This weekend Frenchie and I went to Bordeaux! In spite of having a massive cold, I was really excited to go. I’m quite a Francophile! I mean… what’s not to love? The food is amazing, the wine is très magnifique, the language is the most beautiful in the world – and the men are… (well, Im living with one, so you know what I mean!)

Up in the air…

We only had two days in Bordeaux – and it was the first time, I met Frenchie’s parents, so I was a little bit nervous. I do study French and I know, how to say “Bonjour”, “Enchanté” and a few other sentences, but that was basically it. Luckily you don’t win brownie points for being polite. Basically you just have to smile, be willing to meet a LOT of family members and eat and drink as if it was your last meal on earth! 

I didn’t really have a problem eating and drinking, when I saw what was being served! (this is gambas with homemade aioli, oysters, moules, bulot and bigornau)

Being Danish it was a bit of a challenge for me to try it all… I have never had oysters before in my life (mostly because I don’t really like the looks of that wobbly thing in the shell) But this time should be my first – and I tried everything! (I was very proud of myself) I met all of Frenchie’s family and they gave me presents and lots of kisses, so I felt very welcome!

No dinner without champagne (and there were LOTS of it) 

We also had plenty of other french dishes (including my favourite: foie gras) – and finished with cheese and two different Christmas cakes! (I could hardly move after all that food!)

 La buche de noel – made from a secret recipe from Frenchie’s lovely grandmother (it was so yummy)

As we only had very little time to discover Bordeaux, I can’t really give you guys the full tour of this amazing city. We did however have a little stroll in the city-centre, and that certainly made me curious to see more, when I return this summer.

Of all the public buildings in Bordeaux, the Grand-Théâtre is unquestionably the most well-known and appreciated. It stands on the site of a former temple (Les Piliers de Tutelle) that was once in the middle of a Gallo-Roman forum. The rectangular-shaped structure opens up onto Place de la Comédie with a peristyle featuring 12 Corinthian columns supporting an entablature and a balustrade decorated with 12 statues (the nine muses and three goddesses)

Right in the heart of the “Quartier des Grands Hommes”- the historic hub of the city of Bordeaux, you will find the beautiful “Le Grand Hotel”

Even our own Gordon Ramsay decided to open his second restaurant in France at this place and named the Michelin-starred restaurant “Le Pressoir d’Argent”. 

With an annual production of approximately 960 million bottles, Bordeaux produces large quantities of everyday wine as well as some of the most expensive wines in the world (so it was quite easy to find tempting wine-stores, wherever we went!)

I don’t think, I have ever seen such a beautiful cinema before in my life! This is The Cinéma CGR Bordeaux

The city of Bordeaux has an extensive and modern public transportation system which includes buses, trams and a ferry along the river ( I personally think, its pretty cool to jump on a tram, that takes you to “La Cite du vin” )

St. Andre Cathedral is another beautiful building in Bordeaux. Outside the cathedral you will find a square with many cafes, perfect for a short coffee break.

This is a statue of Jacques Chaban Delmas, who was a former mayor of Bordeaux

Place de la Bourse was originally built as a royal square, dedicated to the French ruler Louis XV. The architect of Place de la Bourse and the surrounding buildings was the famous French architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel, who also is responsible for several other major projects, such as Place de la Concorde in Paris and parts of the Château de Versailles.

There are SO many squares with lovely cafés in the city centre of Bordeaux!

And because it was quite cold outside, we decided to get ourself a little treat …

Hot chocolate for me and my cold! (and a massive crêpe with lemon)

I ate most of the crêpe and forgot all about sharing with Frenchie, because it was so good!

Speaking of indulgence… If there is one thing Bordeaux is good at – it is yummy stuff!

Foie gras… ( we had to borrow an extra suitcase because of this store!)

Nutella go home!

Homemade chocolate including a little wooden hammer! (j’adore)

From one chocolaterie to another…

Perfect for presents!

Un petit chat en chocolat! 

Or how about buying an entire pyramid made of macarons?

If you are in this area you simply have to taste the amazing Canelés de Bordeaux!

Now I wanted to go to the wine-stores as well, but unfortunately many stores are closed on Sundays! Another tip is to go an visit the vineyards and chateaux surrounding this beautiful city for a more authentic experience! 

Here we are at the major shopping street in Bordeaux. There are many high street stores to find – and right now there is a sale going on! (I managed to find cashmere sweaters 50% off at Galerie Lafayette)


Don’t forget to take a few detours on the small side streets. I promise, you will find amazing treasure troves… 

Très magnifique! 

As mentioned before, we didn’t have much time in Bordeaux, as our trip was mostly family-orientated. The city however doesn’t seem that big and you get to see a lot by foot, so if you only have two days to spend here, it is still enough to get a good impression of this beautiful place.

Á bientôt!

X Louise