Have you ever been to a place, where Charleston and Colonial style added with a dash of “Out of Africa” come together in sweet harmony? Well, I have… And I loved it!

This weekend I was invited to a food wonderland event in Tobacco Dock – Taste of London – a courtesy of the lovely team from Deco Noir! And let me tell you… if I’m ever going to throw an “out of this world” party, these are the people to call.


The most popular centrepiece to hang out at Taste of London!

I immediately felt at home, when I met the guys from Deco Noir. First of all, they are VERY handsome (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself!) Second, they have impeccable style! If there is something, you would want from an event company, when they show up at your party, it is a dapper staff wearing fur-coats, suits and bow-ties (and a bit of a cheeky attitude!)


Its hard not to blush, when meeting Director Alex Fakinos!


Standing in front of the vintage photobooth, which in fact also is an antique drinks cabinet (basically all you need for great entertainment)


And it comes with a vintage suitcase full of fun!

So now you will probably ask, if we tried the photobooth… Yes, we did! The results could have turned out a bit better, but it was great fun! (I should have entertained myself with a bit more eggnog before throwing myself into this project!)


Well, at least Frenchie and I made an effort! ( I just wished, that I didn’t close my eyes on most of the pictures!) 

My favourite Deco Noir piece is definitely “Monty”. Monty is a beautiful antique Broadwood Grand Piano Bar – so just like the photoboth it serves several functions! (how smart is that!) The songs, that we listened to, were mostly echoes of a more glamorous time – but with a modern twist! Take me back, where I belong, please!


My face when I found out, that this wasn’t actually only a piano – but also a bar! Love it! 

But no party without a real bar – and that is where we headed!

I really wanted to wear a Charleston dress but it was a bit chilly! 


Bubbles and eggnog with a Highland twist! What a way spend a sinful Sunday!  (and the more eggnog I had, the more crazy my hair became!)


Heaven in a cup!

I had such a good time here – and I certainly was ready to go and explore more of Taste of London after this warm welcoming by the staff of Deco Noir!

In the next post, I will take you to other great places at this magic event! See you very soon for more tasting treasures!