When you become a mother, you tend to forget yourself a little bit (or a lot)! I don’t really mind though, since I get more pleasure out of giving my little girl everything she could possibly need – and probably more than necessary! (Yes, Clara is a bit spoiled – and that’s totally fine with us! She is our little miracle, and we have been waiting for her for a long time) Clara has many favourite toys  – and it is so funny to see, how her little face lights up, when there is a new colourful bird/rabbit/cow/seahorse (you name it) in her collection

One of the brands, that I love working with is TOMY 

I mostly know TOMY from amazing Lamaze, but apparently they make toys for adults as well (wuhuu!) So this time, there was something for Mummy – and not for Clara! And here it is! (It looks very strange at first sight, doesnt it?) Let me introduce you to superfun, cool and very retro smartphone printer KiiPix!

This is my KiiPix in Sky Blue – also known as the smartphone printer

KiiPix is a clever little one! It instantly prints your favourite photos from your smartphone – and once you have tried it, you’ll find that it is super easy to use: You place the film and place the phone – and then you print!

KiiPix only requires FUJIFILM Instax mini film (sold separately) and your phone to provide you with fun prints

This is what the KiiPix looks like close-up! You can fold it and bring it along everywhere. It doesn’t require batteries or connection!

This weekend we went for a walk in Kensington and took a few photos with my Iphone

Frenchie took photos of me…

– and I took photos of Clara! 

Back home it was time to try the KiiPix! (As mentioned, you can use the KiiPix immediately after your photo has been taken, but I decided to wait until we were home!

At first I struggled a bit (I have no patience) – and this resulted in dark photos! So here are a few tips, so you don’t make too many beginner mistakes:

For the best photos, make sure your rotation lock is on (and that you turn the phone’s brightness all the way up! That’s where I went wrong!)

Watch the KiiPix tutorial on YouTube! It takes no time and is more fun than reading the manual

The photos are complete retro-style and I love them! Here is one from our trip to Holland Park – and an older one from Clara’s baptism (They are now up on my refrigerator) 

I had fun with KiiPix and even though it is made for adults, I can only imagine older children could have LOTS of fun with it (accompanied by adults!) If only Clara was a bit older, I am sure, she would enjoy printing the photos (It’s done by rotating the little “grey wheel” in the left lower corner at this photo! (The photo-print comes out in the left side at the bottom)

I was gifted a KiiPix. Opinions are as always my own!

(KiiPix is available from Amazon, Argos, Debenhams, Boots, Curry’s PC World and Firebox)

Louise x