The Cotswolds… A place, that I would love to call my home one fine day! If you have read my previous blog post, you already know, that I am completely in love with this very special and very wonderful place!

I guess the best way to describe the Cotswolds are “a high hulk of land at the very heart of old England! It truly is a breathtaking region of rumpled limestone layers, carved by the aeons into curving contours”. Standing by this sheep fence, I couldn’t help thinking, that this was once a wild and windswept haunt of Ancient British tribes – an outland away from the fens and flatlands! If only these trees could tell me stories from the good, old days!

A person once told me, that a short break or even an extended holiday in the Cotswolds would leave me wanting more – and I can only agree! (As you can see, I tried to run away, as I didn’t want to go back to London)

After a lovely time in Cheltenham, we were on our way to Broadway! This was my first time visiting this area of the Cotswolds, and I was very excited – especially as we were staying at award-winning hotel, The Lygon Arms, (which is also one of the prettiest hotels in the area, if you ask me!)

We had lovely, sunny weather at our arrival at The Lygon Arms

Bonus-info: The Cotswolds are threaded with narrow lanes and meshed with meandering pathways! The best way to explore is to combine driving and walking. We were super happy with our Volvo V60 (read more here), as having a car certainly helped getting us to out-of-the-way villages, where the Cotswold charm comes thickest

Team Lygon Arms made us fell welcome from the moment, we stepped inside this historic hotel with roots reaching right into the 1300’s

There are several room types at The Lygon Arms, and they vary from classic to quirky!

I highly recommend, that you book one of the luxurious Courtyard Suites (there are seven of them), which are open plan suites located on the ground floor overlooking individual landscaped terraced gardens and courtyard with the majestic chestnut tree as the centrepiece

Clara, me… and the chestnut tree! (no doubt that it was Halloween! Everything was so beautifully decorated!)

Will you look at this! So romantic, isn’t it? I love it!

Cosy daddy and daughter time!

Before unpacking, we decided, that we wanted to try out the Halloween-themed Afternoon Tea! At The Lygon Arms, children (and dogs) are more than welcome – and if Clara had been a little bit older, she would definitely have loved this

I think most children would be very excited about these little “spooky” yummies – and there was even something healthy too! Even thought Frenchie and I arent’t exactly young, we ate everything with pleasure

We also had a selection from the classic Afternoon Tea

Fresh scones with clotted cream and jam. Sandwiches: Baked ham, Cotswold’s gold mayonnaise, Coln Valley smoked salmon, lemon and chive wrap, Cream cheese and cucumber, Mature cheddar, plum and ginger chutney. (We both loved the fresh scones a lot!)

Speculoos and pumpkin pie, Fig, hazelnut and Ale cake, Caramel and apple choux pastry and classic Battenberg (I loved the choux!)

One of my favourites was this very decorative “pumpkin” coffee 

Back in the Courtyard Suite! I absolutely loved everything about this big and spacey room! (We had brought our own travel cot from Babybjörn, but you can lend one here as well)

Clara was enjoying herself on the huge king size bed with a beautiful view to all the pretty halloween decorations on the terrace with table, chairs and a private garden

This welcoming-gift made us both smile – a lot! Bubbles and chocolate for a tired pair of parents is just like heaven on earth!

One could certainly not complain about this very large bathroom with two basins, a tub and and a walk-in shower…

 – and it didn’t take long, before mummy and Clara was ready for some cosy spa-time! (The Lygon Arms has a luxurious spa as well, but we just wanted to enjoy a bit of privacy)

Lots of fun and splashing in the tub!

Got to love little baby-feet…

Clara was enjoying every minute!

Snuggles, kisses and cuddles…

– and maybe a little nap before dinner on the amazing British mattresses handmade in Devon 

It is hard for me to find words, when it comes to describing our evening at Lygon Bar and Grill! I can honestly that this was the most romantic evening, I have had, since Clara was born! (If you can’t find me, I’m sitting by the fireplace on the right)

As always I feel a bit awkward  when bringing a pram to a dining place, but just as luxurious this place is, just as child friendly it is! I didn’t see many children here because it was late in the evening, but the ones that were here, were all lovely and the atmosphere was SO relaxed and wonderful!

Dining at The Lygon Arms is a typical Cotswolds celebration of local food and drink. Each menu is carefully crafted using locally sourced, fresh produce! This is warm, homemade bread with a bottle of Sancerre (my favourite choice of wine! You never go wrong with Sancerre!)

