Last weekend was very special! It was the first time, that Frenchie and I went on a long weekend without Clara for more than a year. We really needed to spend some quality time together after many months of lockdown and moving to a new place. My mother came over from Denmark (she is the best babysitter in the world), and off we went to a place, that I have been wanted to visit for as long as I can remember… Verbier!

Staying alert and safe at Heathrow Airport! We flew with Swiss Air from London to Geneva. For the time being you have to wear a mask inside the airports and airplanes

The airplane was half full and we had plenty of space to practise social distancing! Would you look at this view? Switzerland truly is a beautiful country!

Welcome to Geneva! The weather was amazing…

 – and Frenchie made a lot of new friends from day one!

Bonus-info: We took the Inter Regio train from Geneva airport (direction Brig), and changed at Martigny for the regional train to Le Chable. It took us about two hours to get there. At Le Chable we were picked up by a local taxi driver

Welcome to luxury ski resort W Verbier! I was super excited about staying here, as this hotel is truly something! I have always been a fan of Marriott Hotels and this one is very popular. I will show you why!

Our stunning room! 

Much like Verbier itself, W Verbier succeeds to be thoroughly contemporary without forgetting its alpine surroundings. The hotel sprawls across four attractive wooden chalet-style buildings, connected with frosted glass atria. The interior pays homage to Swiss design (red, white and wood) but in a contemporary and playful way – modern art pieces can be spotted around the place, including painted cows and a giant red plastic T-Rex

And here he is! Roooaarrr!

We were greeted with amazing welcoming gifts…

 – and I absolutely loved our gas fire! How romantic is this?

The large bathroom had marble floors, a freestanding tub, a separate shower, fluffy bathrobes, slippers and lovely Davines toiletries… I felt like royalty!  

Did I mention our big and super comfortable bed! I so wanted to take it home with me!

Most of the rooms at W Verbier have a balcony (many with views of the mountains and the cable car gliding past like ours)

There are plenty of dining options from tapas in Eat Hola to sushi in Carve (both closed in summer) and contemporary seasonal Swiss in W Kitchen, where we had our dinner Friday evening. W Kitchen focuses on local ingredients and we enjoyed “Duo of Filet Mignon”, “Basil Gnocci”, “Scallops” and “Foie Gras”

My favourite was the Foie Gras. It was absolutely delicious, beautifully presented and bursting with flavour!

– A bit tired, but happy! Frenchie with his Duo of Filet mignon (1 piece from the grill and 1 served as a tartar) 

Cocktails to remember! Frenchie’s turned colour from purple to pink when we added the lemon in the little jar on the side! Loved it! 

Good morning, Verbier! What a view! This balcony was everything I could have dreamt of! (Look at the cable cars behind me! WOW)

Breakfast for champions!

Bonus-info: The breakfast buffet is stunning and the food of very good quality, with a freshly squeezed juice bar and a menu of eggs cooked to order.( It is even available until a very civilised 11am – perfect for sleepyheads)

But Frenchie and I were not sleepy heads. We were up at 7am, as we were going to the mountains to meet the most adorable dogs and their lovely owner!

Bonus-info: This hotel might a bit “posh”, which it is (and I love it), but it is also very family friendly. I did meet families with little ones and W has a selection of suites, interconnecting rooms and family rooms available with baby cots free of charge. W Kitchen and the Living Room offer children’s menus, plus there are games and activities for kids

Morning coffee with my new friend…

Behind the cow you will get a view of the outdoor pool belonging to the W Verbier Spa! The spa is well equipped with sauna, hammam, whirlpool, fitness machines and treatment rooms, plus a pool that straddles indoor and outdoor. We didn’t go, but next time I will for sure!

Oh I have missed this. There might not be any snow in Verbier at the moment, but the feeling of going up in the mountains gives me butterflies in my belly!

Time to tell you more about Verbier... Verbier is located in south-western Switzerland in the canton of Valais. You will find this stunning village perched on a sunny facing plateau at 1500m with a breathtaking view of the Massif des Combins. Be prepared to be bewitched with the slate roofed chalets in the magnificent natural setting of the Val de Bagnes! If I could afford it, I would buy a chalet here! It really is hard to explain how beautiful it is!

