Week 35/36 ! I cant believe, that little baby C is almost here… I keep thinking about things, that I need to prepare –  and how everything has to be clean in the house, when she arrives (as if she would notice, that I haven’t dusted on the top shelves in our living room!)

This picture was taken yesterday! My little C is SO active these days! She has a lot of hick ups, and I love how I can feel the shape of her little foot, when she presses it towards my belly! I get tired easily, my back hurts and my feet are so big, that they should live in a different area code, but it’s all worth it! I just want my baby to be healthy and happy!

If you have read my previous blog post, you will know, that I am spending a lot of time preparing for baby’s arrival! Part I is quite important too, so I suggest, that you do read it as well to make sure, you don’t miss out on anything! Obviously I can’t mention all that is important for a newcomer’s needs here, so if you have any tips, you would like to share with me (and the rest of the readers), please leave a comment below! Ok, here we go…

One of the most important things to do at least 4 weeks before baby is supposed to arrive, is packing a hospital bag! I didn’t really think about how much I should bring, until my midwife gave me a list! (Make sure to have washed all of your baby’s clothes and blankets before using them) Your newborn is fragile, so you don’t want him/her to be exposed to dust, bacterias etc. (I use non-biological detergent)

Packing my hospital bags! One for me – and one for little C! Carseat and pram bag from Silver Cross, muslin cloths from Bullabaloo and nursing bras from Bravado Designs

I was very happy to receive these two luxurious nursing bras from Bravado Designs. I have bras from other brands, but honestly  – they are not half as comfortable as these! My favourite is the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra! It is the perfect everyday, at home, on-the-go, anytime nursing bra. I have quite big breasts, and I need a lot of support! I just love how the soft fabric of this bra moulds to my changing shape, making it possible to wear throughout my pregnancy and nursing as well!)

This is what I have in my hospital bag:

Maternity notes, an old nightdress/ T-shirt (loose fitting clothing for labour), nightwear with button down front for breastfeeding, a lightweight dressing gown, slippers ( I’m bringing a pair from a hotel to be thrown away after use), breast pads and nursing bras, a lot of big knickers/disposable knickers (Bridget Jones go home!), wash kit, towel, sanitary pads, a going home outfit, medication, phone and phone charger, camera, my favourite snacks and a laundry bag.

(Bonus-info: I mentioned my hospital bag on Twitter – and some of the very nice ladies, who have already given birth, told me to to add these: dry shampoo, arnica tablets. lavender oil and a bag of jelly babies for energy! Thank you girls!)

I would probably be wearing something like this at the hospital! Maternity leggings and an old, comfortable night shirt with buttons for feeding! (Want to buy something special for your baby? The Polka Party Grosnug swaddle and grobag is a favourite of mine!) 

This is what I have in little C’s hospital bag:

A princess tiara… (Nah, just kidding!), Newborn nappies, cotton wool (better than baby wipes, when they are newborn), 4 vests, 4 sets of clothes, a hat, socks, mittens (babies have sharp nails and tend to scratch themselves), shawl/ blankets and muslin cloths, 0-2 months soothers (mine are from MAM), car seat/ pram (we have a pram and a carseat from Silver Cross! Only the best for our little one!)

Gold winner: Electric steriliser and Express bottle warmer from MAM!  Gold winner: Newborn feeding set (with self sterilising anti-colic bottles) from MAM

When you are a pregnant with your first child, it can be VERY hard to choose, which classes to attend! I have been unlucky with a few of them! Basically we were placed in front of a television and had to watch an old birth instruction movie from the 80s… Great! But one class, that I really enjoyed – and where I learned a lot, was a breastfeeding class (mine was at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where I will give birth!) I actually thought, that breastfeeding was easy! Apparently that is not always the case– and you should be prepared for the fact, that maybe your baby won’t do it – or your breasts might not have enough milk for him/her!

So how do one prepare for this? I don’t think you should go completely overboard with bying products, before you know, how the feeding process is going to turn out, but there are a few items, that I will recommend for you to consider getting to make everyday easier.

