I actually didn’t think, that I was going to write another blog post before baby C was born… But it turns out, that time doesn’t fly as fast, as I would have liked! Here I am – bigger than ever – in week 38 and no signs of a baby still! I guess it is a good thing, as I am going to have a planned c-section, and my midwife really doesn’t want little C to come out earlier than week 39 (as baby’s lungs and brain are still developing at this point)

My belly feels really hard these days – and I am definitely having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions (tightening sensations in the uterus/womb). They can be pretty painful, but apparently it’s normal… Hooray!)

Looking back how did it feel being pregnant for the first time? Well, at the end of my pregnancy, I can reveal, that it is a crazy, wonderful, exciting, hard, scary, amazing and out of this world sensational feeling! Everything changes! All of a sudden there is someone, who is more important, than anyone else in the world! (myself included!) – and it feels great!

Baby books and google were my friends, whenever I was in doubt (which happened a LOT). But be warned – you don’t always find the right answers here (and you wont always get the right answers asking other mums either! Every pregnancy is different, so when in doubt ask your GP or midwife)

My mother has been a lifesaver for me during my pregnancy! Some days were better than others. These pictures were taken last week in The Covent Garden area! Happy times for three generations! 

A thing, that I would like to mention is, that it is completely ok to ask for help or loving support, when you need it (but it is also ok to say “no, thank you”, if you suddenly feel overwhelmed by all the visits and helping hands!) No doubt, that people only mean well, but this is your pregnancy – and you know best, when you feel like socializing and when to turn to your sofa with a good movie! (Pssstt… I will not recommend “Alien” or “The Exorcist”, even though Frenchie thought it could be soooo much fun to watch)

It’s ok to spoil yourself! We all know, that it’s good for baby to get healthy food (and mum too), but I am sure that my little C didn’t mind, that her mother had a weak moment in Chinatown, when she saw people enjoying the very popular bubble-wraps! (Bonus-info: Often when I eat or drink something cold, little C gets the hiccups  It’s so cute, but I do feel a bit sorry for her, so I try to accommodate her needs )

How can one not be tempted by this…. If you are in Chinatown, this is a must-try!

I never really knew, which days I could conquer the world – and which days, I was so tired, that I could hardly open my eyes!

Luckily the day of The UK Blog Awards was a good day – and being 34 weeks pregnant, I still felt really pretty in my outfit from Seraphine Maternity. I didn’t win in my category, but I was asked to be Judge at the next year’s awards, which made me very happy and proud!

This was one of the days, where I was struggling a bit! But a bit of fresh air is always a good thing – and comfortable shoes! Frenchie is not a big fan of Birkenstock, but since most “pregnancy” feet are not their usual size, I highly recommend that you do your best to keep them happy

Sometimes I found Frenchie really stupid – and I was angry with him, because he couldn’t understand, how I was feeling… ( I could hardly understand how I was feeling myself, so how could he?) The one thing, I hated the most was, when he asked, “why are you crying?” … Grrrrrr! 

Be prepared for “hormone-attacks” They come and go, but don’t feel guilty! “It is not your fault”, my doctor said. “It is just the way it is, when being pregnant”. (Being an “IVF-girl” and having taken a lot of hormones before succeeding in getting pregnant didn’t help either)

This is a funny mirror-selfie moment (and we had a lot of those too), where Frenchie was trying to sympathise with me and my big and clumsy belly! My advice, when you feel, that your partner has no empathy what-so-ever: Try to keep calm, count to at least 1 million, call a girlfriend or take a very long bath! (I was bad at doing those things, but looking back, it might have prevented a few “outbursts”… I’m actually laughing about it now, when looking back!)

The waiting game is not always easy! I have been to the hospital twice now to make sure, that everything is fine (and it is)

A thing that frustrated me a lot during my pregnancy, was all the mixed messages, that Frenchie and I got! Not everybody was as professional, as one could have wished for! For a first-time-mum it is extremely important to be reassured, that everything is fine (unless it really isn’t), but when doctors, midwives and sonographers disagree about whether baby is big or small/ short or long it can get very frustrating. One person said, that baby C was quite small – and the day after my midwife was laughing out loud, when feeling my tummy and said “I will eat my old hat – (with a bit of ketchup), if this baby isn’t a really big one” (I have now decided not to think about it anymore and wait and see the outcome!)  One thing is for sure… My baby is VERY active, which is a good sign!

A well deserved crépes-break after having packed my hospital bag (and cleaned the entire flat … many times! It is called “nesting”)

If you are in doubt about, how to prepare for baby’s arrival, I suggest that you take a look at my previous blog posts here and here! Now, it is time for me and baby-bump to take a little nap (we have quite a few of those for the time being) – and when I am back, it will be to introduce you all to our little one. (It feels so wonderful and yet so surreal to think about it) 

Thank you for all of your support during my pregnancy! I truly feel blessed! 

X Louise