I have the most wonderful friends, who know exactly, what presents to give me on my birthday. So of course I became overly excited, when my old high school friend from Denmark invited me to join her for Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason is one of my favourite places to go to, when Im in a really girly mood! This place is like a fairytale. Everything is so pretty – and it is hard not to leave the store covered in turquoise (its their brand colour)


Turquoise treats! 

After a bit of shopping, we went up to the 4th floor, where The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon welcomes you with soft piano tunes and lovely hostesses


This girl was very skilled! (and she played some songs from my favourite Christmas-movie “Love Actually”… Im a hopeless romantic!)


This is a popular place, so remember to book in advance

The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon has two big rooms – we preferred the one with a view to Piccadilly, so we could observe the buzzing London life


There is just something about seeing a big city from above!

This is the bar, where you can also order champagne and cocktails, if thats what you feel for (we decided for tea… Im not a big drinker in the afternoon. I might end up in the wrong tube home!)


So here we were. Completely girly giggling and very excited about the menu! Our waiter was really charming and funny. There was not a single time, where we were overlooked. The staff certainly knows, how to make you feel special!


Decisions, decisions… The Tea list is beautiful! And so is the menu!

Its not easy choosing the right tea, when everything looks so good! Fortunately the waiter explained to us, that we could have everything we wanted from the tea menu, so if you weren’t happy with the one you chose – or just curious to try something else, it didn’t cost extra


My new friend serving Manuka tea (That is herbal infusion with a taste of honey. Im a bit more conservative, so I went for a classic black China tea with strawberry) 

The menu card offers High Tea, Afternoon Tea, Savoury Afternoon Tea and Vegetarian Afternoon Tea. I went for the Savoury – and I would probably go for the same one again… Because that was simply amazing! I ate so much, that I could hardly walk out of the salon, when the feast was over! Im not really sure, I can find the right word for my menu -except for poetry!


Food for the soul! (Finger sandwiches, Fortnums scones, Afternoon savouries and Tea cakes)

And would you believe it. If you don’t feel full after having eaten, whats been served, you can just order more from the same menu – and its for free! (I really couldn’t eat more – but I think, that it is a very nice gesture!)


You and me and a cup of tea!

I really, really had such a lovely day here. My friend and I completely forgot about the time, (so she missed her train and “unfortunately” had to do a bit of more shopping)

I am officially a fan of Afternoon Tea and more than ready to explore this very British tradition!


My favourite place to buy tea!


Isn’t this just adorable! 

Fortnum & Mason has most certainly not seen the the last of me (and my very full belly)