Can you feel it? Summertime in London is just around the corner! We might have had some minor setbacks, but I think it’s finally here! It is time to say hello to the freckles on my nose, that have been hiding for too long, it is time to put on a loose summer dress – and it is time to go out and enjoy this wonderful city of mine bathed in sunlight!

Baby-bump and her mother strolling around in beautiful Covent Garden!

I think most of you know, that I love Covent Garden. This historic and very vivid area is a must-see, if you are visiting London. You can read more about Covent Garden here

Now, when you are pregnant, you sometimes get these strange urges to eat a special kind of food! I must admit that my cravings for French cuisine have always been there – also before I became pregnant (and met my very French boyfriend – what a coincidence! He always tells me, that I should have married a French chef! I am however very pleased with my choice!) 

You can imagine how happy I was, when Paul Restaurant invited Frenchie  and I to try out a few dishes from their new spring menu! Another surprise was, that I actually didn’t know, that Paul had a café/restaurant in London (The last one, I visited was in Dubai – and I loved it!)

Welcome to Le Restaurant de Paul, Covent Garden.. (Paul is placed at Bedford Street – just behind the beautiful St Paul’s Church and offers all-day French brasserie-style dining)

It was love at first sight… Let’s take a look around, shall we?

The first thing you will notice, when you enter this heavenly place, is the bakery… And what a bakery it is!

Croissants, cakes, éclairs, fruit tarts, baguettes, macarons….

Yes…Everything your heart (and tummy) desires, can surely be indulged at this place… 

Clearly one can only be very hungry after having looked at so much food poetry – and luckily we were going to eat at the restaurant! 

Paul restaurant has the unmistakably Parisian look that I love so much! As you can see the contemporary has been combined with the classic. It is cosy here – and there is more than enough space to enjoy a bit of privacy!

The lovely staff made sure, that nothing was missing… 

Time to look at the menu card! I was very happy to see, that Paul has a great selection of French classics!

Honestly, it was so hard to choose between the starters! As mentioned earlier… I love French food, so I tend to order too much every time I look at a menu card in a French restaurant! Luckily our waiter was very good at helping us choosing some popular dishes! 

A picture says more than a thousand words… And if there is one thing, I will NEVER say no to, it is baked camembert! This one was exceptionally good! Even Frenchie gave it the “approved stamp” – and he knows about French cheeses. (“Oven-baked camembert with rosemary, garlic and honey”! Yum!)

A more light starter and very, very delicious! This is the “Jambon, celeriac and apple tartine”: Bayonne cure ham, celeriac, apple and grainy mustard! We both loved this dish – perfect for a hot summer day! 

Moving on to main courses! As I loved the baked camembert so much, I simply had to stay in “the cheese department” for a little longer! This is the “Warm goat’s cheese salad” – a dish, I will certainly come back to enjoy once again! (Crispy goat’s cheese, beetroot, pearl barley, baby spinach and caramelised red onion) 

That crispy goat’s cheese… I still dream of it!

 – Served with a beautiful selection of fresh bread from the bakery and French butter!

Happy Mum-to-be!

Frenchie chose a classic “Duck confit” with bordelaise sauce and braised peas and carrots! He loves duck confit and was very pleased with the serving! 

No big lunch without desserts! And if you have a sweet tooth, you have must certainly come to the right place!

Oh, how we spoiled ourselves with these yummies! I was in love with the “Chocolate and caramel sundae” and Frenchie had a party with his “Strawberry meringue mess” 

 – Served with a big cafe latte for me and a double espresso for Frenchie!

Obviously we couldn’t eat anymore, but I still would like to introduce you to Paul’s version of Afternoon Tea! Isn’t is marvellous? I saw many people order it, so I asked if I could take a few pictures for you to see

I think, we can all agree, that this looks extremely good ! A must-try next time I am here for sure!

We left Paul Restaurant very happy – and very full! This is a typical French Brasserie-styled place with classic dishes, so if that’s what you are looking for, there is no way, you can go wrong here! (Bonus-info: There are two Paul Restaurants in London: One in Covent Garden and another at Tower 42 in The City of London)

Happy Bank holiday weekend, everybody!

X Louise

We were invited as guests at Paul. As always all opinions are my own!