I can’t believe that Clara is 14 months old now! Time really flies, when you become a mother! I have always been quite vain, when it comes to my look – it is important to me to fell good on the inside – but also on the outside as well! I think it is quite normal, that you tend to forget yourself, when you are a new mother. You simply don’t have the same time anymore – and suddenly my 40+ face started looking a bit… tired! 

Welcome to Dr Pradnya’s new clinic in beauty heaven (located in award winning Harley Street Dental Studio, 52 Harley Street)

My mission was to feel good about my looks again!

There are many opinions about having anti-aging facial treatments done – especially, when it comes to fillers! I won’t get into this discussion here – I believe that people should do whatever they feel like doing, as long as they don’t hurt anyone in the process. I have had fillers done before, when I lived in Copenhagen, so I am not unfamiliar with the treatment. For me it is important to still “look like me!” In other words… I am not looking to be 25 again or having a face that can’t express my emotions!

When I was invited into Dr. Pradnya Apte’s new clinic, I started googling her! I mean, we are talking about facial aesthetic treatments, so you want to know, that you are in good hands, right?

What I like the most about Dr. Pradnya (also known as the Lip Dentist) is, that she is very professional, honest and prefers a “natural look.” Bonus-info: Dr Pradnya qualified as a Dental Surgeon in 1993, but since 2007 she has focused on her passion, facial aesthetics.  She originally trained in Harley Street and has continued her training with many of the UK’s leading advanced medical aesthetic experts.

Dr. Pradnya opened her first clinic in Exeter in 2015 and her second clinic in London Bridge the following year

I felt in very good hands with Dr Pradnya. Here we are at my first consultation discussing my facial features – and what she believed needed to be done for a great result

Bonus-info: In 2017 Dr Pradnya was a finalist in the category of Full Face Rejuvenation at the prestigious Aesthetic Dentistry Awards and in 2018 she was a finalist in two categories; Facial Aesthetic – Botulinum Toxin and Full Facial Treatment, (for which she was awarded a Highly Commended citation), confirming her place as one of the top aesthetic practitioners in the UK.   She has just been announced as a finalist in the 2019 awards, making it her third consecutive final.

Dr. Pradnya is known for her skills in achieving a natural looking rejuvenation of the face. She told me that, “the face is a 3-dimensional structure that requires careful and skilled injecting techniques to achieve a harmonious balance”

These are the products, that Dr. Pradnya was going to use, when giving me my treatment

Perfectha is a highly advanced hyaluronic acid gel filler, developed to fill out wrinkles, hydrate the skin and add volume.  It contains stabilised non-animal biphasic hyaluronic acid gel, with differing gel particle sizes to treat different indications. How long does it last, you might ask? Hyaluronic acid is completely broken down within the skin over a period of months, eventually leaving no trace of the filler. Treatment results may last between four and twelve months. (Only trained members of the medical profession, including doctors, dentists and nurses may use this product in treatments)

Time for treatment!

I came back to Dr. Pradnya’s clinic a couple of days after my consultation. Dr. Pradnya is a very warm and kind person, so you really don’t have to be nervous at all. She is also more than happy to answer all of the questions, you might have – and she will give you an honest reply. What I like about her is, that she is not focussed on “what’s in it for me?” – it really matters to her, that you leave feeling super happy and looking good! (She would rather having you coming back for more, than giving you too much at one go! Love this philosophy!)

Yes, there are needles involved in this procedure – but fortunately also numbing cream!

I had a cheekbone, forehead and nose to mouth-lines treatment. (I am not going to lie – it does hurt a bit, but Dr. Pradnya is efficient and the whole thing was over in no time!)

My face 5 mins after the treatment was done! I can honestly say, that I was SUPER impressed with the result! My cheekbones looked amazing – and I felt like a new person! I really wish, that you could see how my face literarily changed within a few minutes! 

For those of you who know me well, I am sure, that you can see the difference!

It basically felt like I just became 5 years younger (but still looked like me!) I can not recommend Dr. Pradnya enough and it is 100% certain, that she will be my go-to person, when it is time for a new “maintenance”

You don’t have to worry about leaving the clinic looking like Quasimodo! Dr. Pradnya will “fix you” with Heliocare, so you are all set to meet the world. 

Bonus-info: I usually bruise after these treatments, but this time I didn’t (and I am being completely sincere here!). I also tend to get a headache a few days after treatment (that didn’t happen either)

I was invited as a guest to Dr. Pradnya’s new clinic All opinions are as always my own

Louise x