I love Thai food! Luckily the London food-scene is quite spectacular when it comes to oriental food. If you are looking for an amazing and authentic dining experience, (with a menu card that has more to offer than a solid green curry!), The Thai Square Restaurant Group is a must visit. Bonus-info: The first Thai Square restaurant opened at The Strand in 1996 and now there are 13 different places to choose from inside and outside London

A couple of days ago, Frenchie and I were on a dinner date! We had been invited to try out the gorgeous – and newly refurbished Thai Square restaurant in London’s Theatre-land – Covent Garden

But before dining – it was time to have some fun! The newly opened TSQ Playhouse (situated behind the dining area) is known for being quite unique. Let’s go and check it out! You are in for treat!

From the very moment you step inside, you know that something magical is about to happen!

Welcome to TSQ Playhouse! What a stunning place it is!

Have you ever seen anything like this? My jaw literarily dropped, when we were warmly welcomed by the lovely staff! It is like a big playground for adults – and obviously I wanted to go for a ride…

 – and drink cocktails (and eat popcorn!)

 – and play beer pong (which was super fun, but quite difficult) Frenchie was much better than me…

Fan of karaoke? Then you should certainly come around for a song or two at The King’s Breakfast room or the Queen’s Ballroom! I didn’t sing (which I am sure Mariah Carey greatly appreciated)

Not really sure, what to say about this… A piece of art? It certainly made me giggle! 

We had SO much fun here! I almost forgot, that we were here to eat as well!

Time to dine! The restaurant was looking beautiful and the perfect place for a romantic evening out

I was pleasantly surprised to see the menu card. There were plenty of dishes to choose from and offered exactly what we expected – which was authentic, balanced and fresh Thai food at very affordable prices

Crispy prawn crackers and a cold glas of white wine. Ahhh!

A mixed starter is always a good idea, so you can taste a bit of everything: Chicken satay, Thai dumplings, butterfly prawns, vegetable spring rolls and chicken and prawn on toast. I loved the prawn on toast and Frenchie was in love with the butterfly prawns. Delicious!

Bonus-info: Want to know more about the menu? It focuses mostly on Thai dishes, though popular pan-Asian options are included too. To mention a few, you can order everything from crispy aromatic duck and chicken satay to tom yum soups, som tum salads, green curries and talay ob mor din – prawns and scallops baked with glass noodles, black fungus, ginger, garlic and coriander root in a soy sauce

I absolutely love Papaya Salad – Thailand’s most popular salad: Green papaya mixed with chillies, tomatoes, long beans, lime juice, garlic and nuts.(This dish is quite spicy, but can be made less spicy, if you ask for it when ordering)

Crispy duck in ruby sauce – a house speciality. It was heavenly and a must-try: Battered marinated duck breast, topped with chef’s special sauce. Served with egg fried rice

Pad Thai for me. This is Thailand’s most famous rice noodles stir fried with egg, tofu, bean sprouts, spring onions and crushed peanuts! I loved this dish – and because I’m a bit conservative, I might just order it again next time I am here

A unicorn inspired dessert? It’s called The Coconut Jasmine Sorbet and it was very sweet. I had a lot of fun eating it – and I really enjoyed the sweet sorbet garnished with fresh coconut

In love with my “Insanely Right Tunic” by favourite Swedish brand Odd Molly. Get it here

Frenchie and I had such a great evening at TSQ Playhouse and Thai Square Restaurant Covent Garden. This place has everything… A fun, gorgeous bar and playground for adults – and a cosy, romantic restaurant serving freshly made Thai food where authenticity is guaranteed

We were invited as guests at Thai Square Restaurant. All opinions are as always my own