This weekend I decided it was time to discover a part of London, that was completely unknown to me! I have a very good friend, who loves coming here – and she highly recommended me to jump on the tube and visit…. CAMDEN!

Wow!… From the moment you step outside the tube station, Camden attacks the senses. This place certainly has a vibrant atmosphere!

Bass thumps from the market stalls’ speakers, the scent of street food in the air and goths, punks, pushers and tourists shove past, giving the area an unorthodox charm. Even Frenchie was given a personal rap-performance Not because the “rapper” wanted money – he just thought it was fun! 

Not sure if this was the real Johnny Depp, but he certainly made quite a good Mad Hatter performance! 

Camden Town has been a residential area since the 1790s. But it was the development of the Grand Union Canal and the improved railway transport that turned it into a bustling part of London. Today, visitors and locals gather here to hunt for treasures in Camden’s markets, stroll by Regent’s Canal, sample cuisine from around the world and listen to live music.

Inverness Street Market – a few of the original fruit stands remain but most have been taken over by footwear and souvenir stalls. 

Trying to find my way around…

I have never seen such an adventurous and vivid part of London! 

The colourful stores in Camden High Street sell Doc Martins, goth and punk clothing, body piercings, tattoos and much more

Probably one of the coolest guys I ever saw watching the world go by from the top of the Tattoo shop!

Images of what Camden is all about! If you are looking for the true Londoner spirit, it’s right here!

So many places, so little time. Tip: If you chose to go to Camden in January, wear something warmer than I did! Everything happens outside – and in spite of being a Viking,  I was freezing! 

Paradise for vegans and gluten free lovers

A visit to this area is not complete without spending some time along Regent’s Canal, which runs through the heart of Camden and the markets.

From the picturesque Camden Lock you can take a boat tour to Little Venice (and back, naturally).

This is quite something…

Here we are at KERB Camden market. This very busy place hosts 34 stalls every day of the week and there is definitely something for everybody to enjoy!

As you can see, this place is quite popular! It was very difficult for me to take pictures, so I had to give up getting close to the stalls, without having to stand in a line.

The price for food here is certainly reasonable, and my impression is, that the food is REALLY good quality and simply delicious. Everywhere I went people were walking around with yummies in their hands trying to find a spot to eat and do a bit of people watching

Beautiful (but cold) weather, amazing food and live music… No wonder this place was crowded! 

Frenchie and I decided to move on and find food elsewhere. But this is definitely not the last time, I’ve been to KERB. I can only imagine it being even more lovely in the summer. Just remember to bring a bit of patience! 

This is Camden Lock Market – selling crafts, books, clothing, jewellery and fast food.

Many popular food places are to be found here… I really wanted to try the amazing ice creams from Chin Chin Labs

Looking more like a science lab than an ice cream parlour, your soft scoop is frozen in front of your eyes, using billowing clouds of liquid nitrogen. This is the all-time classic “The brownwich”

Probably one of the most famous fish and chips places. Ladies and Gents… Poppies!

I have never in my life seen so big donuts/cronuts before. They were massive! (Bonus info: The very hyped Cronut is a croissant-doughnut pastry invented by New York City pastry chef Dominique Ansel) Want to taste a cronut? Here is where to get them!

Delicious award-winning sourdough breads, cakes & pastries from The Flour Station Bakery

If only there was room for all of this in my tummy..

Hot Mulled wine made me feel warmer… 

From here on Frenchie and I decided just to stroll around. Camden Market is quite big and honestly there is no reason to follow a plan. Just take a walk around in the area and enjoy it all. It is so much fun and you will get surprised everywhere you go. 

On my way to the top for a better view 

Met a horse on the way…

This is the Après Ski Bar. Great atmosphere and Beatles inspired live music. What’s not to love?

Treasure trove for Reggae fans 

Many famous people, including Dylan Thomas, Walter Sickert and Amy Winehouse, have made Camden their home. (Bonus info: The charcoal grey statue of Amy was created by the British sculptor Scott Eaton, who said that it had been designed to convey Winehouse’s “attitude and strength, but also give subtle hints of insecurity“)

Amy Winehouse is very popular in Camden. You will find lots of street art featuring the legendary singer

This is Cyberdog. A Neon-lit store for futuristic and flourescent fashions and accessories for men, women and children. (I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside, but trust me – it is like stepping into another world with dancers, neon colours and lots of crazy/funky things to try on and even buy…)

If you get lost, street signs are everywhere to help you find your way! 

Remember to bring cash! And maybe a colourful hairstyle to fit in…

Here we are at the Stables Market – a mix of permanent shops and stalls selling household items, antiques, alternative clothing and food.

This place gets its name from its previous incarnation as a horse stables and hospital. A network of stable blocks, horse tunnels, tack rooms, saddler’s workshops and a horse hospital were once on the site now known as Camden’s Stables Market.

I love horses – especially this one! 

There is basically nothing you can’t find in this eclectic market with youthful vibe and stalls/shops selling fashion and accessories, music and more. 

Exotic treasure troves 

Funky music

Children’s clothing 

A touch of Japan…

Goth and Heavy Metal…


-and second hand fur and trench coats… (I found some really nice ones from Burberry!)

On your way back to the tube, don’t miss out of the street art in Camden. There are so many places to discover amazing street art! I know, they even do guided tours, which I probably will try out, when it gets a bit warmer

My advice: Go to Camden with a curious and open-hearted mind. It is a lovely, crazy, colourful and vivid place with room for everybody! Bring your patience and your camera – it is quite busy! We ended up in an Uber home, because the line for the tube was simply too long!

Please leave a comment for me, if you have anything to share. I would love to hear from you.

X Louise