There is new girl in town… and the girl is me! She left her home in Copenhagen, her friends, her family and her job for love – and for adventures! Looking back, I really did not know much about London, before moving here! But I quickly found out, that being a Londoner was something that I liked – a lot! 

This was the first photo I used on my blog! It was taken in Green Park and I still love it! 

Here is another oldie but goodie! (I didn’t even live in London back then! Got to love the filter… Not!)

Embankment Pier: And this is the newer version taken exactly at the same spot – I was pregnant then

The story of Louiseloveslondon begins with me feeling a bit lost and maybe a bit lonely in this new and big city of mine. I have always loved writing – and being a journalist, it was only natural, that I felt like sharing my stories with the people, I left in Denmark. My blog was never intended to become my “baby” – but it did! (Not to forget my other baby, Clara – but that is a different story!)

If you are a blogger, you know what it means to look back in the old archives! I can’t stop smiling, when reading my first blogposts… The careful babysteps and trying to find something, that is mine! Now, there is nothing wrong with being inspired by other writers – but making your blog yours.. I mean…with your words and your photos, is what makes a blog stand out!

My design… The idea was a simple and clean look without too much flash and bling bling 

I haven’t changed my design a lot. There has been a few changes over time, but I have actually always liked the way Louiseloveslondon looks! I created everything myself from scratch – and I had no idea, what I was doing! It was You Tube and a few professional bloggers, who guided me… And it took A LOT of time! I almost gave up and thought about paying my way out of it – but the good thing about doing it yourself, is that you know your blog inside/out – and if there is a problem on WordPress, you know how to fix it! Did I hear anybody say girlpower? (Trust me, if I can do it, most people can do it – you just need patience!)

The Serpentine: With the blog up and running, the story of my life in London began. I had an Iphone camera -and I did not know much about adding light or using the right filters

Frenchie has been the “poor” chosen one, when it came to chosing photographer! Being very critical about my looks, the background etc I’m not sure, he always find it amusing. On the other hand, we get so many amazing experiences thanks to my blog, so its all worth it. This is me on my first visit to Camden – a must-see if you are around

London Bridge

The Thames River-cruise: The Iphone camera annoyed me… So after a few months, I decided to buy myself a Leica D-Lux!

This is probably one of the best investments, I have ever made! I always have my camera with me – and you don’t have to be a pro to use it! It is pretty clear, that some cameras are better than others (I do however still use my Iphone camera – especially since it has improved so much within a few years)

Chinatown: Frenchie and I became better and better at creating beautiful scenes/ photos! It’s not always about looking into the camera and say “cheeeese” (Which by the way gives me five double chins and no eyes whatsoever!) 

Speaking of cheese… As the blog became more and more visible, I started getting invites to the most amazing eating places around in London. Here I am enjoying cheese and bubbles at Champagne et Fromage

Aquavit: Casual or fine dining! Everything had my interest! I have always been a food-lover and this was another way of getting to know my city

I am a Lifestyle blogger! Some people think that lifestyle blogging is a bit confusing! What is she really writing about? What is her niche? Well – I am writing about life! I am writing about things that happens on a daily basis and can not be put into a box! Everything that has my interest I write about – and I love the freedom it gives me! To make it a bit easier to navigate, I have therefore decided to use categories on my blog, so my readers can find what is in their interest

As my blog became more and more popular, I decided to make a Media Kit! A Media Kit is a great way to approach brands or PR Agencies, that you would like to work with. These are fragments of what my my Media Kit looks like. I wanted to make it short, informative and give a clear idea of what my blog represents

I have changed my Media Kit from time to time a bit!  The newest and probably biggest change is adding  “parenting” to my subjects. In my Media Kit you will also find numbers of followers on social media and visits on the blog as well as blog achievements, rates and brands that I work with….

I am proud and honoured to represent and review these brands! I am however also very true to my blog – and would never say yes to an offer, that does not match with my interest

– and then this happend! A year after Louiseloveslondon launced, there was a “mini-Louise” on the way!

Frenchie and I were so very, very happy and excited about my pregnancy! As most of you know, we went through several IVF treatments to finally make our dream come true! I knew, that it would probably mean, that the blog would suffer a bit – but sometimes you have to prioritise and everything actually worked out fine

Heavily pregnant and on my way to The UK Blog Awards. I never thought I would make it as a Finalist in the Lifestyle category – and I was so proud to have achieved this in the middle of my pregnancy! (Clara came one month later – I am happy she decided to wait, so I didn’t have to give birth in front of a million bloggers with their cameras!) 

I did not win in my category – but I did win something much much better! I won the price of being a mum! A mum utterly and completely in love with little Clara Penelope

4 months after Clara was born I am sitting here writing this blog post! Has my blog changed? Yes, it has! There is a lot of baby talk – no doubt about it! But I don’t see it as a problem! I just see, that my blog has grown bigger – and now also includes parent-life

I am seriously overwhelmed by the amount of brands, that want to work with Clara and I… (She is also quite a beauty, isn’t she? To mention just a few, I now work with Silver Cross, Babybjörn, Lamaze, Maxi-Cosi, Miffy, John Lewis, MAM etc

Holland Park

Redcliffe Square Gardens


Kensington Gardens

Carnaby Street

I have so many exiting things planned in the nearest future! Clara is finally old enough to come along on longer trips! Thanks to Volvo and a few other brands, this means that we can take a few trips to beautiful places outside London, which is something I have dreamt about for a long time! Being a Viking, I sometimes miss a bit of green!

Battersea Park! I have taken many steps since writing my first words on Louiseloveslondon!

One the most important steps is the one, I am taking, as we speak! The UK Blog Awards has asked me to be judge at the awards in 2019! Luckily it is in my favourite category – Lifestyle! I am very happy, excited and honoured to be part of the judging academy!

Being a finalist in 2018 I know, what it is like to be “on the other side”! Every blogger that makes it to the finals has my deepest respect! I know, how devoted most bloggers are – and how much time, we bloggers spend on our “babies”! My advice to all the bloggers in the competition is simple :“Stay true to who you are –  and put a little of yourself into every blog post”. Don’t be a copycat or try to be something you are not! An interesting blogger is someone, where his or her soul/personality shines through her content. You can read more about my thoughts on The UK Blog Awards here

Brompton Cemetery: Do you sometimes suffer from writer’s blog? As a Journalist, I am used to working with deadlines! Clear you head by getting some fresh air and I promise, that things will go more smoothly, when you are back from your walk!

Happy Blogiversary to! It has been quite a journey so far – and there are so many more fun things to come! For new bloggers I will however reveal, that NOTHING comes easy! I have spent many, many hours getting here – and I have also reached out to many brands with nothing in return! I spend around 4-10 hours on each blog post depending on the subject, photo editing and background knowledge! Also remember, that when you are out on an “assignment”, you have to show a genuine interest! Many waiters have been shocked, when they discovered how little I actually sit down during a food-review (Taking perfect photos is quite a task!) When it comes to making money on my blog, I sometimes get paid or gifted – but don’t forget that great content comes out of genuine passion! 

PS: I can not recommend #Bloghour enough on Twitter! Go to The UK Blog Awards Twitter account and be part of an amazing community, where bloggers are helping each other! It is a great way to network and even establish real friendship. Good luck to those of you, who are nominated at The UK Blog Awards!

Louise X