Being an aesthetic, Im easily convinced, when I hear, that there is a place in London, where people go mostly because of its looks! (And when it is placed next to Spitafields Market, there are even more reasons to go! Read more about Shoreditch here)

The first time, I was introduced to Blixen, I got a bit confused. Maybe it is because Im Danish, but the name Blixen will always remind me of, what my bookshelves mostly consists of – my favourite author Karen Blixen!


Im not sure, if the owners were thinking about this legendary person, but the interior certainly has a bit of a jungle theme, that sends your thoughts back to the movie “Out of Africa”, where Meryl Streep played the role of Karen Blixen 


Cosy booths at Blixen!

When my friend Marie was here to visit me, we decided to go and explore Shoreditch a bit more (she loves street art just as much as I do!) When our bellies started telling us, that it was time for food, we both agreed to go and have a closer look at Blixen! This place is very popular, but we got a table at the backside terrace of the restaurant with a nice view to the market. It felt like being in the middle of a rainforest




I certainly understand, why the Londoners love this place. You just feel at ease here – and that is sometimes greatly needed living in a big city!

So, whats on the menu? Well, Blixen is a brasserie, so you can go for heavy or you can go for healthy and light nibble plates! The juices are also extremely delicious (at first we thought the combination of ingredients were a bit odd, but they certainly work well together!)



Marie chose the House Special! And I became a bit jealous, because it was gorgeous! I had the End Strife with banana, pineapple, lime, agave, flaxseed and pink Himalayan salt (this was also a really nice drink)

For lunch we went for the Croque Madame with jamon, raclette and duck egg and a pretty spicy pumpkin soup.



I would love to explore more of the dishes, that Blixen offers! If you take a look at their online menu card, you will see, that its hard to chose. Blixen may not be haute cuisine, but it’s the highest-quality comfort food and I believe, that the combination of good food, affordable prices, lovely atmosphere and a warm and friendly staff is the reason why this place is a winner!