“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!”

According to Dean Martin, Napoli is King, when it comes to love… But it is certainly also King when it comes to food! – And luckily for us, the Neapolitans don’t keep their food to themselves. They share!

Yesterday evening the weather was amazing in my beloved Chelsea, so Frenchie and I decided to go for a walk and satisfy our cravings for Italian food! 

Here we are! Ready for Italian delights

I have heard about Rossopomodoro a few times  – and obviously this chain of Neapolitan restaurants must be doing something right – because they have actually  grown into a group of more than 80 venues worldwide. And guess what – there are eight now in London (including this one in Chelsea)

There was a cosy and relaxed atmosphere in this restaurant – and we were warmly greeted by the ever smiling Chelsea Team

The honest truth is, that I have never been a big fan of chain restaurants. I have always believed that chain restaurants weren’t very unique… But I have to admit, I was wrong! As mentioned earlier Rossopomodoro has expanded greatly within a short amount of time – and now I know why! Their food is really AMAZING!

There were SO many delicious dishes, and we really couldn’t choose, so our waiters Teresa and Constanza had to come back a few times before we had finally decided 

To make the decision even harder, Rossopomodoro also tempted us with special monthly menus!

Here is the wine list! The wines were Italian, the prices were more than fair – and the taste was just like being in Italy!

Teresa with the unicorn coloured hair and the cutest Italian accent served us a nice white wine

In spite of looking a bit suspicious and being a French wine lover, Frenchie was very pleased with the taste! So pleased that we ended up getting a bit tipsy…

It was time for the first starter… I can not describe how delicious it was (honestly I can’t describe how delicious all the food we had was!) If you are a lover of Italian food – you need to visit this place! 

And then this happened… Constanza with paradise on a plate! (for me!!!)

This was a true moment of excitement for me… Once a foodlover always a foodlover!

Fresh burrata served on a whole-wheat focaccia with tasty tomatoes, basil pesto and parma ham! This is certainly not the last time, I have ordered this dish!

The food just kept coming! Here is a selection of street food from Naples.

Meatballs, Aubergine and Cod!!! I really couldn’t eat anymore, but Constanza said, that in Italy you can not say no to dessert! (Dear God, I will never fit in to my bikini when I’m going to France next week)

We didn’t have any pizzas – as our starters were a bit like pizzas, but I did get a few pictures for you guys to see, what I missed out on (because I really couldn’t eat anymore)

Cristian was busy in the kitchen… 

I simply need to come back here and taste one of these beauties 

Anyway – as mentioned earlier, we weren’t allowed to leave before having had a bit of dessert! “I’ll just make a light one“, Constanza said with a big smile on her face…

And then this arrived…. I was so happy I wasn’t wearing a tight dress! Guys… It was DELICIOUS!

My favourite was Tiramisu! But they were all gorgeous!

We had an amazing evening at Rossopomodoro. If you visit their website, you can see that they have all kinds of things going on. They even have Master classes at some of their restaurants, where you can learn how to make a great Neapolitan pizza dough!

Take away is also an option… 

Time to go home and not eat for the next 7 days

My verdict: This is a great place! The food is amazing. You get really, really big portions, so don’t be afraid to go home hungry. The prices are more than fair and the atmosphere is relaxed and nice! Big thumbs up for Rossopomodoro. Viva l’Italia! 

X Louise