Hi guys. As some of you might know, I have been a bit quiet lately. Let’s just say, that something really exciting and life-changing might be in wait for me. But at the moment it is taking a lot of my energy and time. Thank God for supporting boyfriends!

 These Gucci sneakers are simply amazing for the ultimate shopping tour! 

I love having visitors from Denmark – because this means that I get to do the whole touristy thing over and over again (and luckily I still feel new to this beautiful city of mine!) OK, so Oxford Street can be a bit overwhelming, but Regent Street and the areas around Mayfair are still amongst my favourites! When my Mum was here last week, we decided to go big time shopping! We ended up in the new Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store and treated ourselves with colourful spring robes! Yay! Thanks, Mum!

Mirror selfie from the Polo Ralph Lauren store while patiently waiting for my Mum trying on shoes. (Bonus-info: The dressing rooms here are AMAZING! Lots of space and great light!)

After a lot of shopping it was time for food, and I think you all know, that I have a weakness for The Wolseley! The Wolseley is for me the place to go, when I want to spoil myself (and maybe do a bit of celebrity-watching)

The first time I visited this place was when I was here on holiday! My friend and I went for breakfast and being all new to this city, we were quite overwhelmed by the beauty of this restaurant! I don’t know what it is about this place, but I always feel like a princess, when I’m here (and meeting the very stylish Joan Collins in the ladies’ room was also quite an experience for me!)

This is the impressive entrance of The Wolseley at Piccadilly Street!

The Wolseley is a very popular and busy place – so you really need to book in advance! 

Happy girl waiting for wine!

My Mum and I usually share meals so we can try as many dishes as possible! 

Delicious bread and salty french butter! 

Oh look! It’s wine o’ clock!

My Mum looked happy! Wine approved! 


I am completely in love with the black, gold and cream colour scheme at The Wolseley! Read more about the interior and history of The Wolseley here

We started with my favourite. The ultimate Eggs Benedict! It is – and will always be my favourite dish at this place (and I haven’t had better Eggs Benedict anywhere else either)

This is the Chopped Chicken Salad! The portions are big – and very tasty! 

Hot Grilled Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Salad! The bacon was mouthwatering good! 

I would say that the kitchen at The Wolseley is eclectic and most definitely celebrated for its breakfasts, and the main menu is impeccable! From oysters, steak tartare or soufflé suisse to wiener schnitzel or grilled halibut with wilted spinach and béarnaise to tarte au citron or apple strudel, there’s something for everyone.

Beautiful fresh Oysters and salmon at our neighbours table! I have to try this next time!

This picture is taken from another time I went to The Wolseley! You simply must try the chopped liver and the tartar! 

Time to move on for more shopping and a visit to Fortnum & Mason (another favourite of mine 5 mins walk from The Wolseley) If you haven’t tried Fortnum’s delicious Afternoon Tea, you can read all about it here

Covent Garden is always a good place to show visitors of London! After a long day of shopping I can definitely recommend Chez Antoinette for a bit of sun, coffee and something sweet!

X Louise