To be honest, there hasn’t been many times during my pregnancy, where I craved for something forbidden… But last week, I found my current situation being “un petit peu” challenging!  Frenchie and I had decided to indulge ourselves in my weakness “cheese” – and his all time favourite drink “champagne”

Champagne+Fromage… For those of you who know me well.., I know, you are already smiling with the thought of me being all excited on my way to this heavenly place

Champagne+Fromage is a group of three branches across London bringing the best French produce to the capital. We visited the shop and bistro in the heart of Covent Garden (22 Wellington Street)

I’ll have this one and this one and this one … and this one. Maybe this one too?

The Fromagerie offers more than 50 French soft and hard cheeses, from Brie, Comte or Tome to a range of Blues and Camembert. In addition to a wide range of cured meat, pâtés, ham and sausages. Shelves are piled high with jars of terrine, rillettes, cassoulets or delicious confits, all sourced from tiny suppliers

The bistro is very popular – and I understand why… Even Frenchie was smiling, when entering. He looked at me and said “Ma chérie – this is as French as it gets!” (I was weak in my knees already! Got to love everything French!)

We were both very curious to see the menu card…

The menu is made up of cheese and charcuterie boards, baked cheeses, salads, tartines, and a small selection of desserts. Everything is more or less designed for sharing

We decided to try the tasting menu. That way we could have a little bit of everything – and taste a selection of different grower champagnes alongside cheese pairings.

That evening I was allowed to have a sip or two of the lovely champagne! After all, my baby-girl is half French (she might as well learn the pleasures of Champagne from the early days!)

The Champagne selection was quite extraordinary! (there are many more to choose from, than what you see here!)

So where does all these lovely goodies come from, you might ask? Well, Champagne+Fromage is “the magic combination of two different companies, both lovers of artisanal and unique French products”

FrenchBubbles is an artisanal collection of fine quality, limited production grower champagne with personality and heritage. (The carefully sourced selection of different Champagnes, have all been produced by award-winning, family-owned producers committed to creating quality wines from their own vineyards.)

Une Normande à Londres brings the very best artisan cheese, cured meat and preserves from across France to London. This family-owned company has a deep knowledge of the French foodie scene inherited from their Camembert producing family and they focuses on natural, “clean” products, manufactured using traditional methods.

(Bonus-info: The award-winning grower Champagnes are available to purchase or bought as a gift)

First up was this lovely Savoyarde tartine: Melted Raclette cheese with thinly sliced potatoes and creamy onions, served with salami and a glass of Champagne Colin Blanche de Castille 1er Cru Brut100% Chardonnay. Combines grapes from the 1er Cru rated villages of Vertus and Bergères les Vertus. It has a fresh yet creamy texture, long toasty finish, and that wonderful feminity typical of fine Blanc de Blancs was very evident. (I was a fan!)


Must-try: This dish wasn’t actually part of the tasting-menu, but you can not eat at Champagne+Fromage without having tried one of the melted camemberts!
We went for the classic with figs and thyme. It was oozing and delicious – and came with fresh, crunchy bread for dipping. Bonus-info: There are plenty varieties to choose from. If I wasn’t pregnant I would have loved to try the Mont D’or – baked in garlic and Champagne!


It doesn’t get much better than this, right? Rustic French food in surroundings full of sophisticated charm



This dish was one of my favourites (well, they all sort of were!) A French blue cheese, Basque Brebis served with Le Gallais Cuvee du Manoir. This Champagne has real personality. Frenchie’s verdict: “It is harmonious on the palate, expressing ripe, fleshy fruits balanced with incredible freshness”


Charcuterie board with meats from different French regions with butter and cornichons served with a beautiful bottle of Champagne Lacroix Le Reserve.

This was our favourite: 60% Pinot Noir, 20% Pinot Meunier, 20% Chardonnay. We really enjoyed the lively berries fruitiness that typifies red Pinot grapes which dominate this blend. Elegant with toasty undertones – and I wanted more!


Even though I only enjoyed a few drops of this heavenly drink, it was enough to make me more than happy! 

We ended our evening at Champagne+Fromage with a selection of lovely macarons (I always call them macrons… Not really the same thing, but it makes people laugh… Sorry Emmanuel!)



I had coffee and Frenchie was served a glass of vintage Lacroix  


The four musketeers!

 Before leaving I decided to bring home a few of the cheeses, that we had tasted! The lovely Olivier really knew, what he was talking about, so if you are in doubt, do ask! They know their cheeses and champagnes here!



I would like to thank Champagne+Fromage for inviting us to this gorgeous tasting menu! Whether you are looking for a quick snack before a theatre-show or a long, romantic evening out, this is the place to go. There are many lovely dishes to choose from, so you don’t have to choose the tasting menu!

My verdict: It was fabulously French – and I will be back VERY soon! 

Bon appétit!

X Louise