Welcome to Soho! Probably the most energetic and colourful area of London! Walking around in Soho you will find an eclectic mix of nightlife, theatres, bars, naughty shops and dining – Yes, this certainly is an adventurous place… 

 – and in the middle of it all is a very blue-coloured, cosy and authentic Greek restaurant called Suvlaki!

It can be hard to choose, where to eat in Soho – there are so many fun, funky and fabulous places in this vivid area, but there is just something about Suvlaki! Maybe it’s the food, maybe it’s the warmblooded spirits working here – or maybe it’s just the feeling of being in sunny Greece, when tasting the delicious sharing plates! Well, maybe it’s basically the beautiful harmony of it all… Want to join me?

Suvlaki is not a fancy restaurant, but I love the decor – and it is a perfect match to its colourful surroundings of Soho! It is cosy and it is fun here… The graffiti notes on the walls might make you blush a bit –  and they are very to the point (in greek) “Sex, suvlaki and rock and roll!” 

Make sure to check out the fluted columns along the side wall. I thought, they were cast in concrete, but in fact they are the real thing and Italian. The marble table-tops are from Greece and the tiles from Morocco. All this makes Suvlaki a real pleasure to sit in

I was very much looking forward to choosing dishes from the menu card. Having followed Suvlaki on Instagram for a while, I knew, that I was in for a real treat! The menu is short and simple, but it has everything you could wish for, when it comes to Greek food! I love the idea of sharing plates!

We started out with my veggie favourite: Courgette fritters busting with flavours and smoked applewood cheddar with nigella seeds! As I am “eating for two” I allowed myself to have two – Frenchie had one! 

Frenchie on the other hand was quite in love with the Prawns Saganaki in white wine, tomato and feta! Beautiful presentation, don’t you think? 

The dishes kept coming – and all of them were really lovely! I am not a fan of fish, but I was certainly a big fan of the olive and citrus fruit smoked eel with parsley bread crumbs and lemon rind!  

Another delicious small plate: Taramosalata, anchovies, confit cucumber, balsamic and lemon. This is a must-try, when you visit! Really, really tasty!

The Mediterranean baked feta with oregano, cherry tomato and parsley was just as it should be! I find that a lot of “feta”is mostly like a punch of salty chalk – but this one was the real crumbly version served with crispy pitta with a slightly oily texture! (If you are one of these low-carb loving people, this is not for you! Luckily I am not!)

I really was “in my happy place!” There is nothing better, than a bunch of sharing platters to enjoy with a loved one!

This dish was practically made for Frenchie! He loves octopus – and the Suvlaki signature plate did not disappoint! 

Time for freshly charcoaled skewers! One with succulent and juicy prawns and my favourite – Mount Olympus wild boar!

The wrapped-up mini versions were equally pleasing – you really have to try one or more, when you stop by!

So what is souvlaki really?  Ask any Greek and they will be sure to tell you that souvlaki is their nation’s favourite food to eat on the go. A quick, healthier alternative to fast food! It consists of a pita wrap filled with grilled meat  – or cheese as a vegetarian alternative and mushrooms as a vegan one. The name souvlaki comes from a medieval word, meaning “little skewer”, after the cooking method.

This was the winner of them all! Welcome to lamb heaven! The lamb chops with chilli flakes, thyme and lemon were so tender and juicy! We loved them so much, that we had another portion! (Yes, it is actually true!)

And because I had eaten way too much, I was put in the “naughty corner”, so I could sit and think about, what I have done!

 – I didn’t stay in the “naughty corner” for long, as desserts were being served – and I surprisingly found myself back at the table for a little bite (or more) Orange and almond cake with icecream, and chocolate biscuit cake with homemade Greek coffee ice-cream! I loved them both! (but the coffee ice-cream was the best part!)

I can’t remember the last time, I had so much fun in a restaurant. Dimitris, Janika and the rest of the Suvlaki team really make you feel like you are a part of “the family”. I love the charming, laidback and chatty crowd behind this place and will certainly look forward to seeing them again (as well as eating very, very delicious Greek food at more than fair prices!)

I had quite an entertaining walk home as well! I asked Frenchie, if he would take a picture of me at Piccadilly Circus in front of the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain with the winged figure of Anteros on top!


When suddenly this random guy just starting walking towards me and told me how beautiful I was! It was so awkward! My boyfriend was taking pictures of a guy hitting on me! I don’t know, if it’s the “glowing” pregnancy thing, if it some sort of mysterious “suvlaki-effect” or the symbol of love (Anteros in the back) – but it certainly was hilarious! What a fun evening out it was! 

We were invited as guests at Suvlaki. Opinions are as always my own!