If you know me well, you will also know, that there is a place in London, that is very special to me. I always bring my guests visiting from abroad here and for a good reason! The place is called Fortnum & Mason and it is absolutely impossible for me to pass by this stunning and luxurious department store without entering – (and coming out hours later with loads of signature turquoise bags in my hands). Yes – this place is a must-see for visitors in London – and literarily left me speechless the first time Frenchie took me here

Fortnum & Mason was founded in 1707 and it is situated in the very heart of London – Piccadilly! It is known for being The Royal family’s favourite food hall and one of the oldest and most famous stores in Piccadilly – if not the capital! Quintessentially English, the historic department store owes its royal patronage to William Fortnum’s grandson, Charles’s years of service with Queen Charlotte

Halloween might look a little different this year, but at Fortnum’s you can most certainly get in the right “spooky spirit” with  “terrifyingly tasty tipples”, “scream-worthy sweets” and hampers packed with “ghoulish goodies” ensuring that you can still celebrate with a truly frightful feast! I love it

At Fortnum´s they call themselves “Masters of Merry for over three centuries” – and I believe that they are right! This Christmas may be unlike those that have come before, but the store has made special preparations to ensure that the festive season at Fortnum’s remains as joyful as ever – and just as importantly, safe! 

When Clara gets a bit older, I will for sure buy her one of these gorgeous advent calendars! 

This is how to decorate a festive table! Frenchie literarily had to drag me away, as I was just blown away from its beauty and wanted to buy it all

This year the newly transformed Christmas Food Department is to be found on the first floor (and it is designed to help you shop your feasting favourites while socially distancing). Meanwhile the famous Christmas Hamper department on the third floor sits alongside the decoration-packed Christmas Shop

“Dear Santa. This Christmas I would like a big festive hamper from Fortnums… or Covid-19 to just go away!”

The prettiest Christmas tree decor. A good thing, that I didn’t bring Clara! These delightful pieces are not to be eaten!

 – but these are! The only problem is, that they are just too cute to eat!

This one on the other hand was perfect for my little Clara! Such a lovely stocking filler!

There is no Christmas like the one in Fortnums! (Bonus-info: If you prefer not to visit the store, you can shop online as well)

Welcome to The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon… This is the home for award-winning Afternoon Tea – and the place Frenchie and I were going to indulge ourselves for the next couple of hours!

What I really like about this stunning Afternoon Tea menu card is, that you can choose between sweet and savoury. Of course there is the traditional Afternoon Tea Menu – but we are very big fans of the Savoury version (and you don’t get to have that many places), so that it what we went for!

My favourite part of the Afternoon Tea (apart from the food) is the beautiful china –  it is just so lovely! The traditional Fortnum & Mason turquoise coloured plates, teacups and teapots really makes everything look and taste a little bit better! 

Loving the interior here at The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon

Bonus-info: The tea options here are vast – which is why you should make the most of the tea ‘sommeliers’ to get the right cup. You can choose as many as you like (one at a time however!) – and I honestly haven’t tried one yet, that wasn’t good. My favourites are “Queen Anne” and “Black Strawberry”. Bonus-info: The “Queen Anne” tea is black, robust, strong and smooth-drinking! The tea made its debut in 1907, and is made from a carefully-selected blend of TGFOP Assam and FBOP Ceylon teas

Fortnum’s Bland de Blanc Champagne and delicious Savoury Afternoon Tea. Life is good!

Finger sandwiches to die for: Norfolk cured ham with English mustard, Cucumber with mint cream cheese, Rare breed hen’s egg mayonnaise with cress, Fortnum’s smoked salmon with tartare sauce and Coronation chicken (This is the Queen’s favourite – and mine too! Who knew, that The Queen and I have so much in common!) 

The savoury scones were the best, I have ever had: Pea and mint scones with smoked salmon, Cream cheese scones Lorraine with Fortnum’s mustard butter. How to describe something so heavenly? I simply can’t! You have to try them yourself!

The sublime Afternoon Tea Savouries: Devilled eggs with caviar, Apple and pork sausage roll, Duck mousse with rhubarb glaze, Wild mushroom and truffle pâté and Rabbit ballotine with pickled carrot. They were all delicious, but my favourite was the Wild mushroom and truffle pâte, which I had a few of! 

We were so full, that we couldn’t eat our cake. We did however bring a piece of heavenly chocolate cake and Victorian sponge cake home – and enjoyed them later that evening! 

As always it is an amazing experience having Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason. It will always be one of my favourite places to bring loved ones…

In love with the signature china from Fortnum & Mason? Well you can buy it all here and make your own Afternoon High Tea at home

A bit of Christmas gifts inspiration…

 – and then we went downstairs…

 – as I wanted to bring one of these babies home with me!

Fan of Stilton? Then you should definitely try this one! This Nottinghamshire version of the ‘King of Cheeses’ is creamy and sweet with a heavily veined texture and predictably full flavour. From the last family-owned Stilton producer in the UK, this cheese can be made only with milk from the three ‘Stilton counties’ – Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. Rich, full-bodied and irresistible, it is potted in a Fortnum & Mason traditional ceramic jar! Delicious!

Time to go home after a lovely afternoon in the best company

Worth knowing: Like the Fortnum & Mason stores, there has been made various changes to ensure absolute safety across the board – including a reduced number of tables and guests, reception screens, one server per table, improved air ventilation and the provision of hand sanitiser. You can read all about the changes in the restaurants here

We were invited as guests to Fortnum & Mason. All opinions are as always my own