I have done a lot of research on this – and came to the conclusion, that I wanted MAM for little C. MAM has been developing products for over 35 years! I like that they use a combination of technological innovation and medical know-how to create their unique products.  You can get anything from feeding sets to individual items. To mention just a few: baby bottles, Anti-colic bottles, teethers, soothers, toddler cups, breast-pumps and sterilisers

MAM Newborn feeding set: 2 easy start anti-colic bottles 160ml with slow flow teats, 2 easy start anti-colic bottles 260ml with medium flow teats, 1 start soother (it is inside one of the bottles – I forgot to take it out), 1 soft bottle and teat brush (Bonus-info: Babies enjoy feeding from the anti-colic, because the bottle ensures that the feed flows smoothly. This means that your baby don’t swallow any air and colic is reduced!)

MAM Electric steriliser and express bottle warmer: 1 electric steriliser, 1 express warmer, 2 160ml easy start anti colic bottles, 2 start 0-2 month soothers, 1 teat tongs (Bonus-info: This kit features six valuable functions all in one product! I really like that I don’t have to invest and store many things separately, as this basically satisfy all of my needs)

Wait… what do we have here? Another lovely alternative product to cleaning baby bottles and pacifiers!

No doubt that Boon from Tomy is a popular and trendsetting brand, when it comes to baby and toddler products! This very stylish (and affordable) line has over 100 products suitable for feeding and nursery. I am particularly in love with the Grass products (they come in different sizes)! Grass holds all your baby accessories as they air dry on the flexible blades, that resemble real grass

If you add Poke to your Boon drying rack you can separate some of the items from other! (Pretty smart!) I have got to say… I really, really love Boon’s design! You should check out some of the other cute and colourful products here

Colour-explosion! Welcome to the wonderful world of Lamaze!  Here I am exploring “Freddie the Firefly 3 in 1 Gym

There are so many great ways for your baby to have fun at the gym. With brightly coloured pictures and patterns to encourage sensory discovery, I am sure that my little C is going to love to kick around lying on the mat. She can reach for the detachable toys on the arch, and I can play peekaboo with her in the large mirror . The comfortable 2-in-1 pillow is the perfect support during tummy time, and when she begins to sit, the padded mat provides a soft surface to play. (Suitable from birth onwards)

Bonus-info: I think most of us know Lamaze! And there is a reason why! With a 20 year heritage in infant play, Lamaze toys are known for encouraging bonding through play at every stage of baby’s development. Even my mother recognised the brand, when she was here visiting me from Denmark! “We always get Lamaze toys for our grandchildren”, she said (and she knows, what she is talking about having worked with children for many years – and is the proud grandmother of 9 – soon 10 little ones!)

Each product uses the Lamaze Infant Development System –  which is designed in conjunction with child development experts to guarantee ‘the right toy at the right time’. 

This is the popular “Freddie the Firefly”  He is all ready to accompany baby on her/his next adventure – at home or on the go. I love his soft wings and the contrasting textures! The squeaker is perfect for capturing attention – and I am sure that my baby will love the secret mirror hidden in Freddie’s wings and the soft ladybug teether. (Suitable from birth onwards)

Here we have “Rolling Rosa” – and my favourite “Rainbow Glow Rosie

This adorable, colourful fish features a fun way to exercise your baby’s growing muscles by encouraging baby to reach, push and crawl. If you roll Rosa on the ground she will always land with her smile facing up and if you shake her, you will hear soft chime sounds designed to engage baby’s attention and stimulate auditory development.  (Suitable for 6 months )

Rainbow Glow Rosie is the perfect night-time friend for babies from birth. Frenchie and I fell in love with her immediately – and she is now attached to little C’s bed, where she glows with all the gorgeous colours of the rainbow, while playing soothing lullabies.

Simply wrap Rosie’s curly tail and velcro her feet around the edge of baby’s cot to enjoy a 15-minute lullaby as they drift off to sleep. The colour-changing tummy will encourage focus and improve eye tracking.  (Ideal for babies from birth onwards) Photo: Tomy Lamaze toys 

It’s time to give baby a bath! 

