“The body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care” (Buddha)

Do you know that feeling? The feeling of always being busy and not really present! I certainly do – and it doesn’t get better living in a very big city, where you are surrounded by many people everywhere you go! Being pregnant has taught me a few things. First of all how important it is to “listen to my body”  And lately my body has been telling me to stop and take it easy – especially now, where I am 25 weeks pregnant!

If there is one place in London, where you can get “out of your head” and “into your body” it is at Thai Square Spa, Northumberland Avenue! 

It was a cold Monday evening – and I was running late for my pre-birth massage appointment! Already in the Uber, I started stressing, but luckily that changed the minute I stepped into award-winning Thai Square Spa! What a beautiful place! No need to stress! I was warmly greeted and started breathing again

I decided to leave the noise and stress behind in this majestic grand Georgian building. Here I am in the large reception area with stark black marble floors, wood-panelled walls, and gold Thai trinket

Thai Square Spa has its own unique spa collection “IMantara” With their own words “IMantara captures the spiritual and sensorial traditions that are the cornerstone of Thai Square Spa’s luxurious body and lifestyle range” (I loved the design, and was very curious to get acquainted with the products )

As you can see Thai Square Spa has received many awards!  And there are plenty of treatments to choose from here! How about a relaxation experience and beautifying your nails at the nail salon operated by nail experts! 

The stylish red-tiled changing rooms were quite small, but I was the only one in the female area, so for me it didn’t matter!  There are banks of smart black lockers, robes and flip-flops. What I loved the most was the frosted doors with private showers and iMantara shampoo and body wash

The flip-flops were comfortable and clean – and perfect for the slippery areas! 

And then it was time to go downstairs for my pre-birth massage!

Wow… just wow! Downstairs you will find five Thai massage treatment rooms, six ritual massage rooms and one vast VIP suite treatment room

Welcome to my room! I was so excited, when I stepped inside! I even had my own bathtub!

As mentioned earlier I was having a pre-birth essential massage! This treatment is designed exclusively for the expectant mother. My therapist Tucck told me that the massage helps relieve the common effects of pregnancy such as dry skin, aching muscles and fluid retention. By using Asian botanical ingredients and a unique massage technique the therapy relieves aching backs and soothes swollen legs. (Just what I needed)

I was given a glass of water and a lovely foot-bath to begin with… This really helped me to relax as I was feeling a little bit shy having to take off most of my clothing in front of a stranger.

It is a strange thing being pregnant. I feel like I am more in contact with my body than ever – and yet at the same time I don’t recognise it, when I look into the mirror! But Tucck was so sweet and gave me privacy to change and get up on the bed. I decided not to have pictures taken during my massage! This was my private time – and I enjoyed every minute!

Meanwhile Frenchie was “snooping” around taking a few pictures of other beautiful treatment rooms!

This is the magical cavern also called the salt house. This specialist treatment room harnesses the power of Himalayan salt – the world’s most restorative. Excellent for respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, and sinusitis

With the eclectic mix of Thai, Roman, and Turkish spa décor element, Thai Square Spa is a haven tranquillity. Influences of the east are reflected within the décor of rich Thai silk, traditional wood carvings and gold murals, all of which have been lovingly hand-selected to adorn the historical building, previously Turkish bath

I really didn’t want to leave my treatment room, but when I did, my body felt lighter, smoother and more relaxed

I was kindly given caffeine-free tea, juice and water while trying out the different relaxing areas 

I felt like a queen having more or less everything to myself that evening! 

One of the very popular areas at Thai Square Spa is the Sen Space

This rejuvenating space has been devised to help bring your body back into the perfect state of balance. You can alternate your time between the hot (sauna and steam room) and cold zones (ice fountain and jacuzzi) to stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins

The ice fountain is one of the more unusual Scandinavian sauna bathing traditions and perfect invigorating tonic to the heat of the sauna and the steam room. Being Danish I know the effects of this tradition – and I can promise you, that you will feel like a brand-new person after having tried this! I didn’t as being pregnant, I wasn’t really sure how my body would react to it

I was quite in love with the Imantara products, so I decided to treat myself with a Jasmine bodylotion and a Jasmine massage and body oil! Perfect to use after a long bath in my home! 

We were guest at Thai Square Spa  – opinions are as always my own!

X Louise