As you might recall from my previous post, my mother was here to visit me from Denmark last week – and we went Christmas bananas! I really wanted to show my mother everything possible, that makes London special at Christmas (I think she was very tired, but happy, when she took the flight back home)

Christmas shopping was high on our list, so we went to Bond Street to have a look at all the luxurious places surrounding us (my wallet wasn’t too happy with my decision!)

I think the most beautiful decorated store of them all must be Cartier

Hermès on the other hand had chosen to go for quite a different look!

So many places, so little time…

Here we are at The Royal Arcade of Bond Street! Truly a magnificent place with lovely shops and stunning Christmas decorations

At Burberry London I fell completely in love with Mr Teddybear!

Pinguins, polar bears and meerkats greet you in the windows of Louis Vuitton

Men in uniforms in front of Penhaligons 

Of course I also had to show my mother one of my favourite stores Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum has the most excellent selection of quality  food and beverages. I bought a few gifts to bring home to Denmark for Christmas

These are actually biscuits! How cute is that!

We also went shopping for Frenchie! 

I’m sure he would appreciate this beauty a lot!

… I didn’t buy him the bike! Not really sure it was for sale anyway!

I did however manage to buy myself a hat! Merry Christmas to me! 

Liberty London is also highly recommendable for Christmas shopping!

This store is simply amazing! (Earlier this month I wrote a post about Christmas ornaments from Liberty. You will not find anything like this in London, I assure you)

Tip: You can get vintage designer bags and accessories here at reasonable prices!


I love Liberty’s women’s wear – carefully selected from known and unknown brands (they even have Danish designers here!)

Outfit inspired from the Netflix series “The Crown” (I’m a big fan and have been binge-watching it for a couple of days now)

And please don’t forget to visit their Christmas store! It is so beautiful and very much inspired by “The Nutcracker”

I really wanted to take some pictures inside some of the luxury stores, but for safety reasons, many don’t allow you to do this– so I guess you have to go and take a look for yourself (which is probably not the worst thing, I could think of!)

After many hours of shopping my mother and I could finally relax in the comfortable chairs at Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair, where we enjoyed the most amazing festive Afternoon Tea. If you would like to read more about this award-winning experience, please read the entire post here

In my next posts you can read all about my Kleenex moments at The Royal Albert Hall – and also we will take a look at Covent Garden all dressed up for Christmas

X Louise