It is not easy being pregnant and a lover of food! Living in London there are simply too many tempting places to be “eating for two!” So from time to time, it is necessary to go for more healthy choices – and that is what Frenchie and I did last Sunday!

Off we went to cosy Carnaby…

We decided to go for brunch at The Good Egg, which is placed in Kingly Court at Carnaby! I love Carnaby! If you haven’t heard of Carnaby before, it is a cheerful pedestrianised area in north Soho just behind Regent Street. In addition to the world-famous Carnaby street, the side streets nearby are home to many smaller independent boutiques. You can read more about Carnaby here

It is quite an adventure walking around in the street of Carnaby. With over 140 shops, bars and restaurants to choose from in the area, it’s definitely worth a visit

If you are here, I suggest that you take a look around in some the amazing stores. I am personally always greatly entertained when visiting Irregular Choice

I have never seen so many people in such a small store before! But the pictures explain it all. This is simply a magical kingdom of shoes! (I do believe the designers must have been inspired by Dorothy’s ruby slippers in “The Wizard of Oz“)

The iconic Dr Marten’s boots and shoes in iced metallics – all ready for spring! 

Take a look inside Skinny Dip for creative Iphone cases, bags and headphones!

A must-see is the Choccywoccydoodah chocolate shop!

Choccywoccydoodah is an art and design focused chocolaterie born in Brighton. Here you will find one-off sculptured fantasies, bespoke wedding cakes, chocolate gifts, chocolate pets (and naughty stuff)

It really is quite impressive chocolate art, if you ask me!

 How about grabbing something to eat at one of these cosy hang-outs!

One thing is for sure – it is never boring in colourful Carnaby!

Time for brunch in Kingly Court!

Carnaby’s iconic Kingly Court is a three-storey, al-fresco dining destination! This unique food hub brings more than 20 of the best international concept restaurants, cafes, bars and food operators together in a beautiful, vibrant courtyard, (which is open air throughout the summer months and covered in the winter)

Our trendy and final destination… The Good Egg!

The dishes at  The Good Egg are mostly inspired from Tel Aviv’s street food. They also serve craft beers, natural wines and classic American cocktails 

The atmosphere here is chilled, relaxed and a perfect spot for a shopping/ sightseeing break

We had the “Jerusalem Breakfast” – a sharing platter with a medley of beets and dill, house labneh, marinated aubergine, fried eggs and herbs, crispy halloumi, whipped green feta and hogget merguez

The hogget merguez sausages with preserved lemon yoghurt were absolutely delicious!

We simply had to try the bacon and egg pitas as well! They were SO good! (highly recommendable and definitely worth ordering!)

I have absolutely no idea, why the bill came with a picture of Bill Murray – and neither did the waiter, when I asked her… But still it was quite funny! (Any suggestions?)

After a delicious brunch, we decided to visit one of my favourite departments stores in London – Liberty 

Liberty on Great Marlborough Street sells luxury goods including women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, cosmetics and fragrances, jewellery, accessories, homeware, furniture, stationary and gifts. It  is probably best known for its floral and graphic prints

At the entrance you can buy flowers from one of the most celebrated British florists, Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart

Liberty has played a key role in fashion movements from orientalism in the 19th century, through art nouveau and art deco in the early 20th century, and the revival of these styles since the Fifties.

Since the beginning, Liberty has been renowned for its links with designers, from William Morris and Gabriel Rossetti in the 19th century to collaborations with Cacharel, Yves Saint Laurent and Vivienne Westwood in the 20th century. More recent collaborations have seen the store team up with Barbour, House of Hackney and Manolo Blahnik to the delight of customers and critics

Beautiful building isn’t it? Even though it looks like it hails from Tudor times, the current building was built in 1924 –  seven years after Arthur Lasenby Liberty died, and is now Grade II listed

The timbers come from two ships: The HMS Impregnable  and the HMS Hindustan. Bonus-info: The  frontage of the store is the same length as HMS Hindustan! The interior was designed to have a homely feel, with small rooms surrounding three central light wells. (Many of the individual rooms had fireplaces, some of which are still intact)

Being pregnant I obviously had to visit the children’s department, where there was a sale going on

And yes, I really wanted to buy everything here! I simply can’t count how many times I was saying “aaawwwww”! Cuteness overload! 

The interior designers are truly skilled at Liberty! I could have stayed here forever!

Frenchie fell in love with a squid…

– and I really wanted to take “The Princess mouse on the pea” home with me!

We spend a lovely Sunday at Carnaby. If you are around, you should definitely pay this famous area of  “Swinging London” a visit!

X Louise