We had no idea, what kind of bath tub, we should get for little C, so we did, what most parents-to-be do… We googled! After a lot of research, we decided to go for for the Winner of Mother & Baby Gold 2017 and Junior Design Gold awards  the “Shnuggle baby bath”  I love its compact size – and as it only uses two litres of water, it fits inside most kitchen sinks too! Another important feature is the foam backrest, which is warm and comfortable for baby’s skin


You can easily get lost in the jungle of baby skincare products! There are MANY to choose from – and luckily also many really good brands! 

 My favourites mummy and baby products are from Gold Award Winning Love Boo! Love Boo only use the highest quality ingredients, so you can rest assured that you will never find any parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, synthetic colours, triethanolamine (TEA) or Diethanolamine (DEA), when choosing this brand! 
On the photo from the left :
“Love Boo Sleep and snuggle pillow spray“: Helps baby drift off to sleepy land with a natural, gently-scented pillow and room mist
“Love Boo Kind and creamy baby lotion”: Keeps delicate skin soft and soothed. Great for babies with dry skin too, as it helps prevent excess moisture loss and itching
“Love Boo Soft and splashy bubbles”: Creates lots of fluffy, softening bubbles – and perfect for baby’s delicate skin as it contains natural ingredients such as Tahitian Monoi to hydrate and protect

“Love Boo Very gentle top-to-toe wash”: A natural shampoo and body wash for babies and toddlers for cleansing delicate skin. The product has softening oats and conditioning olive, that leaves your little one’s skin and hair silky and moisturised. Bonus-info: It is ultra-mild and kind, so you can use it everyday

Whatever stage you are at in your pregnancy (or after),  your body needs a lot of love and care! Luckily  the “Luxury mummy kit” from Love Boo has the answer to a home spa treatment  (Here I am in Frenchie’s robe week 36 pregnant with swollen feet and starting to feel those pre-contractions. I honestly don’t feel too well… So thank God for bathtubs and spa-products!)  


The  “Luxury mummy spa kit” with a few of the baby skincare products mentioned above!


From the left: Love Boo “Bosom buddy“: This wonder-product gives your boobs a boost – and the best part… You can use this treatment all through your pregnancy and while breast-feeding to keep them pampered! YAY!  Love Boo “Silky soft body wash”: An ultra-moisturising and nourishing was (some say the smell is good for morning sickness too! I wouldn’t know, as I never suffered from it – Thank God!) Love Boo Super stretchy miracle oil”:  A 100% natural blend of luxurious oils formulated for stretch marks and skin pampering”. (Some say, that these products don’t make a difference. The only thing I can say is, that I haven’t got one single stretch mark yet, so I believe that it works!)

That’s it from me this time. But before, we say goodbye, here are a few baby-shower gifts, that really made me say “aaaawwww”, the first time I laid eyes on them. Obviously the necklace with the pink heart from Tiffany & Co is my favourite for little C!  

Basically everything from Fortnum and Mason will do ! Would you look at those pink giraffes? (awwwww)



Popular silver plated cuties from John Lewis

Another favourite of mine… “Baby clothes essentials” gift from Ralph Lauren (I found this in Bicester Village reduced from £175 to £29!!!! Can you imagine how happy I was? I have said before and I will say it again! Bicester Village rocks when it comes to good deals! (unicorn feeding cushion and blanket from Bizzigrowin)

Speaking of unicorns…. If I could afford it, this unicorn would definitely come home with me! At the moment she can be enjoyed in Liberty London 

–  with a lot of beautiful, luxurious things for babies/ kids

Our little C might not get the same attention as the newborn prince Louis of England, but she sure will be treated as royalty! (She certainly demands a lot attention already doing her daily gym inside my womb) We both love her so much and we can’t wait for her to come out and spread joy to the world!

I hope that my blog post gave you some inspiration! As I have said before… It is not easy being a first-time mother, but in spite of all the worries and concerns, I am sure, we will all do fine in the end!

X Louise

Some of the products featured in this post were given to me for a review. As always all opinions are my own!