This weekend our little family went to The Baby Show in Olympia London… And what a show it was! With over 770,000 children born in the UK every year, the baby market is seriously booming – so if you are an expectant parent or a new parent (like me), this simply is a must-attend event!

All set and ready to go! The Baby Show is very close to where we live, so it was lovely to take a walk and enjoy a bit of crisp autumn air before arriving at the big event

The first thing that caught our eyes was the overwhelming amount of baby prams (and pregnant women! Frenchie said, that with that many hormones in one place, I could easily end up getting pregnant just by being there! That made us laugh a lot) 

What I didn’t know was, that The Baby Show has UK’s largest selection of buggies, prams and car-seats on display for parents to peruse – right from the nation’s top baby brands to those not on the high street, offering something unique.  And the best part? There was plenty of exclusive deals helping parents to stretch their baby budget as much as they could – as well as onsite competitions! 


Clara and I were invited to the iCandy Press-lounge to have a chat about the following beauties…

This is the iCandy MiChair! A stylish and timeless piece of furniture, that is suitable from birth with the iCandy MiChair Pod

Little Clara is slowly being introduced to solid food – but she needs a place to be fed! This is where The iCandy Pod comes in handy! The Pod simply docks on to the highchair to bring baby up and away from the ground, to parent height when feeding. What I love? That parents and baby are able to experience all important eye-to-eye contact!

The MiChair can also be used as a rocker on the floor with two height positions – one for rest and one for play. As baby gets older and no longer needs a highchair it is simply transformed into a stylish child’s chair or rocking chair that is suitable for up to the age of six!

Built to explore! The iCandy Peach All-Terrain Special Edition pushchair! Isn’t it beautiful? Perfect for a stroll in the countryside. I would love to do a little “off-roading” with Clara with this one!

Top of the Pops! Classic Scandinavian design at its best! Got to love Babybjörn! Clara certainly loves her bouncer!

– and her Babycarrier One

Clara did not show the most lady-like behaviour in front of, what I would say probably one the best and most important features of the show – British Red Cross Baby first aid!

The workshop was VERY popular – and no wonder why! Did you know that three out of four parents do NOT have the skills and confidence to help a choking baby!!!!!!!!

To be honest, I was not amongst the few ones, who actually knew what to do in case of  a choking baby or a burn. But now I know! And I am VERY happy that I attended this workshop

There are several ways of helping a choking baby. One is to give them back blows

Hold your baby facing down along your thigh with the head lower than the bottom. Hit her firmly on the back between the shoulder blades up to five times. If this doesn’t work, there are other methods.  You can read more about “Baby first aid” here

Frenchie giving chest thrusts to the test-dummy. This is another method for a choking baby! (If this doens’t work either, call 999. Continue with cycles of back blows and chests thrusts until object dislodges)

Resting in “The Rose” . A lovely rocking bed/chair from Babeek! Isn’t it adorable! We could have stayed there forever

When nothing is good enough for baby! This is the “Alexandra” with handcrafted panels and finished in Opulent gold! As royal as it gets!

Back to reality! It was time for a nappy change! And how lucky we were! The changing area was amazing! I think there were around 20 nursery tables in there – and free nappies and wet wipes as well! I didn’t take any photos inside the area, as every baby and mum are allowed a little privacy!

Here are a few shots of things that made me go “aaawww”

Rainbow Designs

Skip Hop… I am especially in love with their play gyms. They can keep Clara entertained for a long time!

Mustela is a new favourite brand of mine!

As Clara has dry skin on her chin, I was advised to get some 1,2,3 vitamin barrier creme, stelatopia face cream, cleansing milk and a bottle of bath oil for her! These products are just amazing! I am a fan!

Must-have products for my little one!

Lully is a new fellow on the market! He helps babies fall asleep with 23 of the most lovely, calming songs, I have heard for a long time! I am sure he will be popular amongst new parents! We want one for sure!

Cute clothing and accessories. Will you look at those bloomers!!!

Frenchie fell completely in love with this “Santa-girl” outfit from Mothercare. They didn’t have it in Clara’s size, so we are going online-hunting now!

Yay! MAM was here too! (and they even brought a midwife to help answering questions!)

Great price for great products! I had the 2-1 breastpump back in the days – and it was the best I have tried!

As many of you know, we love MAM! Clara’s soothers, bottles – and even our steriliser are from MAM, so when I was invited over to see some of the new products, that haven’t even arrived on the marked yet, I was obviously super excited!

These are the beauties we were given for Clara! As mentioned earlier, they are not on the market yet!

The very popular Gro Company is a strong player on the baby market! Their revolutionary and award-winning Gro-bags are super-popular! We have a couple at home too! Also Ollie The Owl deserves to be mentioned. He was Clara’s favourite, when she was very, very young! (He is still amongst the favourites, when it is time to sleep)

Last but not least, we visited STOKKE.

STOKKE is very dear to my heart, as one of our beds for Clara is a STOKKE Sleepi bed – and many babies in our family have been lying in it! STOKKE is a Scandinavian brand and known for its premium children’s furniture and a long tradition of designing smart, sustainable products!

On the wishlist! We could really use a new nursing table for Clara! STOKKE Home Dresser and Home Changer

A new product on the market is the STOKKE Jetkids!

I have never seen this one before, but it is super-smart. So what is it, you might ask? It is actually a ride-on, carry-on and sleep-on suitcase! It turns an economy seat into a first class travel experience thanks to the included bed feature – perfect for a long-haul trip!

Pretty clever, if you ask me! 

On our way out, we had a quick look at what was going on at the stage

There were a lot speakers giving advice on sleep, birth, breastfeeding, weaning, health and wellbeing  – as well as celebrities sharing their experiences! This one was about pregnant women being scared of becoming a mother! An interesting topic indeed – and something I have felt myself before giving birth! Luckily it wasn’t that scary after all – and we love our little Clara to pieces!


I hope you got inspired to visit The Baby Show. The next “Baby to Toddler Show” takes place at ExCel in November. Read more here!

Louise X