more

Frenchie told me to bring nuts, the first time we went here – and I thought “are you nuts? Im not hungry”, but then I found out why. Because Brompton Cemetery is very much alive in spite of hosting quite a lot of departed!


Well, Hello there! (can you spot him?)

And I met several Mr Fluffy’s on my way around the place! To my surprise these squirrels are VERY tame! So if you have a phobia for squirrels, you might consider not talking to them or giving them too much eye-contact (not that they will attack you, but they will come closer!)


Are you talking to me? Any goodies in the bag?

The grey squirrels in London are American species, with the first pair released in 1876. No one knows, why this was done, but apparently people enjoyed seeing the ‘exotic’ animals. Unfortunately the releasing of the critters resulted in the death of red squirrels, who no longer exist in London. Grey squirrels are better at finding food and shelter than reds, and they also spread the killer squirrel-pox virus. They simply immune themselves. In the laws of nature, it is all about survival of the fittest!


When given nuts the squirrel often run back to find a good place to enjoy his snack!


 But first he has to come close to take a good look at, what I’ve got for him (squirrels prefer unsalted nuts) 


This time he came a little too close and mistook my finger for food! It really hurt, so honestly don’t be as silly as me. Throw the nuts on the ground, and let him find the food there! I’ve read articles about this – and it can cause trouble both for you and your little friends!


Here is a good spot for my winter-supplies!


And now it is time for a little nap! ( it was highly amusing taking this picture. He was just lying there, like he was protecting one of the departed! Quite cute!) 


The wildlife is quite rich here. I’ve also spotted foxes, but they are very shy


The finest gothic mausoleum in Brompton Cemetery – The James McDonald Monument


The gravestones come in all shapes and sizes! I find them quite extraordinary!


The cemetery has certain opening hours, so please make sure to stop by, when the gates are still open! I hope you enjoyed spending time with me and the squirrels. It is definitely worth going! (Earls Court tube is 5 mins walk from here!)