Roast figs, Bath blue cheese, pecans, radicchio salad (It was super delicious)

Being French, Frenchie had to try the very popular “The Lygon Arms twice baked cheese soufflé” with garden salad (a great veggie choice!) This was really, really good and something we would definitely order again –  a must try if you like cheese!

Waghorne’s 30 days dry aged beef fillet with peppercorn sauce for me…

 – and Waghorne’s 30 days dry aged Ribeye steak for Frenchie. Both steaks were high-quality meat

There were plenty of sides to choose from. We however opted for the very tasty truffle mac and cheese!

We decided to give up on dessert, as it was getting really late, and we were more than ready to jump into that big king size bed of ours! Also we knew, that breakfast here is quite a feast, so it was time to say goodnight!

Lygon Bar and Grill! in the daylight 

Back at our favourite table, which the sweet waiters have kept for us, so there was room for Clara! I love that!

We were very happy with the deliciously presented continental breakfast menu…

But even more impressed, when we realised that you could order all kinds of beautiful breakfast dishes as well! I couldn’t really handle it, so I ordered A LOT!

Full English breakfast for Frenchie! 

Avocado on toast with poached eggs and chilli for me…

– and probably the best breakfast dish, I have had in a very long time… So sinful, but oh… so good! French toast with salted caramel creme fraiche to share!

After all that glorious food, it was time to go for a walk and check out of the hotel – I really wanted to stay one more day, but London was calling! This is the Lygon Arms bar and lounges 

The lounges are an alternative dining option, where you can unwind and enjoy a delicious selection of sourdough sandwiches served with hand cut chips, gourmet burgers and brunches for any eggs benedict lovers. The bar serve up a creative selection of cocktails, with classics such as the iconic Bloody Mary & the famous botanical Lavender Negroni

Before leaving we had a quick look at the spa facilities, but many of the rooms were already in use – and I didn’t want to disturb the guests. Next time we will definitely spend more time in here! 

This is the 13-metre indoor pool swimming pool with a retractable roof and a relaxing spa bath

At the Spa you will also find a nail studio, male and female saunas, a eucalyptus-scented steam room, single and double treatment rooms. On top of this, the Spa Kitchen & Bar serves lighter and healthier meals and smoothies throughout the day

Goodbye Lygon Arms, Hello Broadway town! 

There are many candidates for the title of prettiest Cotswolds village, but Broadway is certainly a frontrunner with its delightfully crooked cottages and cute little shops. I spotted Landmark immediately and was very curious to go and have a closer look

Now this was really my kind of store! I love the classic and stylish country-look – and I ended up buying a pair of Dubarry boots with mustard yellow socks (I am wearing them on the photos at the beginning of this blog post!)

Frenchie could hardly get me out of here – especially when I spotted the exquisite hat-collection!

Here a few examples of the adorable shops around in Broadway…

Another shop, that Clara and I really liked is Rikki Tikki. The store is occupying “The Old Post Office” and it is a vibrant and colourful toy shop full of exciting things for children and newborns to enjoy

Great service and much-loved, high-quality brands such as Lego, Jellycat, Schleich, Cath Kidston, Microscooter, Joules clothing, Orchard Toys and many more. You don’t need to go to London to find popular and unique brands, that is for sure!

Also in Broadway, Remembrance day is very visible! Several poppy wreaths were decorating the streets with the names of local heroes, who had fallen in the line of duty during the First World War! Such a fine gesture!

Before going back to London, we decided to take a closer Broadway Tower! 

Standing 65ft high Broadway Tower is the second highest point in the Cotswolds and sits dramatically on top of an ancient beacon site! As you can see, it was quite windy up there, and Clara was not in the mood for sightseeing! So we didn´t really succeed in getting the perfect photo, but even though I was very busy with Clara, the surroundings still speak for themselves, don’t you think? (Bonus-info: Known as the Highest Little Castle in the Cotswolds, Broadway Tower has a Saxon look with circular arches over the windows and entrance. There are three turrets, three canted sides and numerous gargoyles and balconies. On a clear day you can see up to 16 counties from the top of the Tower)

Even though the Cotswolds are not my home, this area of England will always have a special place in my heart!

What I love the most? As you travel through these sheep-speckled hills, stumbling upon village after village of gorgeous, soft yellow Cotswold stone (or notice another stately home standing amongst the trees), you realise, that the England of chocolate boxes, tea caddies and Christmas cards is not entirely a fantasy! 

We were guests of The Lygon Arms. As always all opinions are my own!

Louise x