Life after Lockdown… Where to begin? More than ever my family and I were longing for new adventures and to reunite with our beloved London. How we have missed her being alive and kicking! Lockdown has been tought on me. I have missed my mother in Denmark terribly, so when she finally was able to come over – and ready to leave our house after quarantine, it was time to do something fun and exciting to forget about all the worries and be an “out and about” family again

What I love about London is, that she keeps surprising me. I actually had no idea, that you could go on a boattrip in the canals of London… But you can – and it’s a stunning experience! Welcome to GoBoat Paddington

GoBoat is a fun, self-drive electric boating experience that I’m sure everybody will love! You are the captain and you choose the route

The captain of the boat is getting his instructions!

You do not have to be Jack Sparrow to sail this boat! No experience is necessary! (Hooray!) GoBoats are super easy to control and the only requirement is that any captains of the boat are 18 year old and remain sober throughout the experience! As you can see, Frenchie received a full boat handover from an experienced member of the staff before we set off. The team was very professionel and did not let us leave without feeling completely sure, that we knew, what to do, once we were on our own

Worth knowing: All the boats are cleaned after every trip with an all-purpose cleaner that is also a disinfectant and sanitiser. On the floor of the boats GoBoat use a citrus based natural degreaser.

Did you know that: GoBoats are sustainably produced in Denmark (my home country!), and are powered by low emission rechargeable electric motors? The table is made from sustainably sourced forestry kebony wood and the foam kernel is made of 80% recycled PET – the equivalent of about 600 plastic bottles! I am so proud to be Danish right now!

Clara was all dressed up for her upcoming maritime adventures – and my mother was making sure, that she didn’t go too near the canal… Clara loves water! (Life jackets are available for adults, kids and babies – and they are free!)

The final instructions and we were ready to go – and really, really excited about sailing the waters of Regent’s Canal in central London

GoBoats have a maximum occupancy of 8 persons including children. (For the time being you are only allowed to be one household group plus one single person pr boat! ) Dogs are welcome on board too!

And off we went! I felt like a new person with the sun in my face, the wind in my hair and the beauty of the surroundings. Clara was safe in my arms and super excited and curious!

Frenchie got the hang of this in no time!

Clara and my mother were studying the map… making sure, that we didn’t end up in Scotland!

Plenty of time for cuddles and kisses… It was very hot that day, so Clara was wearing her life vest from time to time – and  when she needed to take it off, we made sure to hold her tight. It went really well!

Don’t forget to bring a picnic baskes or box! Our grazing box was kindly gifted to us by Olive and Pickle – and it was absolutely delicious and perfect for this occasion

Precious moments with my loved ones…

Happy… Nothing else!

Cheers to a wonderful day in sunny London post Lockdown 

Our trip: We went through pretty Little Venice and took the Regent’s Canal route. I loved all the gorgeous multi coloured canal boats and it was fun passing the Maida Hill Tunnel (a 251m long tunnel which is a bit narrow, so we had to allow oncoming boats to pass). Then we were stunned by the Villas (a section of the canal where you see some really beautiful villas), Regent’s Park, ZSL London Zoo and finally reached the Cumberland Basin where a number of boats are moored along with a beautiful, floating Chinese Restaurant. This was the point when we returned to GoBoat’s base

Inside the Maida Hill Tunnel! Clara and I were singing and making funny sounds all the way! 

This little one was having the time of her life – waving to all the people passing by!

Yes, I could most definitely live here! My jaws dropped, when I laid eyes on this beauty!

London Zoo – if you are lucky you might see a few exotic birds!

After 3 months of staying at home, this was just what we needed! 

 – And then this happened! Clara is going through a phase where she throws everything on the floor – and apparently in the canal as well, so her sunhat suddenly ended up in the water! 

Luckily Frenchie knew how to reverse and the sunhat was back in the boat safe and sound! No adventures without a bit of drama!

Ahoy there, Sailor!

Loving my summer dress from Odd Molly and Basket Bag from Betsy & Floss

We sailed for around two hours, which was the perfect amount of time for us to enjoy our picnic, the lovely views along the canal and relax/having fun with each other. I can not recommend doing this enough!

We were kindly invited by GoBoat! All opinions are as always my own

Read more about GoBoat and Covid-19 safety updates here