I know, I know… For some people it is a bit early to think about Christmas, but when you are surrounded by so much glitter in London, I just can’t help myself feeling completely excited and in love with this time of the year. There is just something about Christmas!

This morning I was listening to “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen (who unfortunately just left this world to join his angels in heaven), and so many thoughts came to my mind. I am aware, that Christmas is not about buying lots of things – it is about spending quality time together with the ones we love.

So even though my first Christmas posts are mostly about where to get beautiful Christmas decorations remember, that I had such a good time in the stores watching the sparkles in children’s eyes, thinking about my own childhood, when my mother and I were decorating our home, listening to Mariah Carey, singing and baking! There is more to Christmas than just a pretty tree – it is all the joy connected to the tree, that makes it special. You don’t have to buy anything! Just go and have a look at it all. Get inspired! Or maybe buy a little something for someone, who is dear to you.


Yesterday, I went to Liberty! Liberty is probably the most beautiful store in London! The Christmas theme this year is “The Nutcracker” – inspired by The Royal Ballet!

n9-28You will be met by the beautiful tones of Tchaikovsky, once you enter The Christmas Shop


Nutcrackers everywhere. I simply love them. Lets take a closer look!


Quite adorable! I got myself a golden/white version (which is now sold out!)


My new best friend! 

Liberty store goes back to 1875, and it is housed in a striking, timber-framed, Tudor revival building! Once you have been here, you will know, why it stands out from many other stores and has captured the hearts of many Londoners (including me)! I don’t think you will find anywhere else with such strong dedication to innovative design (I will show you some examples in another post!) But now, it is all about Christmas, so lets take a look at some of the beautiful, quirky things, that you will only be able to get here


Just beautiful…



Funky Christmas ornaments! 



Dog-lovers would go crazy for these! (look at the corgis with crowns – so British!) 


Apparently crackers are a big thing in the UK. I might bring a few home with me to Denmark, so my mother can see, how beautiful they are


The peacock version is my favourite! 


Yes, the dog-lovers would love this place! And this one is actually also a music box

Let’s not forget, that we are in London, so of course there will be a little something for the devoted ones as well



The Tour-busses were quite popular!


Not really sure, how I feel about the forrest-theme, but I guess it is a matter of taste


I do however love Liberty’s collection of vintage postcards! 


How this reminds my of my childhood! Waking up every morning to find out, what was hidden behind the flaps! ( Bonus info: The Advent calendar was first used by German Lutherans in the 19th and 20th centuries but is now seen among adherents of many Christian denominations. Thank you, Wiki!) 


There is a bit of an embarrassing story behind these Christmas socks! I decided to get two for the fireplace in my home – one for me, and one for Frenchie! But the one I wanted (with a reindeer on it) was only in display! So when no one was looking, I tried to pull it down from the display, which resulted in quite a catastrophe! Ooooppps! (I tried to sneak away silently from the crime-scene!)


I hope you enjoyed the tour in The Christmas Shop of Liberty! This is a great shop and if you are not a fan of Christmas, there are LOTS of other things to enjoy here! If they will allow me back after the Christmas sock incident, I will certainly join the club of devoted Liberty fans!