Living in a big city can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. London is alive – day and night!  Sometimes you just need a break – and find a bit of green! Luckily there are lots of beautiful parks in London, where you can find the perfect spot in the autumn sun, clear your mind and enjoy the colours of mother nature in change…

The main entrance in  High Street Kensington has had its fine wrought-iron gates renovated with the Holland monogram restored. These 18th century gates were brought from Belgium in 1836 by the 3rd Lord Holland.

Sunday, Frenchie and I went to Holland Park in west London (The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea). I find this park extremely beautiful – especially now, when the air is crisp, the leaves are pretty and people are wearing comfy sweaters and boots whilst strolling around with flushed cheeks, drinking their hot coffee. Yes, this truly is the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon! 


First impressions, when entering from High Street Kensington!


In the middle of Holland Park, you will find the Jacobean Mansion “Holland House”. Holland House is named after its second owner, the Earl of Holland, whose wife was the first person in England to successfully grow dahlias. In the 19th century, Holland House became a place of political and literary activity (visited by Lord Byron amongst others), but during the second world war it was largely destroyed by bombs. Today, dahlias are still grown in the Napoleon Garden


Lets go and explore a bit more…



How can you not fall completely in love with this place?


I am aware of the fact, that many of these gardens have certain names – and florists will for sure be amazed be the flowers here in the spring, but for me it was all about relaxation, so forgive me for not being very informative. Just enjoy the pictures



It is allowed to bring dogs here – and they certainly have a wonderful time!


Each of these dogs wear a different colour “coat” (I just had to take a sneak-picture of them!)


It is never to early for a good game of chess!

In Holland Park you will also find tennis courts and great playgrounds for children! Furthermore there are areas where people sit and play games, talk and enjoy picnics! What I unfortunately discovered too late, is that Holland Park has a Japanese Garden called Kyoto Garden. I didn’t go there, but here is a picture of what it looks like! I certainly will have to go back and see it for real!


(Credits: Time Out London)


It is quite romantic at Holland Mansion. We saw many professional photographers taking pictures of couples


Unplugging for a few minutes… 


Just look at the colours of these leaves! 

This is what I have for you today! I will certainly try to get more pictures from Holland Park each season! Im sure, it is beautiful no matter, what time of the year, you choose to go here (and Ive heard, that they have a peacock, who I would really like to meet!) If you have any tips on where to go for a bit of nature exploring, I would be happy to hear from you (please leave a comment on this page)