Did you know that one of UK’s most famous shops actually have an in-store apartment? Well, I do now! After a busy day doing Christmas shopping in London, we were invited to visit this beautiful, cosy and very luxurious place… It’s called “The Residence” – and you will find it in John Lewis at Oxford Street! 

It was a busy Friday in December, when we arrived at Oxford Street! 

 – so the idea of giving myself and my baby-bump a break was something I was looking forward to!

On my way to the 3rd floor…

So what is so special about “The Residence“, you may ask? Well, first of all it was all over the news, when John Lewis launched their in-house apartment! John Lewis actually invited a few lucky customers into three of its stores (the London Oxford Street flagship, Liverpool and Cambridge) for an experience like no other – a night spent in an exclusive John Lewis apartment (All completely and utterly free of charge!) Unfortunately I heard about this too late, so I didn’t enter the competition, but luckily there are still a lot of events going on  at “The Residence” – and the one, we were attending was “Winter gin tipples with Sipsmith”

Here I am in front of “The Residence” You are allowed to visit the apartment, unless there is a private event going on.

Speechless… I immediately felt at home, when entering “The Residence”

Peyton from Sipsmith was preparing drinks for us, while we were having a look around

What I found truly great about this place is, that you get so inspired by being here. The furnishings and products are all from the stores latest home, fashion and technology collections – and available for a limited time. (All furnishings and products at “The Residence” are also available for sale!)

The bedroom was really quite something… I could easily have taken a little nap in this very luxurious and comfortable bed!

Back in the living room Peyton gave us an interesting introduction to Sipsmith Gin – and we had a lot of different versions to enjoy (well, as I am pregnant I didn´t join the party, but Frenchie was happy to be my stand-in!)

The hot gin and tonic was a new concept to me – but apparently very enjoyable!

 – and you can get the entire kit downstairs at John Lewis… I love, love, love the design!

No gin for me… But I was given a plate of mince pies, so I was happy too!

After two hours of gin-tasting and cosy times at “The Residence” we decided to go shopping! I was in the mood for buying cosy things…  Being Danish I am all about “hygge”, so that was my mission! 

So many soft things to choose from…. And some were even on sale!

I even found an entire “hygge”-kit! I am now fully equipped for winter and Christmas

The thing you can never get enough of… is Cashmere! (and the sweaters come in sooo many beautiful colours)

When you live in a cold city, a pair of cosy slippers is a must! I wanted them all!

Last but not least… How about a cute PJ? I personally found the London-themed PJ adorable! For a person who loves London as much as I do, this is the perfect Christmas present!

We had a lovely evening at “The Residence” combined with a bit of shopping! I highly recommend, that you take a look inside this beautifully decorated apartment in John Lewis for inspiration. For more information about “The Residence” and events read more here

Pssttt… Want to know more about John Lewis, Oxford Street? This summer I visited their rooftop garden! You will not believe how beautiful it is… Read more here!

X Louise