If there is one thing, Frenchie has taught me – it is drinking excellent wine! French people know their wine (and their bubbles!) In fact, when French babies are born, it is custom to put un peu de champagne on your finger and let the little one taste it to sharpen the taste buds!

And no doubt that Frenchie’s taste buds are pretty advanced. So I feel completely confident in his choice of bars, when we go out! This Friday we decided to go to one of our favourites – Vagabond Wines.


What I really like about this place is their amazing selection of wines – and the tasting choices. Vagabond wine is both a shop and a bar – and they have more than 100 of different wines on tap (so there is a fair chance, that even the pickiest wine-connoisseur will be pleased). The owners change the brands all of the time, so you will always find new wines on tap! Simply go to the bar on ask for a card with a certain amount of money on it – and you can go crazy in wine-heaven (it is actually like a candy-shop for adults)


Wine is bottled poetry! 

If you decide to go and enjoy a few hours at this place, I recommend, that you book a table in advance. Vagabond Wines is popular and it is quite small and cosy (I have only been to the one in Fulham, but there are three more places to choose from in London)


Perfect for a date-night – or a night our with your friends!

We decided to go for a bottle of Chablis and the charcuterie and cheese platter (as you can see, there was PLENTY of food for two!)


We didn’t exactly go home hungry! 


I’ve been told, that I get sparkles in my eyes, whenever someone serves me Chablis!

Another highly appreciated thing to mention about this place is, that the prices are reasonable! Of course you can get really expensive wine and champagne here, but it is not my impression, that Vagabond are overcharging (as many restaurants, supermarkets and wineries do in London!) If you are in doubt about what to choose, the staff is happy to help – and they know their wine!


Not completely sober after a great evening out! (So Im happy, that Frenchie managed to camouflage my eyes!) 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! In my next post, we will deck the halls with boughs of holly! (yes, London certainly knows how to get you in the right Christmas spirit!)