Don’t you just love going to a restaurant, where you are always certain to leave with a full belly and a smile on your face? There is a cosy and very romantic place in London, where I know, that no matter, what I order, the dishes will be “Fantastico”! The place is called Obicá – and from the first time, I visited this lovely restaurant in South Kensington, it was clear to me, how authentic Italian food is supposed to be served! I have seen T-shirts with the slogan “Italians do it better” a few times around in London. Now I know, what it means! (did you think about something else?)

As you might remember, I visited Obicá a few months ago! Back then we were invited to a tasting experience, where Masterchef judge William Sitwell was hosting (read more here)

This time we were here to taste the new Premium Menu created by Alessandro Borghese – the creative Chef of Obicá! (Bonus-info The five new original recipes can ONLY be enjoyed at Obicá in South Kensington and Obicá Firenze in Italy)

What is worth mentioning about Obicà, is that it is the world’s first Mozzarella Bar, founded by Silvio Ursini, and has been pioneering the modern Italian casual restaurant concept since its creation in 2004.
The philosophy of Obicà is summed up in the concept of Food to share (got to love sharing plates!). You will find Obicá restaurants in Italy, UK, USA and Japan!

One of Italy’s most-loved chefs, Alessandro Borghese has joined Obicà as Creative Chef to develop a new menu centered on his and Obicà’s mutual passion for authentic Italian cuisine (Photo by Obicá)

Don’t you just love a menu card with PLENTY of dishes to choose from? It really doesn’t matter whether you bring your children, your grandmother, your parents-in-law or you sweetheart! Obicá really has everything one could possibly wish for when it comes to Italian food! 

This dish really wasn’t part of the new tasting menu – but you can NOT visit Obicá without having their amazing burrata or mozzarella!

Made only from the milk of the water buffalo, Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP comes from selected farms and dairies in Campania, certified by the Consortium for the protection of this very special Mozzarella di Bufala. At Obicà they serve three types of Mozzarella: Classica – the delicate one, Affumicata – the naturally smoked one and the deliciously creamy burrata!  (The manager told me, that they have fresh mozzarella and burrata flown in from Italy every second day!… Talk about high quality products!)

We were also spoiled with another small delicious dish with fried mozzarella bites! MUST TRY! 

A chilled glass of Pinot Grigio for Frenchie…

– And an very tasty alcohol-free mocktail for the pregnant lady! I had the “Dolce Vita” with pineapple juice, cranberry juice, passion fruit syrup and lemon juice! It was so good, that I drank two of them! 

Here we go! Time to try out all five of these beautiful dishes created by Chef Alessandro Borghese!

Lasagnetta: Fresh pasta with king prawns, crispy, smoked bacon and spinach served with stracciatella from Puglia

This was extremely tasty! We both loved it sooo much and really wanted more!

Oh how I loved this one! Scialatielli! Gentile thick and short linguine with king prawns, courgette flower, buffalo ricotta and parmigiano reggiano… (those courgette flowers…. Uhmmmm)

Indulgence overload! (I was so hoping for this course to be served! I love caviar!) Tagliolini fresh egg pasta with adriatic sturgeon caviar and stracciatella from Puglia

The Seared Scottish salmon with sprouts and buffalo yoghurt sauce, blueberries and almonds was lovely…

– but I must admit that the Agnello completely swiped me of my feet: Rack of Lamb on anchovies bread sauce served with roasted potatoes 

Cosy times at Obicá South Kensington! If you want to do a remake of “Lady and the Tramp” – this is the place!

The pregnant lady’s highlight of the evening! A symphony of small versions of the SUPER delicious desserts served at Obicá

Tiramisu Tradizionale, Torta Di Capri, Torta Di Ricotta Di Bufala e Pere, Crema Di Mascarpone served with almond cake, Stracciatella ice-cream and refreshing fruits! (The ice-cream was a special request – as it reminds me of my holidays in Italy as a little girl! Stracciatella was my favourite – it still is!)

As always we had a great time at Obicá – and the food was out of this world! (Actually, it was so good, that Frenchie starting singing Italian serenades for me on the way home! I think he should stick to Serge Gainsbourg and forget about Pavarotti!)

I can honestly say, that this is my go-to place every time I am having family visiting from Denmark! There is something for everyone at Obicá  – and I love how the staff always make us feel special, when we come around! They truly go out of their way to give you a good experience! Thumbs up for excellent service! 

X Louise

We were invited as guests at Obicá! As always all opinions are my own!