I guess it is no big news anymore, that Frenchie and I are expecting a little girl in May! Just writing this sentence almost makes me shed a tear of happiness! To be honest I wasn’t really sure, that I wanted children, when I was younger! I know, that you are not supposed to say that, but that is the truth. I was busy with so many other things, I was travelling, working, exploring, studying, partying… (and waiting for the right guy to come along as well!)

In my mid 30s I started feeling a bit lost. I woke up in the morning and felt lonely! I was tired of my lifestyle – and not really happy living in Copenhagen! So basically, I had two options: I could complain, or I could do something about it! But some things are easier said, than done, right?  Finally, I decided to do something about it – and it was VERY scary! Leaving your comfort zone and everything you know, is not an easy thing, but it is the best thing I have ever done! 

Having IVF treatment was hard on me, so we sometimes had to get away from it all and take a break

Anyway, this is not going to be a story of my life, but in short I moved to London and I found my true love! After a year, we decided to try to have a baby! Having met Frenchie, I knew, that this was something that I really, really wanted now, but it turned out to be a difficult thing for us! You hope and you pray, that this time, the treatment will result in a baby, but it didn’t to begin with! I had to take many hormones and medications – and Frenchie had to put up with a rollercoaster girlfriend injecting herself day and night! But then something magical happened… The pregnancy test was positive!

We could hardly believe it  (I think I bought 20 tests, before I finally realised, that there was a little person growing inside of me) Can you imagine our joy? I called my mother crying of happiness and she cried as well “Am I going to be a Grandmother? Really? Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God” This is the best phone-call I have ever made in my life!

So here we are… I am currently pregnant in week 24 – reading all the material, I can get about babies! (Yes, I know – one thing is learning, another thing is doing, but as a new Mum I am trying to be as prepared as possible) Adorable baby blankets by Bizzigrowin  , (Get 25% off all products by using this code: LOU25) Silk dress by Diane Von Furstenberg 

Speaking of prepared! How much should expecting parents buy before the little one fills their world with joy? The answer is, I have no idea! Everything is so new to me, so basically I want to buy it all! I admit it, I have gone completely overboard (especially in girly things, as we are expecting a princess!)  Luckily I have had some help from my mother, friends and some of the brands, that I work with to get me started – and as we still have a few months to go, I am convinced, that everything will be ready for the royal arrival! Here are some of the clothing and a few other cute/necessary things, that I have fallen completely in love with! I am fully aware, that you need much more than this, (but as the list is really long, I will do another blog post in a month or two as well about this subject)

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon – and I think Debenhams has just the perfect outfit for baby! (Bluezoo first Valentines´ sleep suit and bibs) Luxurious super soft Koochicoo blanket from Bizzigrowin

I fell in love with this big unicorn feeding/ support pillow from the moment, I laid my eyes on it! It is really helping me, when I have trouble sleeping – and I am sure it will do wonders in so many other ways, once baby has arrived. (Get 25% off all Bizzigrowin products by using this code: LOU25) 

Thinking about going shopping in London? Then you should definitely visit Liberty and take a look inside their beautifully decorated Kids department 

One of my favourites: Maileg Princess on the pea mouse toy 

As cute as it gets! Noodoll ricecarrot toy 

Frenchies favorites: Soft toys from Big Stuffed

I found this gorgeous textured cardigan 50% off price in Liberty from Kissy Kissy , Mary Jane pram shoes from Russell & Bromley, Rainbow chevron knitted blanket from Bizzigrowin

Pregnant women need to rest from time to time… This is my favourite spot in our living room

I love Miffy! Miffy and the new baby book, Miffy activity cube, Miffy pink rattle,  Miffy girls blouse bought in Schiphol Airport Holland and finally… “Keep Calm – the new mum’s manual”, Waterstones

Smart-buy: Five piece set from TK Maxx. Original price 24.99 – bought for 9.99! (Blanket from Missoni)

I can’t wait to see my daughter in this cute light pink floral romper from Debenhams

Well, it can’t all be pink, can it? Love the knitwear from Zara Kids, Bunny baby rattle from Jomanda

Love my Award-winning Pod travel changing bag from Bizzigrowin (Get 25% off all products by using this code: LOU25) Maternity jeans and trench-coat from Seraphine 

Simply marvellous! The unique fold out crib section is quick and easy to use, perfect for travel and daytime naps. No need for bulky, heavy travel cots, just grab your bag and go!

Fan of Ralph Lauren Kids? Here is what you should do! Go to Bicester Village and get 60-70% off normal price! It is one of the best deals I have ever made – and there are plenty of models to choose from! (Elephant chenille blanket from Bizzigrowin) 

I simply had to own two matching “Mummy and me” outfits, when I found them on Etsy. You can get yours here  (There are many different models to choose from)

Cuteness overload! Soft toy, rattle and bunny slippers from Jomanda, Award-winning Sophie la giraffe original teether from Debenhams, Miss Bunny soft toy from Disney Store 

Adorable baby grey/ ecru bodysuits from Next

I couldn’t help myself, when I discovered this book in Waterstones. Hilarious title! As my baby girl is half French, I simply had to buy it! My parents in-law think it’s a bit silly and were slightly worried, that I would take it too serious  – as the author is American and not French!!!  How sweet is that?  “French children don’t throw food” by  Pamela Druckerman and red knot maternity dress by Seraphine (currently on sale)

Do you love unicorns just as much as I do? Jasper Conran pink floral romper and  sweet unicorn dresses from Debenhams  (The cute baby socks are bought at a Christmas fair) 

I know… Not exactly a Lightroom edited photo taken with my Leica D-Lux camera! But this is also part of being pregnant! Taking selfies in the bathroom and proudly send it to my Mother, my parents in-law and my friends! (I think it is the first time in my life, that I really want my belly to look as big as possible1)

This is one of my more personal blog posts, that I have written. Telling about our IVF treatment was something we discussed, before putting it out in the open. But I know so many couples, who are in the same situation as we were! I feel it is important to let them know, that you can succeed in getting pregnant, even though the road may be long and not an easy one to walk!  We feel truly blessed, and we can not wait to meet our little girl, who is currently being very active! (I am convinced, that she is going to be a martial arts champion one fine day!!! )

Big babybump hugs