January… It is the month of the year, that both seems a bit cold and grey – but also the best time for a new beginning! Many of us have created New Year’s resolutions – but will we follow through with them? “New year, new you, right?” I personally never make any New Year’s resolutions, because they have always seemed a bit too dramatic – and then the tide comes in and washes them away!

I see plenty of bloggers/writers on Twitter resolving to write more, or faster or better – but I don’t really need New Year’s Resolutions to motivate me – because I love writing and I love what I do! There are many ways to make a blog grow and get a bigger audience! When I started writing, I never expected to step into 2018 with a Finalist Badge for the UK Blog Awards in my hands! “So what is the secret, somebody asked me? ” Well the answer is quite simple… Do what you love, don’t compare your blog to others – and believe in yourself! If you have a dream, then go for it – no matter what month of the year it is!  

Central London has three major pedestrian bridges across The River Thames. This is The Golden Jubilee Bridge – an amazing place to get an amazing view of the city!

We had a bit of a cold start in 2018! I didn’t really feel like going out – but then again, if you choose to live in London, you have to accept that the weather can be a bit of a teaser! So Frenchie and I decided to head into the city and have a look around in the area of Covent Garden (Tip: Take the tube to Embankment! It is close to Covent Garden – and you can enjoy a little detour for a beautiful look at the city at The Golden Jubilee Bridges)

The boat underneath me on the bridge belongs to CityCruises!

If you don’t really like the cold, I suggest you go on a cruise with these guys! I had a wonderful Afternoon Tea experience with an incredible view sailing along The River Thames! Read more here!

Here we are! Covent Garden! This is a must-see for all visitors! If you love theatre, shopping and restaurants – this is the place to go!

Standing in front of newly opened Petersham Nurseries and it looked marvellous! The store, which is based around a central courtyard called Floral Court, features two restaurants, a bar, a delicatessen, a florist, a wine cellar, and a homes and garden shop!

There are so many beautiful shops here – so don’t forget to bring your purse!

Want to enjoy outstanding French-influenced cuisine with one of the world’s finest wine-lists? Then you should definitely visit Clos Maggiore! (Bonus-info: This place is very romantic! It is actually so romantic that it is the winner of “London’s most romantic restaurant”) 

I was surprised to see, that Covent Garden was still in a Cristmas spirit! I did not mind though… Everything looked so pretty here on a cold January day

Take a break at one of the many beautifully decorated benches! ( You might have to stand in a line! This is very popular place to have your picture taken!) 

Facts about Covent Garden: The 1938 film adaption of Pygmalion portrays an image of Covent Garden similar to the one most people remember: a bustling fruit and vegetable market, with people carrying barrels and baskets on their heads, flower girls like Eliza Doolittle shouting at the top of their lungs – everyone trying to out-shout their competitors!

Like any other place in London, Covent Garden has experienced various stages of life. From humble beginnings as a Convent garden, it has moved through many guises over the centuries.  From a home to the aristocracy and the main centre of theatrical life in London it developed into the largest produce market in the world

In the 1960s there were some heavy discussions on what should happen to the village and historic buildings of Covent Garden. Redevelopment plans arose, and for ten years these plans were fiercely fought by the Covent Garden community, arguing in favour of preserving the area for its historical value and cultural meaning. Their victory in this battle preserved Covent Garden’s old market buildings which reopened as a major tourist and shopping destination in 1980.

Covent Garden is always very vivid! Often you can enjoy street performers, opera singers and musicians playing their heart out – and it is greatly entertaining!

Located in Covent Garden Market, The Apple Marked is filled with stalls selling mostly handmade goods such as jewelry, unique soaps, watercolors and all sorts of unusual items

My favourite stall is this one! Tint London shoes with owner and designer Nina standing in front of her marvellous collection of colourful shoes (I have three pairs already)

Wear these shoes and you will feel like a real Londoner! I get sooo many compliments, when I flash my supercool brogues!

This is where I like to hangout in the summer for something sweet!

I mean… Who doesn’t love the luxurious macarons from LaDurée? 

Take a look downstairs for cute cafes and great shops...

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge yourself in tea and cakes at Covent Garden Market!

I simply love this store! Talk about colour-explosion! Let’s take a look inside Pylones, shall we?

Probably one of the most entertaining stores in Covent Garden!

At the backside you will find Jubilee Market Hall! The market has a wide variety of eclectic arts and crafts stalls, from jewellery and clothing to antiques and general market items (you can even have a hand-reading here)

We were starting to feel hungry, so we decided to go for a bite to eat! As mentioned earlier this area of London has PLENTY of places to eat!

Balthazar is one of my favourites! But it is often very booked, so make sure to make a reservation, before going!

Opera Tavern is also a wonderful place to take a break for great wine and lovely tapas

Read more about Opera Tavern here

But we were in the mood for a juicy hamburger, so Hawksmoor Seven Dials became the winner…

And juicy it was! If you haven’t tried the meat at Hawksmoor, you truly have missed out on something very, very good!

Spoiled by Magdalena and her team at Hawksmoor…

Who surprised us with these yummies – I should be pregnant more often! (Read more about Hawksmoor here)

Outside it was getting dark…

So we took a quick-stop at The Tea House

They have such an excellent selection of teas here…

And some quite amusing and educational little things to buy as well!

We ended our day at Neal’s Yard 

Neal’s Yard is a colourful small alley, where you will find shops, that deviate from the mainstream. ‘Slow food’ and vegan cafes line the courtyard, with a row of Buddhas peering serenely from their windows

But the business most associated with this address is, of course, Neal’s Yards Remedies. Founded in 1981 the shop specialises in beauty and skincare products and has remained here for 30 years. In the industry, it is best known for its ethical credentials: it uses organic ingredients where possible

I hope you enjoyed our tour around in Covent Garden! No doubt it is a busy place, but if you haven’t been here, you simply must visit, when you are in London! This area of London is iconic – and it represents so much of the vivid culture, that this city is all about! So put on a warm coat and go explore!

X Louise