How to become a hero of our planet!
This is a bit of an unusual article for me to write! Most of my posts are about London! I love my city - I actually love my city so much, that I would be very sad if anything changed at all here... And changes are exactly what this post about, because wherever you are located, things might soon look very, very different!… (3 comments)

A spooky night out in London
There is London by day, and there is London by night! - and let me tell you, London by night can be quite spooky! Yesterday Frenchie and I took a ride on the London Ghost Bus Tour for a theatrical sightseeing tour, showing you the darker side of London. "Be afraid... be very afraid!"… (2 comments)

A digital wonderland at Pace Gallery London!
Projection mapping is certainly on trend right now, and looking at Transcending Boundaries, a new exhibition that's currently in residence at London's Pace Gallery, it's not hard to see why. Yesterday I was invited to probably the most beautiful experience, I have had for a long time! Pace Gallery were teaming with WWF to raise awareness on climate change and the event certainly was an eye-opener! … (4 comments)