“You have to taste a culture to understand it!”  Given the fact I am a huge food-lover, this is probably one of my favourite quotes! There is just something about new tasting experiences, that makes me happy and intrigued! You can tell so much about people, their culture, their habits and cravings, when you taste their food (trust me, I know – my boyfriend is French!)

This weekend I was invited to Taste of London – a festive food-event in Tobacco Docks

As you might recall from my previous post, I had such a blast with the guys from Deco Noir. They really put me in a good mood (and were quite generous with their famous eggnog with a Highland twist!) But after my Great Gatsby experience, it was time to go food-hunting and have a look at what Taste of London was all about!


Hey, Mr. DJ put a record on, I want to dance with my baby!

Reggae tunes, happy and hungry people and a LOT of drink tasting. This Sunday was certainly well spent at this place


Local heroes… Award winning craft cider from Kent Cider Company


Rich, deep-flavoured gin with a delicious natural berry sweetness from Sipsmith London


Even “Jack Sparrow” was here with his award winning golden rum from from Roatán. 


Time for a rest in my blue suede shoes! 

So by this time, you are probably thinking… “Did she only go there for drinks?” Where is the food? Let’s just say, that the food stalls were packed with people, but we did manage to eat and get some inspiration from all over the world!


Waiting for food at Bubbledogs…!


Which was quite entertaining… (I couldn’t stop laughing at him!)


This is not, how a Danish hot-dog would look like! I mean, it was great – but very small! May I present “The New Yorker” with grilled sauerkraut or caramelized onions


I think these were called “Horny Devils”. Ahemm… Not commenting on that, but they were yummy (and quite spicy)


Turkish inspired dish from Londons most popular and highly praised kebab-place Black Axe Mangal 


Time for a rest at the Taste Theatre, where many popular chefs came around to teach about good cooking! 


So many places, so little time! 


Probably one of my favourite stalls!  Say cheese! This is from Capo Caccia – a store that brings traditional Sardinian food to London.


Simple and elegant flowers from Bloomon. I love the unique style of their bouqouets


Bloomon delivers to your home! What are you waiting for? 


Delicious truffles that tickles your tastebuds from Piff Paff


Calling all cup-cake lovers! Get your treats here at Bea’s Bloomsbury


I really wanted to take this one home with me! So adorable!

As you can see, we had a go at almost everything at Taste of London- but just before leaving, we found a stall, that I was completely drawn to. Because this, ladies and gentlemen, is too good to be true! Mouthwatering caviar-tasting!


Frenchie had a chat with the owner at Adamas, who explained all about the origin of their caviar (I was mainly focussed on the preparations for my tasting!)


Suave Italian God, please give me my food now! 

Adamas was established in Pandino, in the heart of Northern Italy. The company specialises in sturgeon breeding and after years of intense work and research, they could finally represent exclusive Italian caviar.


Did someone take a bite of my caviar? 


I didn’t really want to share with Frenchie. I thought he would benefit more from the special vodka mixture, that came with the caviar (on the spoons)


And she lived happily ever after… What a treat!

And after this yummy in my tummy experience, it was time to head home to Kensington. I had a splendid time at Taste of London – and even though the event is over, this place has inspired me visit the local and online shops, that were represented here! I hope my post inspired you too. You are welcome to write a comment here for questions or just to say hello!  (I would love to hear from you)