It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday, and Frenchie woke up before noon (that doesn’t happen very often!) To celebrate the many hours, we were given because of Frenchies unexpected open eyes, we decided to go and have a look at the Flat Iron Square flea market in Southbank, take a walk along River Thames and top up on our adventures at Tate Modern


Just arrived at Cannon Street tube station impressed be the view from Southwark Bridge

Im still not that familiar with this area, so I was really excited to see, just how beautiful it is. Trust me, its really worth going here – especially if you like taking pictures of London! 


Peekaboo! Great adventures ahead!



Just down the stairs and around the corner (you will get the whole trip in pictures!) 

The very tall building in the background is the 1,016 ft high The Shard. The Shard is designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano and it is the tallest building in UK. I still haven’t been inside, but I know, that The Shard hosts three restaurants, The Shangri-La Hotel, Al Jazeera Network London and other major companies. At the top of the building lots of events are taking place, so I will definitely find my way up there in the nearest future


Frenchie is having a quiet moment wondering where to get a good cup of coffee. Millennium Bridge is at the background 


photo29Apparently gold-digging is a hit along the River Thames Beach next to Millennium Bridge… I kid you not! They walk around with their gold panning pans! 


Getting closer to Millennium Bridge! I was a little afraid. Not really sure about playing Indiana Jones on, what the Londoners nicknamed “The Wobbly Bridge”

Millennium Bridge is, as you can see, a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians crossing the River Thames. It links Bankside with the City of London! The view from the bridge is simply amazing, and I concurred my fears in spite of the swaying motion (very proud of myself)

photo31Just doing a little catwalk with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background 

Arriving on the other side, I was met by this welcoming orchestra. I’m sure Frenchie had arranged the whole thing


Or… Maybe it was just because The Shakespeare’s Globe is just on the other side!


Shakespeare’s Globe is a unique place dedicated to the exploration of Shakespeare’s work and the playhouse he wrote for through performance and education.


Here we are at Tate Modern! I suggest you go for the most popular pieces to begin with – and if you are up for it, Tate always has special exhibitions to go and see


Feeling like a Arsty-Fartsy break? Tate Modern has the answer!


This little boy almost looks like he is part of the picture – and on top of that, he sits in front of a painting created by one of my favourite artists Gerhard Richter (Cage 1, 2006)

There are six paintings by Gerhard Richter in Tate Modern (for the time being). They work as a coherent group and are titled “The Cage paintings”. The paintings are the outcome of several layers of painting and erasure and when Richter created his master pieces he only listened to music by the experimental composer John Cage – hence the name! (quite clever!)


Pablo Picasso “Head of a woman” (1909)






I think both Frenchie and I were mostly interested in the top level at Tate Modern (not that art is not interesting!), but Tate Modern actually has a 360 degree view of the London skyline on the top level of the new Switch House (have patience with the lift! It moves in mysterious ways!)




Its quite windy up here, so dress wisely! 

I actually forgot telling about the little trip to the Flat Iron Flea Market. I read about this new market in Time Out London, and since we were in the neighbourhood, we might as have a look around. The Flat Iron Flea Market was quite small! So don’t expect hundreds of stalls! I think it is still in the making, but we found some interesting things (and it is always fun to do a bit of people-watching)




Frenchie found some pretty cool vintage cameras – and no doubt, that this was a popular stall



I hope you enjoyed the post! Feel free to add a comment or if you have any additions to this area, I would be more than happy to hear about it