“When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie, thats amore…”

I don’t think, I know anyone, who doesn’t appreciate a good sourdough pizza! I mean, there is just something about the constellation of these simple ingredients, that just makes you crave for more… Personally, I prefer the Italian thin crust style, and thats probably why, my list will mainly consist of the real Italian deal!

Since this blog is still brand-new, my pizza-list will be updated, as I eat my way through London, but so far this place is my favourite:

Franco Manca

Im the kind of person, who always goes to Trip Advisor, Time out London or other sites to get tips and inspiration, so I was a bit surprised, when Franco Manca showed up as number one on many top ten lists! Franco Manca is NOT a fancy place. As we speak, there are 28 Franco Mancas in London (and by then I thought… This is the Italian version of McDonald’s!)

Firstly I would like to say… This is not a place to go, if you want to take your date out for a romantic night! This is a chilled, relaxed and very busy place (they also do take-away!)

Frenchie and I went to the Franco Manca at Earls Court. Outside the restaurant was a long line of hungry people waiting for their food! (Im not really fond of lines, but luckily most of the pizza-lovers were there for takeaway, so we got a table after 5 mins)

We had a really nice waitress, who explained about the specials of the day – and we went for two different pizzas! Also we chose a bit of yummy bites for starters (that wasn’t necessary at all, but they were really good!)


Again… Don’t go here, if your are looking for a fancy night out! The music is quite loud – and the whole place reminds me a bit of New York, but if you just feel like going out in whatever you are wearing – instead of cooking at home, this is the place (and its very cheap!)

The pizzas were served – and my God, they were SOOO GOOD! I usually don’t eat an entire pizza, but I actually managed to consume everything, except for the crust (which always end up at Frenchie’s plate!)


Mouthwatering sourdough pizza! 


So there you have it… Short and sweet! I will update this post with more pizza places. Stay tuned!