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A romantic evening out at Bird of Smithfield

A romantic evening out at Bird of Smithfield
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If there is one thing, that I love about London’s food-scene, it’s the fact that you can find the most amazing restaurants at places, where you would never expect them to be!  There is nothing better than coming across a hidden little gem, and last Saturday Frenchie and I certainly found one of them!

I have been looking forward to my visit to Bird of Smithfield for a long time! You have to be a bit of a connoisseur to know about this place – and the birds, who had whispered in my ears about this little bird in Farringdon were right – the place certainly doesn’t disappoint!

Bird of Smithfield is housed in a beautiful five storey Georgian townhouse, including two chic bars, classically styled dining room, award winning private dining room and a stunning summer roof terrace with views over the iconic Smithfield Market. It is open from breakfast to dinner, then late into the night. I was very much in love with the decor! It was smart with a laid-back vibe – this is definitely the sort of place, where you can enjoy an evening out on several levels!

We decided to have a few cocktails before going upstairs for dinner! 

There were MANY cocktails to choose from – and the best part was, that the prices were more than fair!

Well, will you look at that! I was utterly thrilled that my virgin cocktails actually looked like REAL cocktails – and they were so beautifully decorated!

From the left: New Generation (pisco, lime juice, pineapple and anise reduction – mine was made without alcohol) Still Rich n’ Famous (lemonade,  pineapple, lime and anise reduction) Frenchie had The Butcher’s Bloody Mary (smoked pork rib infused vodka, ruby port, tomato juice, sriracha and sour cream) He said, that it was one of the best Bloody Marys he has ever had (so I had to have a tiny, tiny taste – and agreed! It was “bloody” marvellous!) 

Time for dinner! We were seated in the most cosy corner of the restaurant! I love the romantic atmosphere here  – and the fact, that you can actually talk to eachother without getting the feeling, that your neighbour will be involved in the entire conversation

The menu card had a great selection of various dishes…

– and Frenchie was very pleased with the wine menu! He ordered an entire bottle of a classic Petit Chablis for himself!

While waiting for our starters, we were served tasty olives and delicious sourdough bred with seaweed and unsalted butter (I really had to control myself not to eat too much, as I am a big fan of sourdough bread!)

My starter was a beautiful piece of art! And it tasted just as good, as it looked! This is Rillette of salmon with horseradish, pickled cucumber, ink caviar, dill and radish (Both Frenchie and I was completely in love with the flavour combination. It was a fresh and light starter – perfect, when you are having meat for main!)

Another well-presented starter, that I can warmly recommend! Chicken and mushroom terrine with grilled scallions, hazelnuts and nasturtium 

My main course must have been made by angels! I always hesitate before ordering a steak, as it can be utterly disappointing,  when the meat is over-cooked and nothing but tender! This one had it all! If you are a meat-lover this is the dish to order! Ladies and gents, may I present…  Roasted Sirloin of Beef with mushroom persilade, spinach, straw potato and red wine! Oh joy, oh joy!

It can be hard to live up to the dish I just mentioned, but the Breast of Guinea Fowl with crushed vegetable roots, agen prune and roasting juices certainly was in a league of its own as well! Frenchie always does this thing with his fork, when he is served something he really likes – and that is what he did! Dish approved!

Creamed potato and winter greens. The creamed potato won the price for best side-order! 

As always I never really have room for dessert, but since I was told, that the desserts here are particularly good, we decided to give it a go (and walk a few extra miles to get rid of some of the calories!) 

Our first dessert was a yummy Chocolate Brownie Sunday with marshmallow, pistachio, vanilla cream and cocoa nips. It was very delicious, but also a bit on the heavy side! So if you feel full, go for something lighter! 

The winning dessert! Christmas pudding soufflé, rum and egg nog ice cream! It was actually “on fire” before the ice-cream was put in place, but my camera wouldn’t work with me, so I was kindly given a picture of what it looked like first….

I love the drama of this dessert! (Photo: Bird of Smithfield!) 

Tea for me – and a double espresso for Frenchie (he was very pleased to see, that this place actually has a decent coffee machine! He usually always complain about the poor quality of coffee in this country!)

We had a wonderful evening at Bird of Smithfield! This is certainly not the last time, I have visited this place! Whether you are looking for a romantic evening or a fun night out, Bird delivers!

X Louise








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  • I think the prices of the cocktails are good for London, and nice to see some non-alcoholic versions too. The food looks so tempting too, and whoa – that dessert! Definitely making a note of this place and may visit when I’m in London in January

    • Hi Melissa,
      Yes – I agree! It was a pleasure to see, that you can actually get REALLY good cocktails for affordable prices! And I love that you have everything under one roof at this place! You should definitely visit! 🙂

      X Louise

  • What a nice hidden gem – it looks like you had a great night out! London’s food scene is just amazing and that Christmas pudding soufflé is my kind of dessert 🙂

    Miriam x

    • I have never had a Christmas pudding soufflé before, so it was such a great experience for me to try it out! Just YUM!

      X Louise

  • This looks like my kind of place too. Always great to be tipped off to the places we might not otherwise find. The cocktails list appeals, some lists are so trendy and full of clever homemade bitters that nothing on them actually appeals to me to drink… Of your dishes, I fancy the chicken mushroom terrine and the sirloin steak followed by the souffle!

    • Hi Kavey,
      Happy you found the post inspiring! And I agree regarding cocktails… Sometimes you just want classics with simply ingredients!

      X Louise

  • Despite living very close by, I have never visited but keep meaning to. You have definitely spurred me on, now that I have seen that guinea fowl and Christmas pudding souffle!

    • You should go and try it out, Susan! You certainly wont be disappointed! Promise! 🙂

      X Louise

  • Pleased to see Frenchie is still tucking into his vino! The food looks really delicious, especially the souffle. Added to my growing list of Louise Loves-recommended restaurants! x

    • Oh, Frenchie never says no to wine! That will be the day! 😀
      The growling list is getting long, Scarlett!!! Lucky for me, I am pregnant, so I can hide my huge amount of calorie intakes behind this excuse 😀

      X Louise

  • Kudos to those who order full bottles for themselves! RESPECT! ahaha!
    I love the look of the place, and I love the look of that souffle!

    • Ahahahahahah! You know, he is French! It is NO problem for him to drink a bottle of wine! Did you know, that babies in France actually have a little taste of champagne on their mothers finger, when they are born? Kind of cute, I think 🙂

      X Louise

  • This post made me hungry, the food looks amazing. Nice decor too ideal for a date night. R

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