If there is one thing the Swiss people agree on, when it comes to Verbier, it is that you get so much energy from being here! The athletes are spoilt for choice with numerous attractions in the region. For mountain bikers there are more than 800km of routes of varying difficulty. On foot, walkers can choose from 500km of trails and runners have 21 new market trail routes to explore… Wow!

The Verbier Infinite Playground Pass is a must have as it offers discounts and privileged access to the entire area throughout the summer season. It is issued free of charge to all guests staying more than one night in the region and paying the tourist tax. Read more here

Here they are… Aline and her amazing Alaskans and Huskies! They were going to take us on a panoramic adventure, we will never forget!

In the fine company of a pack of sled dogs ready to discover enchanting landscapes!

Frenchie and I were comfortably seated in our sled pulled by loving and motivated dogs. Here we are at the 3D Sculpture Park – a pleasant 2.3km trail lined with monumental works of art between La Chaux and Les Ruinettes!

Awwww – I did not want to say goodbye to these beauties! So cute! Can you imagine taking the same trip in a snowy landscape! It must be the most romantic thing, I can ever think of! Thank you Aline and team TakiTrek

Tip: It was sunny in Verbier valley, but it started raining when we arrived at Les Ruinettes. I should have worn more practical clothing and became quite wet. Always prepare for everything when going to the mountains…

Time for lunch with a view… Welcome to Restaurant Le Dahu

This is Le Dahu….

 – and this is the view! The photo was taken just below the restaurant! Stunning, isn’t it?

Get your E-bikes charged, while eating! No doubt E-biking is VERY popular here!

So sweet!

Checking out the area! Oh, how I would love to come back here for the skiing season!

Local charcuterie and cheese sharing platter –  and white wine! I was a happy camper!

We wanted to take the cable car up to Mont-Fort to enjoy a 360 degree view of the Alps, Matterhorn and Mont-Blanc, but the weather did not allow it, so we decided to enjoy the view from where we were, which was more than satisfying for two city-people like us!

Cable-car Silly Selfie!

We loved every moment up here… Frenchie and I are both skiers, so we will for sure be back!

 – aaaand relax! Back in Verbier, it was time to go for a walk and discover the area… But first a bit of lounging at the W Verbier

Stunning bar with a very cool dj! This is the place to see and be seen!

A white sandy beach with a cool lounge in the middle of the Swiss mountains? Yes – the W Verbier certainly has it all!

As you can see a skiing resort can be really pretty in the summer/ autumn as well!

Bonus-info: Due to the current situation many events have been cancelled in 2020. But if things were normal, Frenchie and I would have attended one of the biggest events celebrating local products and cheese “Bagnes The Capital of Raclette”. I was really looking forward to this – such a shame! More than 15.000 foodies from all over the world celebrate a weekend to indulge in cheeses and raclette. Read more here

Other events that might catch you interests are: The Verbier Festival, Verbier E-Bike Festival, Grand Raid, Electroclette, Swiss Cheese Awards, Inspire Yoga Festival, Cheese making work shops; Gourmet E Bike Tour… And so much more. Read more here

It is hard not to get tempted here.. In Verbier’s streets and the neighbouring villages, big names rub shoulders with local shops to the delight of all customers, whether you require service or just feel like window-shopping

Got myself a new, pink soft-shell jacket from Peak Performance 40% off! You can get some really great deals in the Verbier shops at the moment!

In the evening we were invited to dine at Les Chamois – it was time to get acquainted with the famous cheese-dishes

Fruity, local white wine! I don’t drink red wine, but Frenchie was more than happy with our choice!

 – and here it is – the famous raclette being prepared on a plate for us!

We opted for raclette served with slices of air-dried beef! It was heavenly!

But because Frenchie and I are true cheese lovers, we simply had to try the classic cheese fondue as well! No regrets – it was out of this world and a must-try

I only pray to Cheesus! 

How to prepare a steak!

Another beautiful morning! We were super happy about the sunny weather, as we were going to have a golf introduction at Verbier at Golf Club Verbier

This was our wonderful teacher, Rico Frankfort, who had the patience of an angel and a wonderful humour! We adored him! (He also spoke perfect English in spite of French being his first language!)


