I love Christmas food… I really do! But sometimes I find the traditional servings a little bit boring – and the thought of tasting a more exotic version certainly makes me very curious!  Some of you know, that I am a big fan of Restaurant Mango Tree in Belgravia, so when I heard, that they were offering Londoners a 10 course Thai Christmas meal, I simply had to go and try it out

Mango Tree is situated in the heart of Belgravia, close to Buckingham palace! Like its original branch back in Bangkok, the restaurant offers exquisite Thai cuisine in a modern, stylish venue

All set for Christmas! No doubt Mango Tree is a popular place! All kinds of people come to this place – young and old! Everybody is up for a good time – and delicious food! 

If you visit Mango Tree, you simply HAVE to enjoy a pre-drink at the beautiful bar! I love coming here with Frenchie. (Psstt… if you are looking for a romantic and fun place to bring a date, this is it!)

The cocktail menu is quite extraordinary – and trust me, it can be hard to choose! I however have a weekness for the exotic coladas served in fresh pineapples (mine was made into a virgin-version, as baby is a little too young for alcohol!)

Frenchie had the beautiful “Green Dragon” cocktail with Ketel One vodka and midori melon liqueur. You can see the entire cocktail list here

It was time to dine! I was really curious to see what was on the menu! A 10 course meal is quite a lot! (Bonus-info: As you can see on the picture, a vegetarian option is also available!)


The first 4 dishes were served together. Each of them were beautifully presented – and the portion sizes were not overwhelming, but enough for Frenchie and I to have room for more food! 

Por pia ka prao kai: Mince chicken with chilli and Thai basil spring roll. (So crunchy and delicious. One of my favourites!) 

Goong yai yang:  Grilled king prawn with chilli and lime truffle sauce (I loved the flavour combination of this one)

 My personal winner of the evening! Puff kai nguang: Honey glazed puff filled with roasted turkey (I persuaded Frenchie to give them all to me, as my baby really, really liked them!) 

Yum ma maung: Thai classic salad of green mango tossed in lime and chilli dressing (This was a lovely fresh and light salad. Do avoid the chilis if you aren´t into spicy foods)


Next up was our 5 main courses! They were also served together, which I liked, so I could choose from the ones I liked the most! This was probably the most Christmassy dish of them all. Kai ngaung ob Thai berry sauce: Roasted turkey marinated in a perfect blend of authentic Thai herbs topped with homemade mixed berry sauce

Goong pad kratiem with kalum dow: Stir-fried prawns with garlic, black pepper and brussels sprouts (Frenchie loved this dish. He is a big fan of sea-food)

-so he was obviously also very happy to see this very fresh and tasty Panang pla salmon served at our table: Rich and creamy red curry with salmon fillet, coconut milk and selection of Thai herbs

Mee ka ti: Thai vermicelli rice noodles cooked in coconut milk and stir-fried with red bean curd, chives and bean sprouts (This was my favourite main! What can I say – I simply love everything with coconut milk!)

For sides we were served steamed Thai Jasmin rice and vegetables

A few people have asked me, if it was possible to get through all these dishes! My answer was “Yes, if you bring a hungry man with you” – but honestly, if I had brought a girlfriend, I can’t imagine, we could eat all of that food. The great thing is, that you have the option to taste so many dishes for a VERY reasonable price -instead of having to choose only a few as you would normally do! 


Isn’t it funny! I always say, that I don’t have room for desserts! But when it is served, suddenly I find the force within me to eat anyway! Oh, this was such a lovely dish! If you come here, this is certainly something to look forward to! Berry brownie: Mixed berries panna cotta with chocolate brownies and mildly custard

That’s it for me and my lovely Thai styled Christmas dinner at Mango Tree! You can read more about the different Christmas dinner options here  

If you are curious to know more about Restaurant Mango Tree, I have also written a blog post from another evening out at my favourite award-winning Thai restaurant. Find it here

Bon appetit!

X Louise