I couldn’t be happier! My beloved London is slowly turning into a beautiful living Christmas Carroll and I’m loving every part of it! Everywhere I turn, beautiful Christmas decorations are lightening up my city – not in a tacky way, but in a way that just makes me smile a little bit more – and it brings back happy memories from my childhood (sorry, I might get a bit sentimental, but I think we all do at Christmas)


(Bambi or not – let´s go ice-skating at The Natural History Museum)

It is simply impossible to cover an entire Christmas theme in one post, so I’ve decided to share my first impressions and then add more, as we get closer to Christmas. There are SO many places to go – and SO many places to see, that I believe even Ebenezer Scrooge would start singing “jingle bells” after a few eggnogs.

This post will mainly take place in Fortnum & Mason, and the reason is, that they have amazing Christmas decorations. So this is where we will begin… and then in the next blogposts, I will take a closer look at Christmas presents ideas, Christmas events, Christmas eat & drink – or whatever may come my way, as I explore sparkling London


Deck the halls with all that glitters! 

As you may remember in a previous post, I had afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason – and it truly was a delight! I suggest that you bring your friend, mother, boyfriend, girlfriend or whoever deserves a real Christmassy experience there – and after, it is time for some serious Christmas interior shopping (The good thing is, that everything is gathered at the same place, so you can avoid jumping around in cold, rainy weather)


In Denmark we dance around the Christmas tree. Not really sure if it is a British tradition, so I refrained myself from doing that!


I love the Christmas socks! They remind me of Greenland! 


I might take this one home with me!


They even have a butler bear!


Only in Fortnum and Mason! J’adore! 

I could go on and on about the amazing Christmas decorations – so here are just a few more to get you inspired!


If I was a little girl, this one would probably be my favourite! 


Classic Fortnum and Mason!


This handsome reindeer would fit perfectly in my living room!

But Christmas is not only about decorations – it is also about cosy times! So go downstairs, where lots of yummy treats will be waiting…


I haven’t tasted the Christmas pudding, but I sure would like to 


Perfect for a Christmas hostess gift


Or how about some cute biscuits ?


My biggest concern at this point! How to carry it all home! 


Red obsession! 


I was literally clapping my hands, when I saw these! Just adorable! 


And last – but not least! Christmas tea! It is Fortnum and Mason after all!

I hope you will forgive my lack of words on this post, but I think these pictures speak for themselves! I apologise in advance, if this may affect your wallet for a couple of weeks. Fortnum is not a cheap place – but I always prefer buying a few beautiful things, that lasts for many years (as I explained to Frenchie…”you have to see this as an investment!”) Not really sure, he agreed!

I hope you enjoyed first part of my Christmas theme. I can’t wait to show you more!