So… I always considered myself quite a “West end girl”, but that certainly changed, when Frenchie forced me out of my natural habitat to go and have a look at Shoreditch

Shoreditch is by far the coolest place, I have visited for a long time. At the beginning, I must admit, that I felt a bit alienated, walking amongst hipsters and vegans (this is meant as a loving joke!), but luckily my curiosity got the best of me, and I’ve walked the colourful streets in the area around Brick Lane many times since then

You see, this is the thing about London – you can be, who you want to be. Coming from a country, where you sometimes feel a bit like a lemming, it actually takes courage to stand out! But in London – and especially in the east, they couldn’t care less… (And that is why people-watching in this area is highly entertaining!)


One of the first things, you will probably notice in Shoreditch, is that the art scene has found its way out of the galleries and into the streets. So there is no need to google museums and galleries here – just take a walk, and you will get a big dose of brilliant graffiti and street art. I recommend walking in the Brick Lane area up towards Redchurch Street


“Crane” by ROA

This is Shoreditch High Street, where you amongst other will see black and white portraits of animals by one of my favourite artists ROA. ROA is Belgian, but he is a regular visitor to London, and his work is some of the most recognisable around

As you might expect, the street art in Shoreditch is alive and constantly changing, New work is created and new artists come to the area, but what you are likely to see is: stencil art, paste up art, freehand painting, sculptural art, political and environmental art, stunning murals and spray painted shutters by Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Eine, ROA and many more…


If you are a foodie, like me, you are definitely at the right place, if you dare to try some of the amazing street food, that Shoreditch offers. Honestly, you will regret choosing a Pret A Manger!

Food Village, located on Shoreditch High Street, is in a semi-closed area that offers a variety of fast food, which is really delicious. Walking up the road, you will find another street food destination, Pump Street Food Marked that has plenty of seating areas and a larger selection of food. The hardest part is choosing, because it all looks so amazingly yummy!


Here I am, eating my heart out! 

Yes, Shoreditch definitely is a heavenly place, if you are willing to explore!

Another place, which I find lovely to visit, is one of the finest surviving Victorian Market Halls in London, Old Spitalfields MarketIt is located just 5 mins walk from Liverpool Street Station, and both tourists and locals seem to enjoy themselves a lot here. The market is open every day, but it is mostly vivid from Thursday – Sunday (Sunday is the big one with up to 100 stalls to browse!)

Old Spitalfields Market is quite an old lady! There has been a market on the site since 1638, when King Charles gave a licence for flesh, fowl and roots to be sold. Today the market square is a buzzing place with stalls selling fashion, food, quirky creations, vintage, African designs, hand-crafted wooden toys and must-have design items (basically everything)


I couldn’t help myself buying a cute vintage look-alike dress in the retro-store Collectif


Frenchie and I also had cheese fondue at Androuet and another time, I took my friend Marie to Blixen Restaurant! Really great places that deserves a review in another post (See Eat and Drink!)


There is a lot more of Shoreditch to be mentioned, and I might add more to this post, but for now, I will urge you to go and have a look on your own! In my opinion, you haven’t seen the real London, unless you have seen this place!