Have you ever felt, that there was something missing in your life?Β In spite of being happy, there is just this little inexplicable feeling… an urge… to try something else.

Thats how I felt walking the same old streets of Copenhagen in Denmark. I never really understood why, I wasn’t satisfied with, what I had: A good job, great friends and a beautiful sea view apartment in the heart of the city. It was all good, but I wanted more – I wanted a sweetener in my tea!

Wise men say, that the soul knows, when to close a chapter. So eventually thats, what I did. I left it all – for London! And what a thrill!

Yes, every beginning is hard! But its also exciting and a great adventure, if you chose to take the unknown path!

This is a blog about my new life in London: All the things you need to consider, when moving over/visiting. Amazing places to discover (and eat). The endless shopping possibilities and what to do, when your pocket is empty.

Im looking forward to sharing it all with you. Welcome to my blog, Darlings!
xxx Louise