A few weeks ago Frenchie and I went out to celebrate our one year anniversary! Since we are both steak-lovers, we decided to book a table at one of our favourite restaurants in London, Hawksmoor Seven Dials. I have been to this place many times – and never ever have I been disappointed

Everything about Hawksmoor is beautifully done. Even the entrance is exciting – a nightclub-style doorway tucked down a cobbled alley, in what was once the notorious slum area of Seven Dials

I strongly believe that Hawksmoor is one of the best restaurant groups in the country (There are eight of them in the UK) In short, this steak-heaven simply manages to mix modern, unusual cuts of steak, beards, tattoos and east London soul with the reassuringly traditional (proper service, reservations and a serious wine list)

A former Covent Garden fruit warehouse is now housing Hawksmoor Seven Dials!

When we arrived, I slightly panicked, as I found out, that my beloved Leica camera had decided to commit kamikaze! Luckily the nice guys in the entrance offered to charge it in their office, so you have to forgive, that some of the pictures were taken with an iPhone!

Heading straight towards the beautiful bar! (Bonus-tip if you are looking for a romantic place to bring a date, this is highly recommendable. You don’t have to go for a full dinner. Many come for a bit of yummy cheese and drinks)

The drinks menu!

There are so many gorgeous drinks to choose from – and the bartenders are good at customising your drink, if you have special wishes! We however knew exactly what we wanted!

Tom Cruise go home…

Two beautiful Bloody Mary’s for us! Mine was less spicy… Perfect choice!

I was very pleased with my drink… (I´m actually not a big fan of Bloody Mary’s  – I find them quite strong in taste,  but at Hawksmoor they serve them adjusted, which makes them sooo good!)

The cosy dining area

After having enjoyed our drinks, we were seated in the dining room! I really like this place, because in spite of it’s popularity, it doesn’t feel over-crowded here. You can easily have a private and romantic dinner, without overhearing the conversations going on at the other tables!

Hawksmoor Seven Dials has a great selection of wines! There is something for everybody in every price-range! We went for one of my favourites, a Chablis, served by the lovely Diego

Cheers! Now it’s time for food! 

My starter: Roast scallops with white port and garlic served piping hot on the shell, flecked with breadcrumbs and slicked with sweet garlicky goodness! It was amazing!

Frenchie had a beautiful fillet carpaccio with porcini, parmesan & crispy shallots – also one of my favourites!

Moving on to mains! This is my Sirloin steak and Frenchie went for the Rib-eye  both served with béarnaise sauce and beef dripping fries. If there is something you should not miss out on here – it is the steaks!!! (and the macaroni and cheese!)

Someone couldn’t keep his fingers to himself when I tried to capture our food on camera!

You’d better be quick if you want to order some of the big-ones!

Bonus-info: All the beef comes from cattle who have led a stress-free life and are fed on a natural diet of grass and hay. They are grown slowly in order to reach maturity and the best meat is selected, butchered by hand and dry-aged for 35 days, losing on weight but improving in flavour and tenderness.

This was such a surprise for us! The lovely Magdalena, who took very good care of us, suddenly came with a beautiful dessert specially made for our anniversary! How lovely is that?

Bonus-info: if you choose the crunchy bar 50p from every one Hawksmoor serve goes to Action Against Hunger to support their aid work around the world!

There are many great places in London, where you can get a really nice and juicy steak, but my honest opinion is, that Hawksmoor Seven Dials serves the best ones! I haven’t tried the other Hawksmoor restaurants yet, but looking at the reviews online, it seems, that you will get the best service, whichever place you choose to satisfy your steak-cravings!

(By the way Hawksmoor restaurants also serve a lot of sea-food. They have actually teamed up with Mitch Tonks, one of the best seafood chefs in the country and owner of The Seahorse, a great restaurant in Dartmouth that was recently awarded Britain’s Best Restaurant by Observer Food Monthly)

Thank you for a lovely evening. We will definitely be back!

X Louise