Practice makes perfect! I come from a family of golfers, but I have never really played myself. It was however fun and I would love to have more lessons! (especially with a view like this!)

Being a former ice-hockey player, Frenchie struggled a bit – but he got the hang of it at the end

A dreamy driving range! 

There was also time for a bit of putting! We had sooo much fun! It is not as easy as it looks though! (look at my concentrated face!)

Almost ready for The Ryder Cup

How amazing it must be having a handicap and being able to play on the golf course behind me! Maybe in a couple of years…

Amazing lunch at the oldest dining establishment in Verbier “The Carrefour” five mins walk from the golf club! The view was lovely and food spectacular

The Carrefour has the most delicious chanterelles and I loved this beautiful display of mushrooms!

“Petit mille feuilles aux champignons frais” – A must try, if you ask me!

One of the many famous Rösti dishes for Frenchie! Look at the dog’s face! He really wanted some! Awww…

Goats cheese salad for me – Uhmmm! The dishes here are beautifully presented and you get a big portion! Just as we like it!

From one feast to another! After a couple of hours rest in our hotel, it was time for wine tasting at VinaBagnes with the lovely owner, Pascal!

No doubt that this is a very popular place amongst the locals – and visitors as well!

Pascal has an amazing selection of wines in his bar and shop! He told us a lot about Swiss wine producing and we got to taste 3 glasses of white wine and 3 glasses of red wine (Well, Frenchie had my red wine, so he was in a good mood, when we left)

Bonus-info: Swiss wine is produced from nearly 15,000 hectares of vineyards, and the wines are mainly produced in the west and in the south of Switzerland, in the cantons of Geneva, Neuchâtel, Ticino, Valais and Vaud. It is not easy to buy Swiss wine outside Switzerland for one reason..In short, residents of Switzerland love their wines so much, that they leave very little available for export. I can see why! The wines, we had, were really lovely!

Champagne with my name on it! It was meant to be (that I took them all home with me!)

We were also invited into the “very rare” wine selection…

 – in here Pascal kept his most precious wines…

This is his favourite. He only gets one a year – and the price is… Let’s just say, that you have to win the lottery or be a very devoted wine collector. (Pascal told us that he sold a bottle last year to a Londoner for 8000GBP…)

Our last evening was very special. We were invited to dine at La Channe by chef Marco Bassi (every time we mentioned his name in Verbier, people praised him to the skies) He did not disappoint!

Frenchie looooves kitchen gear, so the moment he laid eyes on the kitchen he became close friends with Marco! I just love an open kitchen that looks like this! Spotless!

 – meanwhile at the cosy bar, someone was enjoying a glass of champagne!

Marco in action…

Seafood salad with lemon scents, local tomatoes, cucumbers and green beans in organic olive oil, avocado cream with hot pepper! It was so good! 

A glorious “different Carbonara”: fusili di Gragnano alla carbonara, guanciale, grana, egg yolk and black pepper! I loved this dish so much! 

All of the dishes were paired with perfectly matching wines! 

Swiss beef aged on the bone 5 weeks in 3 ways: roasted and served as tagliata on a bread rubbed with tomato and oregano, in tartare with mozzarella di bufala and sun-dried tomatoes with a slight taste of anchovies and in polpetta simmered in a passata of tomatoes and pacchero with rosemary (I am happy I don’t have to repeat this dish) I can honestly say, that this was the best food, we had in Verbier! Bravo, Marco! No wonder, you are so popular here!

I was completely full – so Frenchie had the pleasure of eating two desserts! He loved every bite of “local prunes, sangria with strawberry juice, mascarpone cream and gingerbread power” – a delicate and delicious dessert!

We might have had a bit too much to drink that evening… And we were having so much fun! This was the perfect “parents’ night out” – that ended up in us being very creative in the selfie box at the W Verbier!

I would like to thank the Verbier Region and the W Verbier for inviting us. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words – and I hope that my photos have given you an idea of how absolutely stunning it is in Verbier! It is the perfect place to go with your loved one, but you can definitely also enjoy quality family time outdoors (I think, when Clara gets a bit older, she would love it here) Have you ever been to Verbier? Do you have any thing to add? If so I would love a comment below!

Thank you for reading!

Louise x