I have a weakness… I love shopping! Especially if I can get a really good deal! There is nothing better than finding a wanted item in a shop and then discover, that you can actually get it 50% off! Oh! – and now, that I have a baby-girl to dress, I can hardly control myself, when I take the train to one of my favourite shopping destinations Bicester Village!

On the train in a comfy outfit! Bicester Village is located just an hour from London and there are many ways to get there. Clara is sleeping in her new Zelia 2-1 pushchair from Maxi-Cosi. This is my favourite choice for Clara, when it comes to choosing a lightweight pushchair! (Important for mums, who like to get around without constantly asking for help: This model is so easy to handle – and the best part? It doesn’t compromise on baby’s comfort)

I have taken The Shopping Express bus  and I have gone here by car, but this time my mother and I took the direct train from Marylebone Station to Bicester! We found it to be the best solution, when bringing little Clara

I am not a big fan of public transport, when bringing little ones, but this train was honestly great! There was lots of space and my mum and I had 4 seats and a table in the middle for ourselves

We all enjoyed it a lot – even Clara seemed excited! (Maybe she knew, that she was in for a treat later on!)

No stress getting here and plenty of time for kisses and cuddles! 

Welcome to Bicester Village  – a luxury destination, which is home to more than 160 boutiques of world-famous brands (each offering exceptional value with savings of up to 60% on the recommended retail price all year round – YAY!) Mum and Clara were already way ahead of me! I guess you can’t stop girls from shopping, can you? 

As always Bicester has something new and exciting on their programme. My favourite time of the year to come here is at Christmas (I have added a few Christmas photos from last year, so you can see how very very beautiful it looks) 

This time I was however surprised to see these very cool and colourful phone-booths! And the reason why? Bicester Village is currently the place, where art, technology, shopping and experience comes together – a result of an exciting new partnership with Tate

Yes, there was indeed a bit of a “neon-theme” going on in Bicester! In their own words: “The partnership (between Tate and Bicester) combines virtual reality and film with bespoke digital printing and exclusive art-themed gifting in an innovative experiential pop-up. How cool is that?

– and another globe – this time in red!

Ladies and gents… Let the shopping begin! We started out in one of my favourite stores: Stuart Weiztman

I am a BIG FAN of this brand – and the proud owner of 6 pairs of super-long boots! For a girl with very long and quite slim legs, these boots are just made for me!

I did however not have as much time as usual, because Clara was not in a shopping mood and wanted food!

Luckily my mother let me finish my shopping and took care of Miss Hungry. I ended up buying two pairs of boots (and as they had 20% on top – of an already reduced price, I actually ended up paying for only one pair! That is A LOT of money saved!)

Funky and fluffy. I am too conservative to wear shoes like this, but I loved looking at them

Tods is always a winner! I have bought driving shoes in here for myself and Frenchie many times! Sometimes you can find shoes 70% off price!

For her…

– and for him! I LOVE driving shoes

You just don’t find super cute luxury stores like these in many places! 

As Clara is still very young, we did not have time to visit all of the stores. Also some don’t allow you to take photos inside! 

Here we are at The White Company, where they had already gone completely Christmas crazy – and so did I. I just couldn’t help myself buying this reindeer suit for Clara! Isn’t it adorable?

Cuteness overload. You can never have too many tutu skirts! (Maybe I should have bought one for myself…. Giggles!)

Prada and Gucci! Some of the most popular stores around here – and you will often find, that you have to wait in a line outside! Be warned… At Christmas it can go a bit crazy! Frenchie ones queued forty minutes to pay for a scarf. He was not happy! 

A few photos from last Christmas… Can it get more “Christmassy”? I think not!

A must-go-to-store in Bicester is Polo Ralph Lauren

There are two Polo stores to visit: One for children and one for adults! The stores are huge with a great selection (often with 20% off items that are already reduced) Remember to ask, if you can’t find the right size – you might get lucky, that they have it hidden somewhere at the back of the store

This one definitely came home with us. Clara looks super cute in it. A real Polo Ralph Lauren classic!

Oooppss. Had to have this cable-knit cardigan as well. It was reduced 50%

Let’s just say, that Clara is better dressed than her mum these days! 

Photo taken last December… I need to come back and get Clara some adorable Christmas outfits 

Hungry – or just in the mood for something yummy? There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and pop-ups to choose from in Bicester Village. I have been here a few times – and each time, there were new places to try out. Here are just a few:

Clara and grandmother in front of LaDurée 

Café Wolseley… The latest venture from Corbin & King is an all-day café-restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and also a takeaway counter and shop

Being very devoted to The Wolseley restaurant in London. I obviously had to try this one out

Hot tea to keep us warm. It was quite cold in Bicester that day!

I loved the interior here, but I was not impressed by the lack of heating. Basically we were freezing during the entire stay and many people were eating with their coats on

Yummy and crispy french fries. The croque monsieur was not very warm and it came with no salad (as it usually does at the London restaurant)

Next time I would probably choose Le Pain Quotidian, Farmshop or just a sandwich at Prét a manger (and spend more time on shopping)

A bit nicer than Oxford Street, don’t you think? Got to love the English country garden style at Bicester Village

Tory Burch was “having the blues” (in a good way, that is)

Smythson (another favourite brand of mine!)

Holland and Cooper (photo taken last December, where I bought the most beautiful cape

This is the cape I bought! Isn’t it gorgeous? (and perfect, when you are pregnant, like I was at this photo)

I could go on and on showing you all the stores here… But then this blog post would turn into “The never-ending story”. So here are a last few shots! For more information go to Bicester Village’s webpage 

Pretty in pink and purple…

That’s it from me this time! I think you all know, that I am a big fan of this place. I love luxury goods – but what I really love is the price! You get good quality for less money – and it is NOT just “so last season”. You can honestly find lots of things here, that are currently for sale in other stores for double the amount of money. Because we brought Clara, our mission was mainly to buy baby clothing, so please notice that there are many more categories to choose from like: Beauty products, home wear, jewellery and much more. This place is brilliant for going Christmas shopping – just remember to bring a bit of patience, warm clothing and some comfortable shoes (some even bring huge suitcases – just wait and see!)

Louise x