I can still remember the first time, Frenchie took me to Shoreditch! I was very new to the city and only familiar with the West End, since this is where we live! It is my impression that you are either a West End girl or an East End girlIt is like an epic battle! It seems that Londoners love to hate each other. If you are from London and you get introduced to someone else from London at a party, the first thing you do is figure out where they live and that is when the prejudices inadvertently start to creep in.

The judgemental London Stereotypes Map!

But this is where I differ – because I love all parts of the city!  It all depends on my mood really! Do I prefer great street food or posh Michelin Star food? Am I in the mood for buying cool quirky and unique things – or should I take a stroll down Bond Street to spend all my money on a new designer bag?  I love the diversity in this city and I love being able to chose!

This weekend Frenchie and I decided to go East! There is something here that constantly changes and blows my mind – and that is the street art! Unlike Central London, where most art is found in galleries and museums, the best place to look for super cool street art is at the streets of London’s East End.

Wear comfortable sneakers – and jump on the tube to Aldgate East!

The first thing I saw on the streets was this couple! Did you notice the dogs ears? (- on the guy!!!)

London’s East End is amazing for people watching! But don’t be the annoying person taking pictures of them!  It is ok to look, but not ok to act like a tourist! (So I tried to be under cover when taking pictures)

In the East you can wear what you want! Anything goes! Here we have a fox on the loose in the middle of Shoreditch High Street! It even has a tail! (I think it must be the season of dressing up like animals)

I recommend walking up to Shoreditch from Brick Lane to take in some of the area’s most impressive and creative street art. If you are interested in knowing more about the artists, there are plenty of Tour Guides to chose from in this area

Street artists from London and the UK – even international artists leave an ever-changing kaleidoscope of energy and creativity on the walls of Shoreditch

Since it was Easter and I am quite a chocoholic a visit to the cocoa house Dark Sugars was simply a must! If you are around in this area, you simply have to stop by and indulge yourself!

So much beauty and tastiness… The hardest part was choosing what to buy!

Moving on – now in the search for street food!

And there are plenty of places to get great street food – of all kinds of flavours and origins

Some food stalls are outside – and some are inside! You don’t really need directions. I think they are more or less everywhere in this area, so just go and discover!

I went for a Lithuanian dish – and it was amazing!

Maybe not served the Michelin-way – but trust me it was soooo tasty

Outdoor feast for foodies! Happy Easter to me and my belly!

More street art on our way to Boxpark! What you will also discover in this area is music! There are many street performers singing, dancing and playing on cool instruments! 

This is Boxpark Shoreditch –  the world’s first pop-up mall and the home of pop-up stores

Filled with a mix of fashion and lifestyle brands, galleries, cafés and restaurants – Boxpark places local and global brands side-by-side, creating a unique shopping and dining destination. I love coming here!

Cool, quirky and unique things for you to take home! I was completely in love with the bunny lamp!

Yes! This certainly is a playground for young and old!

We finished our day-trip in Shoreditch in Old Spitalfields Market – a favourite of mine! I have already written about this place before. Get more details here!

As always Spitalfields was buzzing and very much alive with an eclectic range of retailers and restaurateurs for visitors to enjoy 

This is Androuet! The place to get the best cheese fondue in London! 

Or how about some really delicious food from the popular restaurant Blixen. Read my review here

I could honestly keep on taking pictures all day long for you guys to enjoy! But London’s East End is something you have to go and discover yourself. Every time I have visitors coming from Denmark, I take them here – and they love it. There is just something extraordinary about this area that you won’t find many places – and I promise you won’t have a dull moment!

X Louise