How lucky can one girl be? That’s the question, I asked myself, when I recently found out, that my favourite pizza place in Copenhagen’s übercool and trendy Meatpacking district had done the same as I did last year! Moved to London! YAY! A very warm welcome to “Mother

Mother” in London is the first UK outpost of the hip Danish pizza place! You will find “Mother” at Battersea Power Station

Background info: “Mother” restaurant in Copenhagen’s old meatpacking district, Koedbyen, opened back in 2010. Very fast it became a popular place to enjoy simple, rustic Italian food (I can’t count the times I have been here craving for authentic Napoli style sourdough pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven) As a result of “Mother’s” overwhelming succes, owner David Biffani told us, that “it was about time to let the Londoners have a taste of a real Italian meal – made only by the best ingredients without all the nonsense” (True words! Oh, “Mother” how I have missed you!)

Arriving at Battersea Power Station

I must admit, I have never been here before, but Frenchie told me, that Batterea Power Station is actually an iconic Grade II listed building and the surrounding area has been brought back to life as one of the most exciting and innovative mixed use neighbourhoods in the world
Every weekend you can enjoy different events on the banks of the River Thames, so there is no doubt that Battersea Power Station is fast becoming the place to spend time!

It was freezing cold outside, so I wasn’t really in the mood for enjoying the outdoor facilities (but I can imagine it being really cosy and fun spending time here in the summer)

From the outside, I was a bit worried that it would be cold in here… But no need to worry – there is some serious heating going on. The atmosphere is warm, cosy and welcoming  (with a Nordic twist! Got to love my wood and candles!) Honestly, this is one of the best and most simple interior designs, I have seen for a long time! I  felt right at home!

We decided to have a drink before dinner!  ( Franciacorta Blanc de Blancs NV, Lombardia, Alziati, natural: Metodo Classico, brut, from Chardonnay grapes, fresh with hints of bread and croissant)  As I am pregnant, I couldn’t really enjoy the beautiful wine selection, this restaurant offer! I did however have a lovely Fever Tree Lemonade, whilst listening to owner David Biffani telling us about “Mother Wine”

“Mother Wine is an Italian wine trader specialised in natural, organic and biodynamic wine founded to offer genuine quality wines at a sensible price“, David told us. “By working closely with only a handful carefully selected producers using indigenous grape varieties, we wish to challenge “the usual suspects” – and educate people on the rich varieties of grapes and blends produced in Italy!” At first Frenchie was a bit sceptical (as he is a bit of a wine connoisseur himself, being French and all…), but even he got convinced after having tried a few different wines!  (Bonus-info: On the wine list you will also find the most classic labels alongside the most niche and unusual grapes)

This is what it looks like, when an Italian and a French wine-lover are having a serious wine-talk (meanwhile I was sneaking around taking pictures of the lovely surroundings) 

Italian charcuterie! I was very much looking forward to having a taste of these beauties! 

The pride of “Mother” – the wood fired oven!

I was being seriously charmed by these guys, so no reason to go back to the “wine-talk” immediately! Oh, how I just love the pizzas at “Mother”

“So what is so special about the pizzas, you may ask”? Well, the ‘mother dough’ pizzas immediately became popular back in Copenhagen in 2010. (I remember sometimes having to queue for the restaurant’s signature pizzas), The secret is the homemade sourdough with purified seawater – a back-to-nature dough with a complex flavour, which is both lighter and healthier than the majority of other pizzas (yes, please!)

Time to dine! We had a great selection of different starters! This is Burrata with oven-dried tomatoes and fresh oregano…

– served with a lovely glass of Grillo Verde 2016, Sicilia, Badalucco Dos Tierras, Grillo/Verdejo natural: complex and powerful, slightly oxidation, salty and perfect to match dishes based on truffles

I am not a big fan of fish, but the Baccalá fritto (deep fried battered salted cod the Roman way) completely  won me over! Very, very delicious! 

Probably my favourite starter: Antipasto misto – Italian charcuterie, roasted & pickled vegetables and a super delicious  focaccia (which I unfortunately can’t show here, as David was talking so much, that I forgot to take a picture of it – but believe me… YUM!)

“Suppli’ “al telefono”  No, it’s not a telephone – it’s a deep-fried ragout risotto with mozzarella! Also a favourite! (We were 3 people sharing the starters, so if you are in a smaller company, I suggest, that you go for a little less, as you simply have to make room for the famous pizzas!)

Here we go… Frenchie’s new favourite pizza: “Porcella” – beautiful organic sausage, porchini, tomato and mozzarella

Oh, how happy I was to see my long-lost friend again! I think they should name it “Pizza a la Louise”, but if you want it, you should probably ask for a “Prosciutto” – tomato, mozzarella, prosciulto di Norcia, rucola  and pesto! Everything on this pizza is SO delicious! You can definitely taste, that the ingredients are of high quality! 

Look how happy I am in pizza heaven! (My baby will for sure be a pizza-lover as well!)

Later in the evening we were entertained by chilled tunes (I really liked this – and didn´t fell like going home)…

So Frenchie decided to try out the Buttafuoco 2012, Lombardia, Piccolo Bacco dei Quaroni, natural: 4 grapes blended – Barbera, Croatina, Uva Rara & Vespolina. Full bodied, rustic with mature cherries

– and I treated myself with my favourite Italian dessert Tiramisu (This is definitely not the last time, I have had this perfectly created beauty!)

Now, it might sound as if I am somehow related to “Mother” one way or another, because my review is so overwhelmingly positive – but that is not the case! I really, really enjoyed every minute of being here! If  you ask me honestly, I love “Mother” even more in London than in Copenhagen! Do bring a date – this place is super-romantic! The staff is as always very warm and welcoming (who doesnt love a bit of Italian charm – and I certainly felt charmed)

You treated me very well, “Mother” – and I most certainly will be back soon!

X Louise